Top Five Prophetic Movies (What’s Going to Happen?)

If you really want to know what’s going to happen in the near future, consider listening to this radio show here:

Victory over the Experiment with Sister Eleyna

During this radio program I discuss the likelihood of a Russian / Chinese invasion upon the US, what will need to happen first, why, and what would need to happen for NSD 51 for the Continuity of Government to be activated for full Martial Law, FEMA Camps and the return of Obama to power over the United States.  The radio show  has a lot of deep-dive anlysis discussion in it that will help you understand what is in our imminent future.

That being said, during the radio show I discussed five (5) movies / series, that you will need to watch in order to understand what is coming upon America (and the world).  Nevermind that most of these things are in the Bible (if you know where to look), and nevermind that our Father (Amos 3:7), has warned us about these things for decades through prophecies, dreams and visions.  I am absolutely positive our Heavenly Father also “uses” the movie industry to warn us about events that are coming our way.  These movies and series align also to empiracle information that is easy to confirm through resarch (in many cases; such as FEMA Camps, etc.).


The Five Must See Prophetic Movies / Series

Here are the five (5) prophetic MUST SEE movies / series that you must watch to understand what is going to happen to the United States during (what I would call) the Phase 1 destruction of the US.  Phase 2 is the utter destruction (Revelation 18).  Phase 1 jetisons the destruction, martial law, and civilian imprisonment forward and allows for the rise of the final Antichrist (the Son of Perdition; Obama).

  1. Jericho

This TV series shows a large number of US cities being nuked from the ground.  By nuking the US cities from the ground, it makes it very difficult/impossible to strike back or defend against them with early-launch detection systems or sub-strikes.  So MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) becomes a non-issue.  It also destroys the government of the United States, (Washington DC) and ensures the enactment of NSD 51. (or NSPD 51).

2. Sum of All Fears

This movie deals with the problem of how easy it would be for an agency (of some type) to install and detonate a ground-based nuke.  Very prophetic.

3. Designated Survivor

This TV series shows the destruction of Washington DC such that they had no choice but to promote the “U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development” to the position of the President (because everyone else had died).  This is why they need NSD 51 for the Continuity of Government.  Otherwise the “succession list” would end up with a fully unqualified (and unchosen) person to take control.  The enemy does not want that.  They will instead ensure that the LAST PRESIDENT (Obama hint hint) will be put back into power. Probably with a new title under Martial Law (note: Hitler was given a new title called the Fuhrer).  This will make wa for the rise of the Antichrist and the start of the kiling and beheading of the Christians in the FEMA Camps that do not take the Mark of the Beast.

More Information on NSPD 51 (otherwise known as PDD 51 or NSD 51)

4) The Edge of Darkness (Mel Gibson)

Me seeing this movie was a miracle from the Lord.  Bottom line, they uncover a clandestine plan to use foreign nuclear parts and designs so they can explode nuclear bombs on US soil and blame it on foreign governments.  NUFF SAID.

No MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) because of the use of unknown foreign designs.

5. V for Visitors

This movie captures SO many prophetic events that will unfold in the near future.  At exactly what point biblically, has yet to be seen.  But rest assured it is coming for sure.

This even includes “reptilian beings” (as I recall some good and some bad).  It includes the use of humongous motherships over many major global cities to communicate their intention of friendly take-over of the world. (2 Thess 2:11b).

This is coming too.




Author: John Baptist
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