SPECIAL REPORT: Buildup for IRAN Attack

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The Global Empire
New World Order – World War III

Honey grab the Kids! 

Time to go to the beach, and enjoy the $2.98 a gallon gasoline while you can.  Been waiting to take that “last minute” vacation? Time to go!  Once this one kicks off, you can bet we are going to see some “unintended” (said tongue in cheek) economic challenges.  And that’s putting it lightly. 

By the way, this is not some “warning” to Iran.  They are not preparing to “scare them” into compliance.  This is divine prophecy in the works.  In order to institute the New World Order and ensure all countries are “playing ball” – Iran (and its current leadership) must be taken out of the way.

For access to an interactive map of this military build up see:


(A Special Thanks to Steve Quayle for this early information! – May Jesus Bless Steve and His Family Graciously!)

But Wait! There’s More!

What happens during and after this “police action”? 
Here are some questions to ponder.

  • Does Russia get involved?
  • Does China get involved?
  • Does something bad happen to the Al Aqsa Mosque?
  • Does this end up clearing the ground for the New Temple?
  • Is this the prelude to the Magog Invasion?
  • Does Damascus get turned to Rubble?
  • Does an Iranian Missile hit Israel?
  • Or does an Allied Missile hit Israel disguised as an Iranian Missile?
  • Is a resulting agreement signed? (Dan 9:27)

Pray for the Saints

Pray for us All

“Dear Heavenly Father, we know this battle is more than just another war.  We see the “fingerprint” of your Holy Spirit and the prophetic scripture all over these events.  We lift you up in honor and praise and ask that you protect your children.  Bless those who love you and keep them out of harms way.  Protect those Christians who live in persecution in Iran even today.  Deliver us all from this evil.  For THINE is the Kingdom, All the Glory Be to You – Lord God.  In Jesus Name we pray.  – Amen.”

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