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Because the New World Order is being created by Lucifer and his minions, it is no big surprise that Satanic symbolism is included right up to the last minute. But first the “newbie” must understand how seriously the Luciferians take their symbolism.

To the world of the occult and Lucifer, symbolism is EVERYTHING!! This is how their followers hide in the shadows. This is how they can shake your hand in a dark room and know you are “one of them” (this is from a special Masonic handshake as an example). In the secret world of sinister dealings, the symbols used tell a story that only the ordained understand. While this author is familiar with much, I still have much to learn. It can be very challenging to understand it all as this art has been practiced for thousands of years since Ancient Egypt.

This article is looking only at the new FEMA insignias. Did you know that FEMA has instituted a National police force? You bet! Just like Hitler did. Hitler had the “Fatherland” and we have the “Homeland”. The similarities in the terminology are NOT BY ACCIDENT!! This is part of the rise of the 4th Reich!


What I am calling to your attention is this. There is one particular “symbol” on the FEMA insignia that is quite damning. This symbol is the pyramid of Gila (a favorite occult symbol). It is included throughout the world of the occult, seemingly everywhere. It symbolizes the essence of the occult because the very word “occult” means “hidden”. The pyramidal structure symbolizes multiple levels or tiers of growth, knowledge, or “enlightenment“. The members belonging to the lower levels are the least knowledgeable and have little or no clue what is going on at the higher levels. This is why many Freemasons think their club is on the up & up. But the higher levels of the organization are extremely evil as they are one of the most murderous, blood thirsty, Luciferian Orders the world has ever seen. The vast majority of the higher initiates in any given Luciferian Order are often members of other Luciferian Orders or secret societies. An example of this would be a person who is a member of the Knights of Columbus (hint any group with the word Knight or the word Order in their name is satanic) will often also be a member of the Knights of Malta and the Illuminati.

Typically perched atop the pyramid of Gila you see the “all seeing eye”. To see this in evidence pull out your U.S. one dollar bill and look at the back. Here you see this Illuminati symbolism of the pyramid. Atop you see the “all seeing eye”. This is also known to the evil ones as the “eye of Horus”. If you do your homework you quickly discover that Horus is Lucifer. Also its important to know that the one dollar bill was designed with the help of a guru and accepted and pushed into print by the then President Theodore Roosevelt, a prominent 33rd degree Mason. One more thing. At the bottom of the pyramid of Gila are the words “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which mean “New World Order” in Latin. So the plans for this global Satanic power structure have been in place for a very long time. But after all – this should be no big surprise to any real Bible reading Christian. If it weren’t for the murderous, baby-killing, concentration camp building, New World Order, who would persecute the Christians (see Matthew 24) and lay the global enterprise for the rise of the Antichrist?


Also you should be aware that it is common to slightly morph or change a particular occult symbol such that it is similar and quickly identifiable (to the “enlightened”) but not obvious to the common person. This is important to these “followers of Satan” because secretiveness protects them from certain destruction should they be discovered. For example, the original “FORMAL” Illuminati Order of Bavaria was discovered back in the mid 1700’s and was all but eliminated by the local government and law enforcement on behalf of the church. The reason I say “formal” in reference to the Illuminati is because their “founder” (Adam Weishaupt) was actually an employee of Amschel Rothschild (a very powerful Luciferian blood drinking occultist) and was following instructions when he officially documented the group. This was done because Rothschild knew if he officially created the group, when it was officially disbanded, it would offer them greater anonymity. Evidently enough people had caught on to the existence of the Illuminati that it was appropriate to DEFINE THEM and subsequently and officially END THEM. (this tactic was amazingly successful as today it is common to hear someone debunk the modern existence of the Illuminati because of this official history) However this is NEVER THE CASE. Virtually every Luciferian group that existed since Ur is in place today and stronger than ever. BE VERY CAREFUL not to believe what you find in many books. You really have to do your homework. For example, the (satanic) Order of the Jesuits was established in 1840, but is the single most powerful Illuminati enforcement arm in the world today. As a matter of fact they are calling the shots with a gun to the head of the complicit papacy. Speaking of which, if you don’t already know, the papacy and Catholic church is one of the oldest occult orders in the history of the world. Constantine rolled all the pagan Luciferian religions into the new “Universal Church” when he created Christianity under the Catholic (universal in Latin) church. Are you starting to see how far reaching and diabolical Lucifer’s destruction of the Christian faith goes? Many Christians alive today are going to lose their faith and fall away, just as the Bible says, because of this colossal deception and forgery. The “fence sitting mediocre Christian” will simply not be able to believe the real TRUTH.


So here you see a graphic of the FEMA insignia. At the top of the FEMA insignia are the words “PACE AC BELLO MERITA“. These words are in Italian. (CORRECTION: LATIN … SEE BOTTOM FOR EXPLANATION)



A more learned colleague did a better translation from Latin and it means:


or as he said better translated to …


Thank you learned colleague MS.

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  1. Hi loved by God ones:
    The Bible has specific reasons to exist: God wants you to know his plans, and it is telling of a worldwide power that will bring a war between God's people and Satan's people but God will destroy them with the Glory of His coming.
    The Bible it is written for those who live in the end times, is very clear, God took much care in preparing a book for you for thousands of years,and put in it clues of extraordinaries facts that you need to understand or you will face a lost.
    Everything has a meaning, that will add wisdom and knowledge of the end times events that you will face in order to save your life and your family, we are entering in a physical and spiritual war in all the dimensions you ever knew: spiritual-religious, politic-economic, social-cultural, etc., because the Enemy is fighting to retain control of the earth and humans, and God is fighting to End Evil forever, and gain before the Universe the ultimate Right to destroy the Destroyer and his followers, be very careful with what side your ally, because your eternal wellbeing is at stake. You face death in all dimensions, famines, pestilences, earthquakes, flooding, dryness, wars, troubles, hurricanes, disasters by sea, air, strikes, humans acting like cannibals, demon possessed who kill randomly, and you: What can you do?
    You need the Bible to know what to do, you need to understand that book word by word, it is your map, your guide, your manual, BIBLE=Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth, or you will be sweep with the next catastrophe…Die in the next pestilence…eaten in the next famine…kill in the next strike…and God is warning you that you need to be safe following HIM, the enemy can fool you, so you betray God’s word and lost His protection, lost this life and the eternal as well.
    The Enemy use lies, deception, appeal to your senses, and make you reason out of God’s word, so you need to know God personally, as a personal Savior, know His voice, know His character, Know how He acted in the past, because He is God and no man to change, and in Him is not variance or even a shadow of change, He is Eternal, Holy and His purpose are the same always, He wants to vaccinate the Universe against Sin, the principle of Selfishness and restore this earth to the principle of Love: Love is an active principle who seeks the happiness of all, to understand you have the 10 commandments given By God Himself in the Mount of Sinai to Israel as a covenant when they accepted to be God’s people on Earth to represent His character to all the world, but they failed all along and at the end rejected their Messiah and killed Him, but God’s plan went on, the Church was born as the new Israel, the prophecies were fulfilled to the point, and Christ died the exact day and hour the prophecies said and the actual Israelites cursed the books and the readers of the books which talk about those prophecies until today and cursed the name of Jesus as well, but what Jesus prophesied about them came to pass and it is still fulfilling in them: Not Jerusalem will be reconstructed again, not glorious Messiah will reign there.
    Make yourself known by God, because He said to those whom He rejected: “I do not know you, doers of wickedness”, so make sure you know God personally so He can know you personally that’s the first step in salvation and the rest He will reveal it to you as you progress in knowledge of Him and His purposes for your life.
    The info that follows is to start a relationship with God, the Creator, your Father, your Savior and your Friend. The war between Good and Evil is closer to its climax
    Here some sites to Master the Bible:
    http://www.bibleinfo.com; http://www.3abn.com http://www.mountainmediaministries.org http://www.itiswritten.org
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