The Final Warning

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When you “SEE” the Abomination Standing in the Holy Place
(Let the Reader Beware)

I am so utterly humbled.  So utterly humbled.  Words cannot describe.  It seems everything that I believed about prophecy interpretations from 30+ years of non-denominational church upbringing might have been in error.  Maybe I am just extremely excited to “leave this planet”.  Or maybe the Lord has had utter mercy on my soul, really does love me as much as I believe He does, and “sees into my heart” (1 Sam 16). 

I don’t know for sure these understandings are all true.  I could be wrong.  I am wrong all the time.  But just in case I’m not wrong, then I humbly share with you these “possibilities” in the name of Jesus Yeshua Messiah our Savior and the King of Kings.

A Pre-What Rapture?

First I am taught that there would be “no rapture”.  I was at that age when some awesome Jesus filled Bible scholars were starting to question the status quo with their own research.  Amen!!  Hallelujah!  And in fact you have to do some serious Greek studies to pick up on the word “rapturos” … and it’s not easy.  And then you have this notion of “the calling up” where “one is working in the field and the other is taken” or something like that.  Forgive me, I am a “late bloomer” and my “Jack Van Impe” skills are lacking sometimes.  But I believe you know what I mean.

You have all sorts of “rapture this and that” battles out there.  You have A-Millennialism, and This-Millennialism and That-Millennialism, ad nauseum.  No wonder people are confused.  You have Marvin Rosenthal’s realization that “pre-trib” was incorrect.  And HE was the “head guy” at one of the largest “Pre-Trib” operations in the world.  He had to “step down” before he wrote his book “The Pre-Wrath Rapture of the Church”.

And isn’t it fascinating we are all watching this Planet X phenomenon?  Is it possible, perhaps likely, that Planet X will bring judgment upon the earth (Isaiah 24 – the earth wobbles like a drunkard).  Sure seems to me that the first Trumpet is a large “Solar Flare”.

And then you have this confusion about “Does Jesus come once or does Jesus come twice?”

Many fine and wonderful scholars and researchers believe that he comes …

  1. Once in a Rescue Mission Rapture of Sorts
  2. Then comes back to “whoop some butt”

It sure seems to me, that it might be likely, even highly likely, the above scenario is true.  It’s too hard to explain the scripture any other way.  How can their be a situation where “Jesus comes like a thief in the night” to pick up his “bride” just prior to the wrath?  The stars seem to proclaim it.  The Mazzaroth is God’s fingerprint in the Heavens and it’s His artwork.  In the book, “The Real Meaning of the Zodiac”, Christian author D. James Kennedy suggests that Jesus is seen carrying away His “bride” just prior to the wrath.

Job 38:32

Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?


The more I think about it, the more humble I get, the more and more I am starting to connect the dots.  So much so that I even went downstairs a few minutes ago and let the kids know that the month of “May” might indeed be “the calling up”.  WHAT?  Well okay.  Let me continue this and share with you some of these recent “dots” that are seeming to connect.

And there’s NOTHING WRONG with being excited about the return of the KING.  So bear with me for a bit.  I am very guilty of being overly excited, and overly emotional, and overly everything.

But “what if”?

Pounding it Into My Head

Now I have to tell you I eat a LOT of crow.  In fact I have come to enjoy eating crow.  It’s become one of my favorite foods as of late, metaphorically speaking … amen.  And perhaps, come May, I will have myself some “crow soufflet”.  Yummy!

All I know is humility seems to be a “prime directive” that rings true all throughout the scripture.

So by now the regular readers of Tribulation-Now know that Jonathan Kleck and myself have been working hard together on a video series.  It was (and continues to be) an amazing experience.  I spent more time cying during that weekend (those weekends with editing) then I have in a very long time.  It was happy crying and humble crying.  It was also filled with some sad tears as well.  And it was really hard work.  A LOT harder than I thought.  Never mind the second weekend of editing.  Never mind the fact that the “google-gobblins” keep nailing Part 3 as a copyright infringement even though we used “Fair Use” disclaimers and dropped out the audio.  A few hours ago I had to “once again” do another edit on Part 3.  GAD!!

All this time I’ve known Jonathan, he kept telling me that he only knows what God showed him.  He kept pounding it into my head.  Amen.  I have to tip my hat to that kind of humility because I’ve been “trained” by the earthly churches to “question everything” and constantly “test the spirits”.  Unfortunately the churches don’t often do a good job of explaining what “testing the spirits” really means.  Perhaps they don’t know.  And until you do a deep dive study of demon possession and deliverance ministries, you probably dont’ know either.

So over the last year I would question Jonathan about why this and why that.  And frequently he would say that he just doesn’t know but “the Lord told him”.  Many of us struggle with that answer.  We feel “left out”.  We cannot understand why “that person” discovered something and “we” didn’t.  After all, God is going to show everyone ALL THINGS at the same time … right? 

Just in case you are wondering, the Book of Jeremiah might be a good place to start.

Jonathan kept telling me that God told him “Four Ride for One”.  He went through an amazing journey of supernatural events that led him, by the grace and POWER of God, to win custody of all four of his children.  “Four Ride for One” … “Four Ride for One”.  These are very very powerful words for Jonathan, because as far as he is concerned, it was a direct promise from God.  And whenever I get freaked out about the “state of the union” (of earth … that is), he reminds me that God promised him we are getting “outa here” before things get “bad”.

At this point it might be reasonable to consider reading yesterday’s article here:

HAARP, Planet X or New Madrid NLE Drill?

And he constantly reminds me that my last name means “Time Caller”.  Funny isn’t it.  His name means “Yahweh has given a Bell Ringer” (as in ringing the bell of a church) and my name means “Yahweh has given a Time Caller” (as in 8 o’clock and “all is well” … or “the Aliens are coming!” :).  And yes I do write under a “pen name” … Amen.  The Internet demons are in a frenzy and I have to “work” for a living.  (wink wink)

Seeing is Believing … Right?

So Jonnie and I have been going “back and forth” over this verse where Jesus says “when you SEE the abomination standing in the Holy place (let the reader beware)”.  Because you have to SEE it right?  So Jonathan’s ability to “see things” makes him passionate that “the abomination” standing in the Holy place, is actually the “blood-line” corruption issue / demon-seed problem.  You will SEE this in the video.

Also at this time I would like to pass on a special thanks and humble pie salute to Martin in Glasgow Scotland.  PRAISE JESUS FOR YOU BROTHER MARTIN!!  You tenacious scripture munching maniac you.  Amen!

However, my issue with this notion has been that when Jesus said “see” it implies that people will actually “see” it themselves.  Okay.  But when you weave in the “calling up / rapture” scenario, you can’t be completely sure if those who are “raptured” will be here to SEE it.  Right?  And YES I have done years of study on this subject and have bounced all over the place.  I remain humbly committed only to Jesus, Amen.

So the other day Jonathan and I are talking on the phone.  Something HORRIBLE occurs to us.  Jonathan is having serious anxiety over it and he tells me what happened.  He took some of his “decryptions” into a Starbucks and was showing people.  This “leads” people to ask questions and then he lures them “into the fishing boat”.  Well while he was showing this decrypted hieroglyph image to people, he says that he saw one of their faces “change” before his eyes.  I asked him WHAT?  I said can you describe what you saw? 

At this point I was pretty creeped out.  I know he is some kind of an “oracle / seer”.  The Lord has confirmed it “three ways to Sunday”.  But I was feeling like someone just jammed a “jalapeno crow burrito” down my esophagus. 


The “channelers” that talk to the Pleiadians are telling people that there is going to be a vibrational shift.  And when this happens, you will SEE “them” as they “really are”.  YIKES.  I remembered that and suddenly I realized that all this Tom Horn stuff is almost certainly going to come true indeed.  Never mind the VonHelton video that shows a “reptilian entity” walking behind a news reporter in South America in this “vibrational fog” of some type.

And when I tried to give you a link to the footage I got this unfortunate error.  I sure hope this isn’t VonHelton.

Are you “getting my drift yet”?

Why does the scripture say …

Matt 24:15

“Therefore when you see the ‘abomination of desolation,’ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing in the holy place” (whoever reads, let him understand)


If the “Holy Place” is in fact the “temple of the Holy Spirit” which is our BODY, then the Temple in Israel is a misleading prophetic forgery.  Or perhaps, the “rapture” happens before the physical temple or facsimile thereof is built.  I don’t know.


How Do Jesus’ Angels Find the “Bride”?

A ways back a wrote an article entitled “Are You Ready?” You can find that article here:  I guess I can say that the Holy Spirit was witnessing to me because out of no where, I heard this “still small voice” say to me, “The Bride is a State of Readiness”.  WOW.

Now watch out because I’m going to pull a serious mental “left hook” on you.  So eat some crow with me and let’s have “at it”!

If you’ve read my articles lately, particularly the Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels articles,  you will see that some astonishing new news has “dawned” on some of us as of late.  And there must be a reason why the Lord led me down this study path.  I guess I am some sort of an expert (said “humbly”) at “alien abductions”, satanism, and other super dark topics.  It was necessary to understand all these weird and esoteric topics in order to “connect the dots”.

And if you have been “following along” in the articles, by now you should have a good grasp on the fact that the devil and his minions have stolen EVERYTHING from God.  Not just some things.  Everything.  He is not only a forger, he is the best forger ever.  And I cannot wait for him to get locked up in the Lake of Fire.  So once you figure all this “stuff” out, you realize the 99.999% problem.  The devil and his minions have hijacked the whole “crow” enchilada.  They are doing things that WE should be doing spiritually to OUR JESUS – THE KING, but they are doing it to THEIR god – Lucifer.

For example, if any one of you was as “spiritual” as a Hindu priest, you would probably have been visited by Michael the archangel by now.  But YOUR NOT.  None of us are “spiritual” enough.  The truth is all over the Bible.  We are slouches in our spirituality.  Face it.  Its’ true.

Why is it that the PLEIADIAN worshiping freakezoids, can “conjure up their UFO friends” like they can?  Have you ever thought about that?  How do they “channel” to their “elohim fallen-angel-demon” friends “through their spirit” and call down those “flying saucer mobiles”?  Huh?


Well what if, just maybe, I DID hear God’s voice and the “Bride” IS a “State of Readiness”?  What if, we are lacking in our “spirituality” and Jesus’ angels need to “triangulate” on that “spiritual force” to find the “bride”?


I really don’t know.

And what about my sisters “vision” from like 20 years ago of “the rapture”.  READ THIS.  Pay attention here.  This “sounds” like a “technological rescue mission” complete with lots of wind, wirring sounds an the whole deal.

I was awake and standing in a church when this took place.  I would think we would just be sucked up through the ceilings.  As Christ walked through walls.  I have witness tapes of people being in prayer in their houses, bedrooms, etc where the ceiling rolled away and they were carried away into another realm.  All I know is I was standing at a kneeling rail of a church holding 6 month old Pammy on my hip.  I could hear nothing around me except the whirring sound and wind sound and was overtaken as if I were being sucked into a giant vacuum cleaner hose and I was not afraid.  I went up for prayer for Pam’s cold and David Ebaugh was the minister.  I felt like I had to go up and used Pam for an excuse to go.  Then David went into a prophecy and I did not hear a word he said.  No one could tell me what he said later when I asked either.  I never did find out

The Little Blue Balls of May

In the spirit of gobbling down as much crow as I can, allow me to share with you the results of my “little blue balls” problem.  I often have joked with my wife that we both have a “little blue balls” issue.  We spin thoughts around in our heads like Cray Supercomputers.  I analyze the crap out of things constantly.  It takes a toll on you.  Sometimes I become so mentally fatigued that I have to “run away”.  This is not good, I know.  But I am trying as hard as I can.

So I write this article back when entitled:

Can You Be Too Excited?

Well now I am thinking maybe, just maybe, I might need to have some more crow.  We have to be super careful what we “wish for” (as a man thinketh, so is he) and believe in our hearts, PARTICULARLY these days now don’t we.  We know that Planet X is coming this way and it’s highly likely it’s going to open up a serious can of “whoop ass” on Planet Earth.  Right?   And if this IS THE WRATH … wow.  That’ means “imminence” takes on a whole new meaning right?
Never mind the photos of the messages the Lord was showing Jonathan yesterday when I wrote that scary article on the forthcoming New Madrid disaster.


I got an email from Kemer.  God Bless You Kemer.  Evidently someone wrote Steve Quayle a letter.  Allow me, if you will, to share the contents of this letter with you here.

Steve~The Lord is warning so many people about an event in April and or May and my spirit bears witness to something enormous going down during that time frame, although I have not been shown anything personally by the Lord as yet, other than two weeks ago when He came into my dream and I realized then that it was a dream. I saw people struggling to make it far away from the coasts, both of them,..and it seemed from the Gulf area in the south as well. People were w/o transportation, food or shelter,….there were hundreds and hundreds of thousands from all people groups heading toward the Midwest and North toward the Dakotas and Montana. Everyone was disheveled and dirty, as well as being exceptionally thin. Many were being trampled to death while they were walking and no one seemed cared in the least. I was really sobbing because it was such a futile scene and tho I knew it was a dream, the Lord spoke to me before taking me away from what I was watching, and He told me in a commanding voice to “TELL THEM,….TELL THEM I’M COMING!” Then I awoke with tears still running down my cheeks – I felt as if I was stuck in that place emotionally for quite a few hours afterward. I recalled this as I was about to email you back just now. I had come downstairs the morning after Steven had been released from the hospital two weeks ago today, Sunday. It was utter devastation. They were all ravenously hungry!!!! Let me know if anyone else has anything even remotely close to this. I was not told in the dream when this would come to pass,…I just “knew in my knower” that it would. ~Romy

… please pass the CROW

… and extra portion of humble pie as well

… You don’t suppose … do you?

The Final Warning Video Series

Well let’s pray in the name of Jesus that the “google-gobblins” don’t reject Part 3 again.  Maybe that’s why the Lord had me work on the New Madrid article yesterday.  Maybe HE knew that Part 3 was going to get rejected again.  Perhaps THIS TIME it will stay up there.  Amen?

Here are the Jonathan Kleck videos. Below you see a communication I sent out to the Tribulation-Now email List members.

Note: If the links break from this article, please go to “thejonathankleck” channel here:


Greetings in Jesus Name. Last weekend I flew to San Antonio to work on a You Tube video presentation with Jonathan Kleck. It was a long weekend full of a lot of hard work, a lot of amazing supernatural “coincidences” and revelations, and many tears.. I had no idea how much work goes into these videos until now. I spent this entire weekend doing edits on it and uploading them to You Tube. I wish you could have been there to see and hear all the “behind the scenes” occurrences. It was a blessed experience.

For those of you who may struggle with navigating You Tube, I have included links to all 8 parts in order below.

There are never before seen “new” decryptions of the hieroglyph and some fascinating new “confirmed” discoveries.

We hope you are blessed and know others that would be edified by this work for the Kingdom.

Note: Not Recommended for Young Audiences


We are the Sons of God. We are fallen angels. Jesus was on a DNA rescue mission. This video series shows exactly what the “All Seeing Eye” is, what salvation in Jesus Christ really means, and helps people to understand why we are here on earth being put to this test in the first place. It includes detailed new findings in the Akhenaten hieroglyph never before seen. Our original sin, as humans on earth, is revealed in a commentary. A must watch for those interested in discovering who the REAL JESUS is and why he came and how you can get off this planet in the nic of time.

The Final Warning Part 1

The Final Warning Part 2

The Final Warning Part 3

The Final Warning Part 4

The Final Warning Part 5

The Final Warning Part 6

The Final Warning Part 7

The Final Warning Part 8

Summary in Jesus Name

I’m asking for some grace on the description please.  Understanding the term “fallen angel” is not easy to fully grasp until you have done a LOT of research.  If you really REALLY want to try and understand this concept, I implore you to read (maybe more than once) the Souls, Sons, Elohim and Angels articles.

And I HIGHLY recommend Zen Garcia’s web site here:

If you’re a late comer into these challenging new understandings then you will struggle just like I did.  And again, there is NO REQUIREMENT to “get it” to make it into Heaven.  But I do believe Jesus said something about having the mind of a child.  Hmmm.


The Rescue Mission is almost certainly, on its way.

Post Script:

And yes I know that Part 3 has an issue with the aspect ratio.  But I’m too tired to fix it right now … amen.

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38 thoughts on “The Final Warning

  1. In Scripture it is said, "and they will ask and seek for signs, to tell them of the times,but none shall be given,,," not verbatim but close. Thus by signs will they proclaim their faith. Which is wrong. Faith must be first and foremost be of the Word. And the Word only. All else is false faith. Therefore shall they either perish, or go through baptism by fire.
    And it is true, the the Lord our God cried,,,"my people are killed for lack of knowledge,,", again not verbatim but close enough. The Lord our God also said,,,"the beginning of wisdom is to get wisdom;at the cost of all you have, gain understanding,,,".
    And so it is, that we, in these times, seek knowledge and understanding. And still, though we proclaim our Faith, we forget that Jesus warned us not to get caught up in the anxieties of the day. Anxieties brought into play through struggling to grasp, if, in truth, we are indeed in the end times.
    Jesus advised us to pray, that the great and terrible day of the Lord not fall on the Sabbath. For if we are of Faith, then we are caught in a catch-22, keeping the Sabbath Holy, and therefore cannot run for our lives. Emphasizing, Faith comes before knowledge. Acceptance that God the Father is our God, Father of the Holy son Jesus, who sacrificed himself in fulfillment of the Father's Will. Acceptance and commitment to the God of god's and that His will will be done.
    Many prophecies must come to pass, BEFORE Jesus returns. From the beginning of His ministry, Jesus warned that did not come with peace, but with a sword. Even John the Baptist said He comes to baptize with fire, not water. Purifying silver is mentioned several times in Scripture. To purify silver, it must be put through fire, until it is so pure, you can see yourself in its liquid state.
    We can see the times. We can pray we are worthy to be taken away and spared the Tribulations. But we MUST be sober enough of mind and heart and spirit, to prepare as best as we can for what is coming.
    The only gut feeling I have, is, IF, IF, something happens around the month of May of this year, when it has passed, the end result will not be what we expected. It is this gut feeling which compels me to write this. Faith. Straight out, unabashed Faith. A simple and straight forward acceptance in God, and His Holy Son Jesus, is more important than knowing ahead of time what if anything is coming. Living with the Words of the Lord Jesus as He gave to His disciples for us to know and live by.
    Forget about this "Rapture" as it has come into play. Because if by happenstance you are "left behind" will this diminish your Faith? Will you then choose the beast over Jesus? Because the return of Jesus is still ahead, and do you think yourself savoy enough to play games with Faith just so you can survive until He returns? THE PROMISE made, was that those of Faith, will be rewarded by entering Heaven. Not that the path would be easy.

  2. Simple math logic helped me figure out what the abomination is…

    The abomination of desolation the very last thing in the world you would think it is. Satan isn’t coming in the front door.

    Please don't take this as argument. I'm simply geared to think outside the box, so just ponder what I'm saying for awhile and respond if you like. What does the abomination make desolate? It makes the sacrifice of Christ desolate, and what I'm saying is that we need look no further than church doctrine to find that Christ is diminished GREATLY. This can be seen using math logic.

    The fact that "Good news" can be connected to "Most people will be lost" makes no logical sense from the get go.
    I'm sure you already know the word "gospel" means good news. Tell me what the good news is in "Most will be lost", and then try to make the equation balance out. Everything involves math logic. Church math logic declares, "Great news everyone!! Most will be lost AND suffer alive in hell for eternity." Name someone whom this could possibly be good news to.
    The sacrifice of Christ, according to the church's own declarations reaps very little, and they then call this = to Faith in Christ. Another math anomaly. Zero faith in the power of Christ cannot = Faith in Christ
    According to church math logic, what Adam did in the garden is BY FAR more powerful than what Christ did at the cross. How can Zero faith in the power of Christ = Faith in Christ? Do the math and then compare it to the true gospel that teachers avoid in 1 Corinthians 15:22 and Romans 5:14-18
    Church math logic says the following scriptures are 100% lie:
    1 Corinthians 15:22 (King James Version) For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.
    Did you choose to follow Adam? No, yet we ALL reap what was done in the garden. What religion teaches us (Do the math) is that Christ is out done by Adam in huge margins.
    Math: The controlled comparison is made by Paul when he says what Christ did out ways what Adam did BY FAR, but the church teaches 100% opposite. Adam wins BY FAR according to what comes out of the church's mouth. "Most will be lost" 100% contrary to Matthew 9:37
    God also knew that wolves would say that 1 Cor. 15:22 doesn't mean ALL will be saved, so He put it in a second spot:
    Romans 5:14-18 (King James Version)

    14Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come.

    15But not as the offence, so also is the free gift. For if through the offence of one many be dead, much more the grace of God, and the gift by grace, which is by one man, Jesus Christ, hath abounded unto many.

    16And not as it was by one that sinned, so is the gift: for the judgment was by one to condemnation, but the free gift is of many offences unto justification.

    17For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.)

    18Therefore as by the offence of one judgment came upon all men to condemnation; even so by the righteousness of one the free gift came upon all men unto justification of life.
    The abomination that makes the sacrifice of Christ worthless is found in the church, not some future, smoky politician who "ends sacrifice" in the future. The sacrifice has already been destroyed by church teaching. "Most will be lost = Faith in Christ" Do the math. 2+2 cannot ever = 5
    Most will be lost = 100% opposite of faith in the power of Christ.

  3. John,
    Wow! What else can I say? Your latest work is very powerful! The knowledge flowing from you and Mr. Kleck is awesome. Please forgive my level of knowledge as you have probably considered this long ago. I understand the crow eating in some small degree now as I have been forced to reconsider my attempts at understanding. I think I'm beginning to understand why mighty is the "Word." There is so much more meaning than initially meets the eye (or at least from the way we are taught to think). God is referred to numerous times as the Lord of hosts… I've never really understood that phrase. In Zechariah Sitchins books the gods referred to the original people as black headed ones (some sort of reference to the pre host state I believe) as these people were the supposedly slave labor and served as the bench stock for creating humans. We are also called bricks in the building of the temple as our bodies themselves are referred to a temples. In light of your recent video series, we would be hosts to the temple of lucifer if not saved. These empty vessels we call bodies can only be saved if they are host to God through Jesus Christ and not the abomination of desolation. This is I'm sure the decision point. Will we ask the Holy Spirit to inhabit us, or welcome Lucifer into our very own "temples?" Perhaps as I think you alluded to, the abomination would be revealed when some sort of critical mass is achieved. Lord help all who bear witness to the event.
    God Bless you & Jonathan Kleck.

  4. I humbly say … Amen. Sorry but I'm lost for words right now and borderline in tears. Amen… Amen…

  5. the Lord let me know He was coming for me , in a little while, soon, i saw Him coming for me, and if this doesn't happen in May , it will happen at some point , maybe next couple years . If planet X shows at that time ? or maybe the Lord will give us more time before the bad stuff does happen. I am ready, but i know most people aren't.


  6. John: The Lord is stirring you up…a lot of things going on–myself also which I know in my spirit it is the Lord. Just read today's blog. The rapture what rapture when is it(?) is it real(?) I also have run the gammot. I am out of here — I am in the thick of things. The Lords has brought me through it finally!! I just want to share it with you I have with others but they ignore me they have a one set mind tunnel vision and that's it. I am talking about different believers with different beliefs all different. We are specifically TOLD these things will occur and do not fear….do you understand what that means –it means there WILL BE CAUSE TO FEAR as a parent to a child we would say to our children (I know you have kids so you will relate) it will be fine don't be afraid…..why because we know the outcome and we understand they may go through some fear and we as parents we tell them not to. Our God does the same with us..that is.POINT ONE.
    POINT TWO. We all I don't care who you are knows the scripture 1Thessalonians 5:1 He is coming as a thief in the night. John I cannot get anyone no one to read or understand verse 4–BUT YOU BROTHERS ARE NOT IN DARKNESS SO THAT THIS DAY SHOULD SURPRISE YOU LIKE A THIEF. That is why I know God has deliberately shut their eyes and ears. I am talking about everyone they do not hear it or see that scripture –whose looney tunes here???? POINT THREE the so called rapture?? 1st coming 2nd coming like you said in your blog how many times does HE come back?? Let me throw this out to you another scripture that NO ONE wants to believe and I mean NO ONE ..I am at this point the only one on this earth that found this scripture and can read it IS ME (!)—-I think you know what I mean. lol Scripture found in Revelations go figure the end time book. The churches 7 of them–now you and I know we are not talking about brick mortar churches but people. All of them go through the refining —oh no read a little closer all but ONE CHURCH —Church of Philadelphia (and we know we are not running to Philly today) Read Revelations 3:10 I WILL KEEP YOU FROM THE HOUR OF TRIAL THAT IS GOING TO COME UPON THE WHOLE WORLD TO TEST THOSE WHO LIVE ON THE EARTH. The so called Christians of today know not that scripture they don't study the book of Rev. that book they sealed. So that doesn't even pertain to them –they will be shocked wtshtfan…and they find themselves here "without true knowledge" that is when they turn to confusion -and all crumbles inside and refining begins for them………………..





  8. Just fantastic John! May Jesus fill you with strength and wisdom! All glory and praise to Jesus our King!!!!

  9. Michael H above … thank you for your outside of the box thoughts. It doesn't "jive" with the new "visuals" and other supporting research but it is "non-the-less" powerful insight. Amen

  10. Oh John~

    My heart is breaking! I just talked with a friend in Oregon. We have been friends for 66+ years. She is 3 weeks older than myself and will be "celebrating" her B.D. next month. She went to her doctor today who informed her that she will live to a "ripe old age". When she told me that, I said, "Oh, Merilyn! Don't you want to go HOME?" She professes to be a "christian" (whatever that is nowadays) and has been baptized. Her reply was, "Oh, I'm not anxious to leave here – I want to see my grandchildren all get married and have kids and watch them grow-up'".

    The saddest part about it is – she is in the "majority" of the "christian social club". So FEW are longing for HOME!

    It seems that "christians" are the "worst" when it comes to realizing what's going on in this world (and, might I add – "outer-space"?!) and somehow think things are going to get better – think "change"!

    I asked Merilyn, as I've done SO often before, if her pastor ever says anything about the Lord's return. Of course, the answer was/is "NO". HMMM! Blind leaders of the blind.

    Keep on Keeping on – for HIM~

  11. I can barely walk outside without bursting into tears. People just don't understand how huge this is. I pray in Jesus name, the POWER of the Holy Spirit witness to people so they can SEE the big picture. WE need to get OFF this rock. God's gonna blow this "pop-stand". Amen!

  12. JB, It's kind of ironic that while you and JK are disclosing this intel in video # 3 that the collective group thinkers are meeting in real time…

    I pray we are snatched away before the disclosure of both craft and entities living among us now. If they think as a group and can read our thought they will know who to target for termination.

    Those left behind will be compromised by their own thoughts.

    Which makes me wonder about the Tribulation Saints and the Armour of God to protect them from the onslaught ?


  13. Praise God for you Steve. I am … without words. I cannot stand to think of anyone having to go through what is coming upon this earth.

  14. Greetings JB, I'll get right to it. In your sister's dream, it seems like she survives being pulled or sucked up. She references David Ebaugh but doesn't remember his prophecy. I was reading on his site today for some strange reason. I received his thoughts were that the bad guys would be taken from the earth, reverse of what most people think. I thought his name being in your article and the fact that i have only been on his site three times, like I was being tapped. Regardless, I get the abomination concept, however is it concievable, we might see this paradigm transformation, in maybe are friends or family( their temples). I know there are some of us still on earth during the trib because aren't we protected from the scorpions or something. Anyway I know i'm rambling, this is all cool stuff. The dna study was and is brilliant! You referenced "something paradigm transformaton", i'm assuming that's where we will be able to see these creatures. Also, You mentioned something about the "great delusion" , you hinted that it was pretty cool, but i didn't catch what it was. Anyway, to be sure, I am packing home and away bags. I will remain flexible. Yours for Christ, Be Blessed! Mike

  15. Mike I know. Amen. Everything is "upside down" just like it says in Isaiah. I am not a David E. expert but he was FABULOUS and before his time. Yes there are tribulation saints and I pray in Jesus name I have enough OIL in my lamp to get out of here and escape the hour of trial (See Church of Philadelphia Rev 2-3). If you have time, I recommend you read Laura' comment in the comments section of this article. Amen!!

  16. Dear John,
    Here goes, I really hate to tell this cause it disturbs and confuses me so badly and I wouldn't bet the farm on it, while at the same time it intriges me. But, a couple very odd things came to me ears and to fhis day, almost a yr. ago, I'm still baffeled. Almost immediately I found your blog and lo and behold, it was the first of the demons, time travel, neph. and GOD series. I got to tell ya, I knew of the Gen. 6/ufo and that was the deal, but, my soul quaked and I flushed and my head got like I was high for lack of words I'll say. This odd hearing coupled with your article led me to start paying attention even more than I had been, I can be anual observant. But anyhow, the article of yours about john in the coffee place seeing a shift has caused me to state an observation/hallucination? I haven't told anyone this cause I've noticed it? in some troubling instances and everyone I love thinks I'm a little odd already. But when I was reseaching odds an
    ends I came across an article stating the left eye is an indicator of I'm not sure but truth or ernastness or something such, so I started only looking in the left eye ot whomever I was communicating with. Well, I started noticing on occasion the black circle would start elongating in some folks on occasion and it seems, seems mind you, that when this started occouring, whomever would start not looking me in the eye while talking any longer, but would get somewhat figitty. I don't know, may be my immagination, but since you through the coffee house deal out I felt I needed to as well.
    Love ya bro in Jesus,
    Randy, Cocoa
    ps if this msg is patchy and somewhat incoherent, I'm using my mobile and can't proof read and edit properly

  17. You are probably seeing the "shift". Some people are reporting this all over the place. I didn't mean to leave anyone hanging on what Jon saw in the coffee house, but I couldn't think of a way to describe what he told me. I guess we will just need to pray we are delivered from this evil with enough OIL in our Lamps.

  18. ahhh yes I see that is the Scripture at the beginning of Zen most excellent book (Ezekiel 33)… and by the way thank you again for all the great insight you've provided to me in your blog heck I never would've been lead to Zen excellent work without your telling me about it. You've been helping to lead me to fuller revelations of truths I had pushed aside thinking them too radical/bizarre and not having the courage to come "out of the closet" (not that I'm fully out of it as in being public but at least your testimony has provided me to necessary nudging by your disclosure of having fundamental Christian beliefs and at the same time integrating these new truths as well)… well I'm still in the middle of "testing the spirits", as I'm sure you are but yet on a higher level, but I must say that the Holy Spirit seems to be witnessing these truths to me as I am lead on the journey. Not sure if my penal gland has been so badly damaged that I'm unable to hear clearly as I should or if this is simply a natural phenomena of the static produced produced in this enemy territory we find ourselves in. Continued blessings to you John.

  19. Zen is amazing. It took me a very long time of reseach … months … before I realized WOW … The whole Bible is full of hints to these mysteries the very mysteries that are to be revealed only in "they end". Amen

  20. Thank you brother!
    I have just completed the last of the Final Warning videos. I am so going to watch them all again! It was great to finally see both of you also! Praise God that you are so clear and precise with your speech and able to pose those questions and johnathon is so exuberant and able to see what he does.

    I am so blessed to have found your site brother. Thank you.
    Watching for His return.

  21. These are amazing times we live in. I cannot believe what has happened to "my life" since I surrendered to God and said "use me I'm yours". This is so super exciting. God Bless You Too!! Amen!!

  22. The messages we have received are very very similar. As to a 'rapture' it seems it is more like Paul's who was 'taken up to heaven' where we are ALL shown God. We are shown how God sees US. Everyone on the planet will have the same experience at the same time. Then we will all be returned and our actions thereafter will determine if we will be saved or not. Those who in humility accept this experience will be the ones who see the Abomination of Desolation standing in the Holy Place and therefore have the needed warning to flee to the God designated safe refuge. Unfortunately not everyone will accept God, or that they must answer to Him, and that is why the Tribulation will be so great. God bless all of you.

  23. Amen well in light of these new revelations, if you re-read 2 Thess. 2, you will see that Paul is refering to the "mystery of lawlessness" that is already in the world (the demonic seed infestation). Then later he says that "that which restrains is taken out of they way"… that is the BRIDE of Christ that is removed PRIOR to the revealing of the "lawless one". No THAT is an understanding I can get my arms around. PRAISE GOD!! AMEN!!

  24. John & Jonathon:

    Well done fellow servants. This is all backed up by scripture. That's what it's all about. You can both think "outside" the box.

    I noticed something that completely validates your videos. In the heads of all the children is the outline of the lizard creature. This outline also appears on the volcanic island The Son of Krakatoa (West of Java). This island appeared out of the see after the 1880's eruption of Krakatoa. The explosion heard around the world, remember? This could only be seen by aircraft or Google Earth. It has started erupting again so the crater is full of lava now. Satanists believe this the "main" place where the demons are to come up from hell at the end of the age. This validates your videos since it could be seen until now.

    Also, the 2 top rays from the sun on each side have finger tips with the Greek sign for man each giving them to Akenakten and Nephrititi's children. Could this be a duality of spirit?


    Jehoiakim ben Lauman
    (Belong's to God's Law)

  25. Wow Amen your comment is yet another awesome confirmation. God Bless You. If you email me directly at [email protected], I can solicit other "thought leaders" to see what their take is on your question regarding the duality of spirit. Excellent and praise God for you. Amen!

  26. As a seeker of GOD and the truth, I have always kept my eyes, ears, and mind open whenever I could, in order to connect the dots and see what can't be seen only with the eyes. A few years ago, at the end of high school, and the beginning of college, I started experimenting with drugs, lots of them, and mainly hallucinogenic ones. I never bought into the story told that 'drugs make you stupid and do bad things', and I tried to keep an open mind, to see why that was told to everyone. The more and more I experimented, and took every experience as a learning experience, rather than entertainment (although learning IS my entertainment), I realized what it is that drugs do. They work in a way with your body to make you aware of many things you normally are not. One of those things is communication with spirits (demons mostly). I realized that it was demonic possession that was responsible for the despicable acts of those who are on drugs.

    Drugs act as a wireless antenna, a transmitter and receiver at the chemical level, which makes the 'radio station' of not just demons, but other people's thought, and even those of animals, come in loud and clear, and you can transmit back too. It's telepathy, as simple as that. Those who don't believe in GOD, satan, and demons, are fooled into thinking what they hear are their own thoughts, and then act on them.

    My closest friend, the ONLY Christian friend I have, and I were together one night, experimenting, and whenever he drinks, or does ANY drugs, or even THINKS an impure thought, his LEFT eye gets farther and farther out of alignment. In fact, I had NEVER seen it straight before, he always had a lazy eye. That night I puked shortly after taking the substance that I did, and realized that we had demons among us. I talked with my friend, and he began speaking in tongues, and when I made him aware of it, HIS EYE WENT STRAIGHT. We could both visualize a demonic spirit leaving his head. That was a real exoticism.

    I prayed and prayed and prayed that night, and I had one of the most wonderful gifts given to me; a small bird who lived at the house where we were at began talking to me. This bird normally says a word here or there, but he full out spoke to me, over and over. No just talking, but he cleaned my tongue just as a bird sits in a Rhino's mouth and picks out the parasites, so did this bird do for me, for nearly 2 hours until everything was out. Each time, he gently pulled a small, barely visible worm like thing out of a taste bud, and chewed it up. Never ONCE did he hurt me. And he did it to my lips too. That saying 'if you hand offends you, cut it off' is true, because we are parasitised by demons both of spirit, and of the flesh in the form of micro organisms that live in us. This bird cleaned my mouth so that I might speak the truth and praise GOD with it, rather than be a mouthpiece for satan.

    Drugs are the double-edged sword which is both a powerful tool, and a destructive weapon, depending on your faith and commitment to GOD. They show you what can not be seen by our normal state of our bodies. But we can naturally do it under the right conditions, because EVERY SINGLE DRUG is similar to every kind of chemical neuro-transmitter that naturally occurs in our brains.

    I have seen the ships in the sky that are cloaked, I've seen the Demonic seed that lives in the bodies of those among us. I can walk down the road, and pray for each man or woman that passes by, and those that look away, or scratch themselves, that is the demon in them announcing its presence.

  27. continued

    Drugs are the double-edged sword which is both a powerful tool, and a destructive weapon, depending on your faith and commitment to GOD. They show you what can not be seen by our normal state of our bodies. But we can naturally do it under the right conditions, because EVERY SINGLE DRUG is similar to every kind of chemical neuro-transmitter that naturally occurs in our brains.

    I have seen the ships in the sky that are cloaked, I've seen the Demonic seed that lives in the bodies of those among us. I can walk down the road, and pray for each man or woman that passes by, and those that look away, or scratch themselves, that is the demon in them announcing its presence.

    My point is, we can see through the veil NOW, weather it's through a natural gift from GOD, or from cheating with drugs, I have seen 'the other side', and 'the man behind the curtain', and I do my best to make it known to those around me who don't see it.

    The evil ones can, at all time, without drugs read our minds, and implant thoughts in them.

    The ONLY protection we have, and it ALWAYS works, is to FEAR NOTHING BUT GOD. And to do as he would ask of you.


  28. I am Angela
    I was born with three demons-generational ones. I had three birthmarks which was their physical sign. (Hawaiian believe birthmarks are a sign of demons too.)
    I became a Christian at 5yrs and later I was told about a family myth that we came from Romany Gypsies. I have since done genealogy on my family and it's true. Maybe that's where they came from.

    I have had to pray all my life for my mind & imagination to be quiet and the 'voices' to be quiet, only God speak. 'They' would talk all the time and they knew my thoughts too. Every time I said some object was my favourite, suddenly it would be broken.
    So I learnt to hide my thoughts.

    God sent ministers to me to break the bonds, even dreams of my face before they were due to speak somewhere, where I was going to be. God was that good.

    So I was a Born-again Christian living with demons AND I had abilities that have not gone away. I have seen Angels and Demons with my physical eyes and moved a 2 ton Land rover from an inch from death, with Jesus.
    I have always been able to see UFOs and often demons would peep and mutter in mine & Jesus presence, even though I had been born with demons.

    I managed with only God's help to exorcise them when my eldest child was 3 months old. I was washing up and I can still remember how quiet the world went, I could no longer hear 'them' and 'they' couldn't hear me anymore.

    The reason I am telling you this is that 'they' can not hear your thoughts if you are not connected to them in some way, ie an implant (kill these with neodymium magnets by 24 hour contact at any injection site), if you have been born with 'them' or you have given them an open doorway to your soul.

    They have stolen my unborn babies and only last year at 3am in the morning 4 entities (unknown at this time if they were demons or psycorps) beamed into my bedroom. I 'heard' 4 knocks in my head even though I was wearing earplugs due to my husband snoring), which didn't wake up my dog but they did make my husband's body get up (but he was still sleeping).
    I opened my eyes and I saw a green oval light beaming though the window landing above my wardrobe. I then saw 4 outlines shimmering as they were teleporting into my room.
    I had just learnt a technique on & on how to prevent abductions and I think that's why they came. I felt they had come to kill us.
    I said the Name of God; Yehovah and I breathed the last letter 'H' and they disappeared. They haven't been back since. But they have sent a UFO to look at us last summer, now on Youtube.
    So I am offering this as a powerful weapon against the Forces of evil. I believe it can also drop the 'veil' if you also think of someone you love too, as you are saying His name under your breath.

    Our house has also been microwaved just before the summer holiday last year.
    Now every night I 'Claim the blood of Jesus over me and my family and all that is mine'.

    They don't want me to tell anyone I know about the Stellar mass Black hole near our Sun, as they are petrified of it.

    God Bless

  29. Angela again.
    PS. Do you think the 'space' between Akhenaton and Nefertiti's legs look alot like the Gulf of Aden? Could it be a map? So could the two girls be pointing to something? Maybe Gog's prison door/s? In Magog's settlement area.

    The Russians know about Dariel's pass in Georgia, near the Caucausus mountains, is one outlet of the demons. Alexander the Great was suppposed to have shut them up behind two doors of self-healing bronze. The Bible calls it two mountains of Bronze. This is where the 4 horses of Revelation are coming from. God is lending them from His 7 Holy Spirits.

    I believe Tunguska was aimed at by fallen angels to try to open the prison door as this is where Hell/Sheol is. They are mentioned in the Books of Jubilee & Enoch. 180,000,000 demons were imprisoned under 1Km of Lava flow in Siberia till 70 generations had passed.
    It is thought a generation is 70 years, so 70×70=4,900yrs. About now. They are Vampiric dragons, eating flesh and drinking blood. See Genesis, if you have trouble with that one.

    Russians drilling in Siberia have a tape recording of Hell's occupants. It's not nice. They tried 'to kill two birds with one stone' by sealing the Jews in the Pale of Settlement.

    In fact I think the Georgia stones are pointing to this other Georgia and the 500 million it talks about, is suggesting at that time the 20 million demons Satan asked God to leave with him, have multiplied using our stolen babies. A crop circle a few years ago suggests 1 billion now.

    Before you knock these I have proof that crop circles are from God or the Antarticans/Artics. (They visited USA in 1957 on an evangelical mission.) They would never be from Satan!!! As they are boosting our EM Field.

    I have enough re-discovered secrets to write a book but I need a secretary to type up my notes. My adrenals are burnt out as I was also born with rare disease, so did my husband and my two girls have it which I believe came from Benjamin in the Bible.

    Without knowledge my people die, Science means 'To have Knowledge'!

    God Bless and Live long and Prosper( This sign is from God too as it means El Shaddai.) God gets everywhere.

  30. Hi Angela what an amazing testimony. The dynamics you are going through are usually associated with very unique situations and are not common in typical Christian walks. I have written some articles that touched upon similar things happening but your situation is extreme in comparison.

    For what it's worth, I will add, that typically when situations like this continue to happen, it is because of the difference between 1. Using the power of God and Jesus Christ's name as a responsive defense mechanism and 2. Having the ongoing "proactive" defense mechanism of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

    While this is NOT always the case, in "most" cases where a Christian is repeatedly visited by the demonic, it is because the do not have the true Baptism of the Holy Spirit and MUST continue to fight off the forces of evil a day at a time. Once an individual is EMPOWERED with the indwelling of the Baptism of Fire (Holy Ghost), it is EXTREMELY RARE that demons, alien-demons, or "any entity" will come back ever again.

    Praise God for you and may Jesus Bless You in your ongoing struggle. If you want more information on the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, please email me at [email protected]

    Amen and God Bless You

  31. Hi Angel …

    In response to your second comment including the questions about the Akhenaten Hieroglyph, I forwarded this information to Jonathan Kleck who can "see" things that I cannot.

    I know you probably wish to remain anonymous, but if you want to exchange your remarkable findings with me privately at Tribulation-Now you can email me directly at [email protected]. Then its only seen by me and the National Securit Agency. ; )

  32. Thanks so much for your website and Nibiru info. I checked Google Sky again recently
    and got 9h/47m/56s/13deg/13’/45.3″ . Does this indicate a falling south of the image?
    Or perhaps better said a rising up of our solar system toward the galactic equator (farther from this image?). I appreciate your comments. I resonate with your endtime assessment of the Grays using the deception of “creator” of humans. Can you suggest a reasonable “mountain” to survive the changes 🙂 Totally confused with Missouri vs East Coast sites, verses Calvery region. God bless you and thanks.

  33. Over a year later I (Angela) was lead to this website again. Praise the Lord what a year.
    He has paid our debts and has given us excess to help others.
    Demons try to enter our house but we smell them before any damage is done. All it took to enter last time, was a prize of Twilight note books!!! DO not buy Twilight stuff.

    We got severely shaken last May when an evil sprit took over a teenage boy who let a viscious dog into our rabbit hutch and killed 5 out of 6 rabbits. Two were my birthday presents. Jealousy of our poor neighbours let the demon in and it is also a drug den.
    The mother is also a witch.
    The other neghbours have shot at us and I have a video of them doing that. The Police were called but did nothing. Even my Doctors are part of the operation against us.
    No not paranoia, I have seen reports.

    We have had audible demonic voices out of the TV saying DIE, I replied No you die!

    I have found out in the last year that other people have had problems after their army father had worked in Germany, since they were a child.

    I have heard my youngest say telepathically ‘I love Jesus’ and my eldest say ‘I want a biscuit’ and ‘Does Mummy want a cup of tea?’ So we are on the same frequencies a lot now.

    The local coven have known for years that we are a Christian family but we now know for certain we are being targeted by the Shadow Government, as I know things I shouldn’t but God given me knowledge of.
    But everytime I try to tell someone, I notice that person’s world is turned upside down so I choose carefully now who I tell.

    Sometimes like Paul a person has a thorn they can’t get rid of, as like Paul, they are actually a thorn in the enemy’s side. So sometimes someone has demonic activity as they happen to be a threat to the demonic army.
    I have been baptised in the Holy Spirit since I was 8yrs, a Christian since 5yrs.
    I hav ebeen to Heaven on 6 occasions and seen physical angels on about 7 times (I think as sometimes their disguise is good.)
    I have also seen demons with my physical eyes. Though they didn’t last long!

    I post on ATS as AriesJedi as I have a thread on there called ‘We are in a New Timeline. Sudden destruction.’
    This is where I was told that the Fourth beast was the Fourth Reich/Nazi Germans with futuristic technology, who went back to 23 May 1987 and devoured the Earth with a Bio-resonator ray. I saw in that dream that people were turned to dust in front of their chidren. Other people have seen this in their dreams too.
    God then, as in Ezekial’s vision of the dry bones, put new and different time lines into operation. And is still doingit, as you read this, so they can not do it again.

    I praise God He is in charge.

    And if you are being attacked, then ask God to either send Angels to attack who is attacking you (Daniel and Michael/Gabriel against Prince of Persia) or tell you if it is something you are doing wrong, or is it something you are doing right.

    Not setting a day but has anyone thought that the Feast of Weeks/Pentecost/Feast of First Fruits Harvest on May 27 2012, could be a possible answer to Sixth seal prophecy?

    Sorry it was so long. I am longing for Home!

  34. awesome , I found this site and it turns out you are friends with Kleck. this is like a birthday present

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