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2012 & Solar Flares

MOVIE: THE KNOWING In my research in various disciplines including those of the enemy (Satan), it becomes most evident many believe there will be some really bad things happening in…

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Annunaki Poisoned Bloodline Before & After the Flood

My friends this is the information for which this blessed researcher has been searching for quite some time. Zecharia Sitchin is THE foremost expert on the translation of the Sumerian…

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The MEROVINGIAN Dynasty – Bloodline of the AntiChrist!! – Must READ

If you have any curiosity whatsoever about who the Anti-Christ is or where he is coming from you MUST take the time to read this 180 page booklet on the…

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DE-SENSITIZATION Program – Earth 2100: New World Order Agenda

Be WARY of being DESENSITIZED! (It should be a warning to you)It is important you understand mind control through the media. One of the scariest things you come to realize…

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[LIST of EVENTS] with Reference Links

The John Warner 2007 Defense Appropriations Act If any civil disturbance so much as interferes witha “privilege” of another person/group – the Presidentmay institute Marshal Law without any one’s approval(including…

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The Alien Demon Connection Question

Again your faithful researcher has been digging ever deeper into this confusing quagmire of information associated with what God refers to as the “great delusion” (others call it the “great…

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