The NIH Knows Colloidal Silver Works (Verboten)

The origins of colloidal silver reportedly occurred because people had noticed that the aristocracy of Europe were unaffected by the Bubonic Plague (the Black Death).  Evidently, through logical deduction, people realized the key difference between the aristocracy and the dying public was that they ate off of real silver “silverware” (spoons, forks, platters, etc.).  Over time, based upon this observation, intelligent people started to create and sell colloidal silver products.

For many long years I had colloidal silver up high on a shelf.  At the time I did not know its historical origins nor did I know for certain the product worked at all.  With a bit of healthy researcher’s cynicism and some searching around, I was able to rule out the “blue man” lie as ridiculous (unless the person bathed in it for years perhaps).  However, I did take note that MANY people believed it did work well, and claimed it could protect and cure you from a number of ailments.  So, out of an abundance of caution (knowing what was coming upon the earth some day), I bought some.

Long story short, I was scheduled to fly out on a work-related flight.  My flight was to leave the next day.  I woke up the day before and felt a cold coming on.  It was that telltale sniffly, eyes watering feeling we are all so familiar with.  I said out loud, “LORD PLEASE I CANNOT CATCH A COLD NOW!”  And out of nowhere I heard that “still small voice” say “colloidal silver”.  I knew it was the Lord, because it was the farthest thing from my mind at the time.  So, I found a quart-sized bottle and took a tablespoon.  To my amazement (I shouldn’t have been but admittedly I was), the cold symptoms vanished about 3 hours later and the symptoms never “became a cold”.

I was like … WOW.

The Rosland Capital Commercial Oddity

So I’m relaxing and watching some TV during this whole Covid bioweapon attack against humanity, and on comes a Rosland Capital commercial.  Rosland Capital focuses heavily on gold and silver sales.  In the midst of the commercial they claim that silver is going to increase in price substantially because of its inherent “bactericide and virucide” capabilities.  So essentially, Rosland Capital knew that there was peer reviewed substantiated science to establish that silver had the capability to kill both bacteria and viruses.

Important Note: That comment was removed from all future Rosland Capital commercials.

Hearing that I thought, HEY I need to do some research.  I searched on “silver bactericide viruside” and LOOKIE WHAT I FOUND.



The National Institute of Health (NIH) Knows

And here is a PDF of the actual document (medical biotech peer reviewed study) to prove it.


(Anyone realize yet that we are being lied to from every direction?)

Silver nanoparticles are bactericide and virucide – NIH


Remember Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves!!




What I Buy (No Gaurantees be Careful)

Here is a link to the 120ppm strong stuff I get from Amazon. If the link fails just search on “120ppm colloidal silver”.  I’m not saying the others aren’t great too (like 10ppm or 30ppm) but I’ve been getting the 120ppm and taking a tbsp a day just to protect. No guarantees here. This is just my testimony. I also recommend Vitamin A, D and C, Zinc and Selenium to keep your immune system peaked too!


Lab Tested Certified 120ppm Concentrated Pure Colloidal Silver by GOE (1 Quart) with Free Dropper Bottle. Lab Report documented.

Note: They also have it in the gallon size.


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