FEMA Camp Origins (videos)

FEMA camps (for the imprisonment of American citizens) are nothing new to the vast majority of us who have been awake for years, even decades.  This article is not intended to fully educate the reader on this subject, but to introduce the reader to the origins and history of this program. Some of the subjects a researcher might investigate are:

  • Red and Blue List(s)
  • FEMA trains
  • FEMA Coffins (Patented as “Cremation Container for Cadaver”), and
  • Government grants for Incinerators (so each state county can have their own industrial-grade incinerator)

Sadly, we are so late in the Biblical endtimes timeline that most people will spend little (if any) time reading.  All we respond to today is pictures and movies.  The American population (in particular) is now fully compromised (with a very small group as an exception). Having researched such information since 1988, I can personally attest to the fact that people simply do not want to hear it, they refuse to believe it, and they (like the Jews standing in line at Treblinka), will be astonished at the point of death.

And quite frankly the hour is far too late to do anything about it.  That’s assuming there ever was an opportunity to oppose such seething evil.

As the vast majority of the American population watches Fauci, Gates and many other entities persuade the public with their supremely flagrant lies in a trance-like state of Orwellian compliance, any attempt to awaken those who willfully remain mentally submissive meets with disdain and overt, frequently angry and violent, responses driven by deep-rooted fear.

Since the entire Internet is gushing with endless information on FEMA camps, I am including just three videos.

First: Project REX 84

The origins of the American Prison Camp System



Second: National Security Directive # 51

The above Top Secret (and fully redacted) National Security Directive to sustain the US government operations during a time of absolute destruction.  Note: This will likely be enacted after a massive false flag attack against the country such as that depicted in the TV series entitled “Jericho”.  If my hunch is right, NSD 51 will also allow for an x-president to be “appointed” as the interim dictator to reestablish control (such as Obama as the Antichrist).  Remember that Hitler was given the title of Fuhrer over Germany.  The title never existed prior.



Third: The Beach Grove (Amtrak) FEMA Camp

I’ve been to this facility.  The darkness has been paying attention to our monitored electronic communications; and has since remodeled this facility.  This video was produced (many years ago).  So if you were to visit it today, it would clearly be an Amtrak repair station and look different than what you see depicted in this video.

This is done intentionally to keep us ignorant.  Most (not all) FEMA detention centers are hidden on active or inactive military bases.  And nowadays, an open field can be converted into a human holding area by high-speed deployment of concertina razor wire in spools from the back of a large pickup truck.




If you do not understand how above Top Secret information is contained, you will easily believe the paid debunkers. One must use Duckduckgo.com as their search engine to have any chance at retrieving a whisp of the truth today.

At least nowadays some small subset of the population has been awakened to the electronic “smear” compaigns and censorship as the global Satanic control grid has had its Pandoras Box smashed open by the unimpeachable (pun-intended) voter fraud evidence that was utterly disregarded by the dark web of those involved, threatened or infiltrated.

There are skyscrapers full of highly paid computer hackers that troll the Internet at the (often unwitting) behest of their mind-controlled handlers and so-called employers. In fact, many of the computer “hacks and cybersecurity” attacks that are blamed on foreign countries track back to Langley, Virginia.  Nuff said.  Don’t believe me?  Be sure to check SNOPES.  And while doing so, be sure to use Google for your searching, and have another gulp of your flouride on ice.

I have been to the Amtrack Station mentioned above.  The control grid listens to all our communications. The United States is no more privacy conscious than China.  The privacy laws are an absolute farce.  Even the lawmakers are utterly unware.  ANYTHING that is deemed a matter of “National Security” is frequently designated as “Above Top Secret” and only a small group of insiders are allowed to know. They will TELL YOU that they have deleted  your privacy information (or they don’t collect it)  just like they TELL YOU that they no longer perform mind-control experiments on humans (such as MKUltra).  THEY LIE.  And their unwitting executioners believe they are acting on behalf of national security.


Access to “Above Top Secret” information does NOT include the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES

The global control grid is Satanic, it is supremely wealthy, its lies constantly, and (quite frankly) makes Hitler himself seem like a nice little old man with a bag of Snickers bars.

The situation is beyond “Game Over”.  In fact the appropriate analogy is that the parking lot is empty and a few of us are pointing at the bubble gum wrapers left around the stadium.



Learn it now.

Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.