Two Moons Filmed in Sky in Dubai (video)


Planet X – The Sign of the Son of Man (Matthew 24:29)

Regardless of the multitude of opinions, videos and books written, my 15 years (give or take) of research associated with Planet X (or Nibiru) powerfully indicate that it is a solar system that has 5-7 planets and a failed brown drawf star.  The brown dwarf star is a failed yellow dwarf star that has collapsed and is supremely dense with an unreal amount of magnetism. (Watch the TV Series “Impact” to learn a LOT more).

While debunked (of course) by the fake-news debunkers, it is well known that our galaxy has a noteworthy number of yellow dwarf binary stars (i.e., solar systems that rotate around one another).  The Planet X solar system has a sun that is essentially black and cannot be seen without special optics.  Apparently this solar system is currently moving through our solar system (and actually has been for several years). This is why if you search on “Two Suns” and look at the pictures you will see pages of such images.

A brown dwarf (otherwise known as a “black sun”) is approximately -243 degrees F and can only be seen with special infrared optics on a telescope.  This is why the Vatican VAT telescope on Mt. Graham has an infrared attachment called L.U.C.I.F.E.R.  (see HERE).  The Vatican knows about Planet X or Nibiru.  They are watching for the arrival of their “gods”(Long Story).

And just in case the link breaks (I doubt it; but it could), here is a snapshot of the article from Popular Science magazine.

Black Sun Symbolism

These concepts and the knowledge associated with Planet X and the “Black Sun” are woven through ancient historical writings of virtually every antiquated culture.  In fact, the Black Sun symbolism is shown in this graphic below.  You will note that it includes the Nazi Swastika.  This is no coincidence.  Neither is referring to the infrared attachment as LUCIFER. For we believers, the Sign of the Son of Man (Matthew 24:29) is a wonderful thing because it means WE ARE LEAVING and going HOME.  But for the people’s left of earth (as the scripture says) all who see it will “mourn”.

Matt 24:30
Then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn

Note that this is also the shape of the Denver Airport runways; a Swastika.  This is no mistake.  Essentially this design is a type of “Identification Friend or Foe” system or IFF system so when the invasions occurs, the “aliens” know where their elite underground bases are located (from the air).

Denver Airport Runways from the Sky


Two Moons of the Planet X System seen in Dubai




Co-Intel Pro Debunking

Professional counter-intelligence is a type of paid fake-news whereby immediately after are report of something important is released, “they” (the evil agents are too many to mention) immediately come out with multiple debunkings.  You can see this in operation heavily now whenever you use Google and compare the results to  To those of us who are awakened to co-intel pro debunkings, we can practically set our watches to them.

Here you see several days after the video above was released, a counter intelligence article suggesting that it was a hoax.  This is the same baloney they tried to pull with the obelisks that were (and continue to be) appearing all over the world; suggesting (as they do with crop circles) that some prankster was behind it.  For those of us who still have a bit of common sense, with the global travel lockdowns, it would be impossible for the obelisks to be a prank as the pranksters would have to have untold funding and be traveling all over the world the perpetuate the prank.  The bottom line is “debunking” is a billion dollar industry because.

Here is a “just released” (Web Feb 10, 2021) Counter Intelligence report debunking the video above.  Set your watches!!

Uhhhh yeah sure … buddy.

The Prophet Dr. David Owuor

Entitled: Many Planets to Pass by the Earth and a Space Rock to Hit the Earth

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