"Gods" vs. "gods" vs. "Jehovah" – Part II: The Divine Council


“Gods” vs. “gods” vs. “Jehovah” (REVISITED)


In my article called “Gods” vs. “gods” vs. “Jehovah” I captured the fact that there is a hierarchy of gods that were created by GOD and work with him. Some are found to be bad and kicked out.

I have attached an article (soon to be put into a book) by the author / researcher Michael S. Heiser, PhD.



Evidently my simple understanding of the scripture in Gen 6 with a Strong’s reference was rather amazing, as in a few hours I had figured out the “missing link” as this author confirms (read the 12 page book – see link).

The Holy Spirit is leading me to this information and I can only pray that my understanding of these things is divinely led as well.

Michael Heiser’s booklet (attached) certainly indicates this.

I will write another article probably quoting Mr. Heiser’s writings to further this understanding for everyone.

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PRIMER TO UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE. Understanding it the way YHWH intended, not the way that “MAN / SCHOLARS” have taught us for hundreds of years.


Praise Jehovah

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