God’s Will vs. Calling Down the Father’s Power

One of Tribulation-Now’s readers led me to an article that was discussing how we believers are to survive in the future when things get particularly dark.  The setting discussed included a forthcoming time when the believers could not “buy or sell” because they had refused the Mark of the Beast (the chip?).  Moreover the setting discussed had people listening to God’s will and moving from place to place upon his guidance to avoid persecution (or likely worse).  I believe food, work, money, and basic day to day life was talked about as well.
The article concluded that God’s Will would determine how things would go during those dark times.  “God’s Will” would determine how you would eat and if you would survive, etc. 
I believe the notion that everything is “God’s Will” is not 100% accurate and it troubles me.  This takes us back to the Apostolic vs. Augustinian belief system debate which needs to be reckoned with or we will find ourselves in quite a bit of trouble during those times.
See the article posted here on Tribulation-Now entitled:
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for a brief discussion on this subject:
The basic point is this.
There are multiple dimensions of existence.  There are multiple dimensions of reality.  The Bible refers to them here and there throughout.  Here is one example.  Remember the Bible is an “understatement”. This means that when you see a reference to something that seems rather trivial, you have to amplify its meaning many times to understand its significance.
2 Cor 12:2

I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago, (whether in the body, I cannot tell; or whether out of the body, I cannot tell: God knoweth;) such an one caught up to the third heaven.


You first must try to grasp multiple dimensions.  If you would rather call them “multiple heavens” or levels of heaven – then fine.  I prefer dimensions because it’s easier for me to illustrate since our “peanut brains” need  something tangible to refer to as a point of reference.

Now know this.

If you are a two dimensional being, living in a two dimensional plane (such as a piece of paper), you cannot see three dimensional objects.  So a person living in a two dimensional world cannot see a ball.  A ball would look like a flat line to that person.  And if a ball were to pass through that two dimensional world, it would look like a series of lines going from smaller to larger and then from larger to smaller until it disappeared.  The point is that if you are three dimensional, as we are on Earth, you cannot see things that exist in the fourth dimension.  And science has confirmed that there are possibly as many as 11 dimensions through Quantum Physics.

We are unable to see HEAVEN.  We are unable to SEE even into just the fourth dimension which is our next door neighbor.  And in that fourth dimension are living beings.  We call them demons or Angels depending on if they were good or bad in the eyes of the almighty El Elyon.  But remember this if nothing else: YOU ARE NEVER ALONE!  Fourth Dimensional beings can see into the third dimension JUST FINE.  They are all around you and they watch you.  They are involved in your life and they can influence you actively.  This is why the Bible teaches you that the absence of God is the presence of SATAN!  Get it? 

Do you really get it?

Angels actually watch us and they try to learn from us.  They are fascinated with what is going on.  See this example from scripture below:

1 Peter 1:12-13

It was then disclosed to them that the services they were rendering were not meant for themselves and their period of time, but for you. [It is these very] things which have now already been made known plainly to you by those who preached the good news (the Gospel) to you by the [same] Holy Spirit sent from heaven. Into these things [the very] angels long to look!


ALL THIS – has one very critical meaning to the believer!! 
It is critically important for us to grasp this one point!

The world belongs to Satan.  This means you are utterly surrounded by demons.  They live in the fourth dimension.  There are Angels there also.  Don’t get me wrong here.  But the world and the air belong to Satan.  The Angels are in enemy territoryDon’t you see?  God’s power and the Angels need YOUR HELP.  You have to “lay down a spray of friendly fire” and “clear the field of demons so they can break through to you.  Just like Daniel’s prayer and fasting did for 21 days.  Without Daniel’s prayer and fasting, Gabriel may never have made it past the “Prince of Persia” to deliver God’s message. 


We have a part to play in this war.  If we do not “lay down a spray of friendly fire” (prayer and fasting bullets), God’s messengers can’t make it through the enemy territory!!  They have to fight their way through to help you and if you don’t help them, they cannot help you.

Last night while I was attending my local Thursday night church service, the Pastor’s message was about focusing on the Holy Spirit.  Some people get lost in the details of a message and I pray for them.  I used to do that to myself but it detracts from the blessing while you fumble through the Bible looking for verses ultimately missing the point.  This is why I am now using only electronic Bibles.  If you have a good data cell phone (with a Bible on it) or can afford the $279.00 for one of those little Netbook mini-Laptop computers, you can move your Bible study fully electronic.  This enables you to focus 100% on the message, and stop fumbling around for the verses.  I usually have the entire chapter read and have started a concordance search on the key words across the whole Bible before the rest of the congregation has found the first verse. 
The point of the sermon was “calling down the Holy Spirit”.  Genesis 1:2 was called into play and used as an example of how the Holy Spirit can hover over things.  Because of the vast power of the Holy Spirit (the breath of God), the Earth was changed.  Immediately my mind started to become distracted with “doctrine”. I kept remembering the “New Covenant” because after Pentacost, the “Holy Spirit” lives within you (us).  I struggled to understand the concept of the Holy Sprit both “hovering over us” while at the same time “living within us”.  This was MY problem and was a distraction until later after thinking about it for awhile.  The fact is that the Holy Spirit does live in us.  But the Holy Spirit is also the spirit of God (the breath of God).  The revelation is that the Holy Spirit is “BOTH” of these things.  Past teachings or inadequate understandings form notions in your mind can distract you from the crux of the message. This momentarily robs you of your spirituality and your ability to understand the Pastor’s deeper meaning. 


This is why I so deeply dislike “religion” in general. Doctrine of man, is the work of the devil.  We must continually fight to keep our minds open to the meaning of the word being presented and stop reflecting back on things “we thought:” were true.  This is particularly important when you know the Holy Spirit is active in your church and in your pastor’s life and teachings.  KEEP AN OPEN MIND AT ALL TIMES.

It is “our” responsibility to work at sanctifying ourselves (this means “cleaning up our act, trying to live a clean, prayerful, and spiritual life).  God also helps in the sanctification process but you must invite him to help you and work on it actively, its not automatic.

Remember, Daniel laid on an uncomfortable cot and ate virtually noting (no good bread) for 21 days with 100% concentration on God in deep agonizing prayer every waking hour before Gabriel showed up with his information. That is just one of many examples. 120 apostles, just prior to Christ’s ascension into heaven, were told to go and hang-out in the upper room and pray together for 10 days (it included Mary and a handful of other women in the group as well). The reason why they were told to do this was to “pull down” the Father’s power and prepare for the pouring out of the baptism of fire / the Holy Ghost.

Similarly and more recently, Pastor David Hogan who is a faith healer famous for raising people from the dead and currently working in Mexico and Central America, told a congregation during a testimony, that he and his team “fast and pray” 2 days and eat normal one day. He said they do this ALL the time. Not just on special times. This is because his team NEEDS the continuous outpouring of the power of God in their work. It saves their lives on a regular basis. It takes ACTION on our parts. The spirit world is very real and without this dedicated focused Fasting & Prayer we cannot “bring down” the power so that the outcome is what God intends.
I guess it’s good that I have a day job or I would probably ramble on too long and your mind would drift.  Then I would lose you altogether.  I hope you got the point of this article.  But just to summarize,
While God is ultimately sovereign, the Devil owns the fourth dimension and has us completely surrounded.  When the atonement of Christ happened, the entire game changed.  Jesus’ power, and the power of the Holy Spirit was given to us.  It lives both inside of born-again believers (Baptized in the Holy Spirit) and in the heavens with God because it is part of God.  WE ARE part of God!  But the dynamic requires OUR Spirit (Holy Spirit) to work in cooperation with YHWH’s spiritual army.
If you want to get through the dark times ahead, learn to establish this required deep spiritual relationship because it will be absolutely required to “overcome”.  Otherwise you will be squashed by the enemy like a bug.  Get yourself to a spirit filled church, with “signs following”.  Look to see if the Pastor asks for people to come forward for “healings”.  Listen to hear for people “speaking in tongues”.  Watch to see if someone “prophecies” or interprets the tongues.  All this MUST BE HAPPENING or you are in a church that does not have the necessary power of the Holy Spirit moving in it.  You will get squashed like a bug. (See 1 Corinthians 12 & 13 for more information and God Bless You).
Important Post Note:

Whenever a Bible preacher, teacher, prophet, scholar, fellow student (that’s me by the way), uses the words “I believe”, please take them at face value. This does not mean that person is trying to convince you that the *final conclusion* has been made. Instead it means that “at this moment in time” that person “believes” they have come up with a possible answer. Too many Christian leaders are persecuted for saying “I believe this will happen on that date” or similar. That’s when you see the ignorant and unwise surface with their “pointing fingers” yelling “false prophet!”. We must “learn” to understand what the speaker is trying to convey and share and rightly divide / discuss those points amongst ourselves. Sometime we are sharing an idea, not making a final conclusion. Pay attention to these nuances or you might not hear the bell ring when school is out!

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