The Winds of WWIII

A Multitude of Warnings
Writing on the Wailing Wall

Praise and Glory to Jesus Christ the King of Kings, time is “super short” Amen!  It’s very hard to paint a picture of forthcoming events when there are so many “colors” (types of events) and such a small “canvas” (time). 

About 3 or 4 weeks ago, as the events surrounding May 21st and the New Madrid “National Level Exercise” were heating up, I received an email from Steve Quayle.  It was short and to the point.  The email said “in about 30 days from now, all hell is going to break loose” (or similar).  I remember it like it was yesterday.  I forwarded the communication out to the Tribulation-Now “email list”.  We were receiving an alarming number of “eye witness” accounts of military equipment and troop movements in middle America.  There was at least one eye-witness account of FEMA train movement at the time.  It was a tense week.

Once again a crescendo of events is occuring.  I will try to touch upon them in this article.

Setting the Visionary Stage

It’s important to remember, particularly these days, the story of Jeremiah.  Think about this.  Jeremiah was the only person in the entire world that was given those prophecies at that time.  So it is obvious that God not only speaks in a “still small voice” much of the time, but often he speaks to people who are “lesser known”.  Today we have literally hundreds of people on You Tube the Lord is speaking through.   It’s important we pay attention.

Jonathan’s Recent Prophetic Utterance

Jonathan Kleck received a prophetic utterance from the Lord a few months ago.  I wrote an article entitled “Hard Times on the Horizon” , that featured this prophecy.  It is packed with interesting and pertinent information and remains a recommended read.

Here again is what the Lord spoke through Jonathan.

Thus sayeth the Lord of Hosts, ” The man of two faces has been seen in the light… And as the coming of the Son, (sun) so shall he be revealed … So shall the darkness of mans heart be made manifest and the two shall become one … And in the midst of their conversion shall the Holy nation be brought forth and from the darkness to light shall the salvation of the Lord come from above. Stand fast that you may endure the wrath of the Lord and Fear Not as the Day Star rises within your hearts … For you are chosen to escape the darkness and the plague that encompasses the inhabitants of the earth … They have chosen the darkness and so shall they be the children of the darkness… Stand Fast! The day approaches…

In the article “Hard Times on the Horizon“, I talk a bit about what the prophetic utterance above might mean in the context of the times we face ahead.

I revisit this prophecy because it indicates even those who await the “rescue mission” (rapture of the Bride), will have to go through a short period of hard times, and to “stand fast”.  This also matches the prophecy in Isaiah here:

Isa 26:20-21
Come, my people, enter your chambers,
And shut your doors behind you;
Hide yourself, as it were, for a little moment,
Until the indignation is past.
21 For behold, the Lord comes out of His place
To punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity;
The earth will also disclose her blood,
And will no more cover her slain.

Elvi Zapatta’s Word from the Lord

In the last article entitled “Revelations of the Real Heaven”, we were blessed to hear the testimony of Elvi Zapatta.  I received an email from one of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors, Jeff D., that Elvi had other videos posted with detailed information on these events that will soon unfold.  According to Jeff, these revelations from the Lord include:

  1. A major earthquake / tsunami event on the East coast of the United States
  2. A major earthquake / tsunami event on the West coast of the United States
  3. A recommendation to stock up on a little food and emergency supplies to “hold out” for the rapture

Here is the email I received from Jeff, complete with a link to Elvi’s testimony.

He is saying that America is to be destroyed before the Tribulation by earthquake and tsunami.  All of California, Boston and the coast of Ma., New York, New York. Sounds like the tsunami wipes out the whole east coast though he does not site Florida. Millions will be killed pre-trib. 

He said we must all prepare and buy food.  (…) one month after the bride goes up, the Tribulation begins, the demons will be released to destroy humanity.  Looks like he is saying that the release of the demons marks the beginning of the 7 year tribulation  (Looks like the dimension the demons live in is collapsed and we can see them, this is probably the abomination of the desolation??). 

When he was taken into the Tribulation:

He saw  17 foot tall demons driving machines that destroyed buildings people were in.

He saw demons that were as tall as 30 feet.  They ripped people apart.   Some of them used swords to kill the people. 

The reason we do not see the demons today is because the Holy Spirit is still here protecting us.  Once the Holy Spirit is gone, the demons will come and kill the people.  The government is run by the Devil.   Angels protect the people who call upon the name of the Lord.  The angels confront the demons.  We will need lots of food and water.  All the water pipes are going to be broken from the earthquakes.  Buy lots and lots of food.

God is in control.  Those who call upon the name of the Lord shall be protected.  After you go 3 1/2 years into the tribulation, the mark of the beast comes and it is mandatory.

John:  This is horrible.  You should listen.  me

Now please remember Deuteronomy 18:22.  People are people.  Prophets are people too.  And people who “hear from the Lord” are also people too.  The point here is DO NOT let yourself get caught up in the details.  We dont’ know what the Lord told Elvi specifically and what Elvi might have innocently added to try and explain what he believed he heard.  And Jeff is passing this information to us as well.  Again, please don’t “throw the baby out with the bath water“. 

Watch, Pray and PREPARE.

The Alex Jones Coincidence

On Monday this week I get a call from Jonathan.  He is extremely excited.  Jonathan forwards me an email with a link to a You Tube video from Alex Jones.  It is entitled “Obama Launching World War III”.

Never mind the fact that the U.S. is already launching attacks into Yemen, and staging Navy “task forces” off the coast of Syria.  Never mind, the drone attacks into Pakistan are at an all time high.  Never mind that China has been warning the United States to “back down”.

What is REALLY UNBELIEVABLE is what Alex Jones says at the very end of this video.  He says (paraphrased) …

The “Man of Peace
is about to cause

Excuse me?

If my hunch is right, Alex Jones has never read a single page of the Holy Bible in his life.  That statement alone makes this video worth watching.  This has the fingerprint of God all over it.

Obama Launching World War III:

Jack Van Impe Announces All Prophetic Prerequisites to Rapture Met

By now it should be no surprise to the regular readers of Tribulation-Now, that I have been studying Jack Van Impe’s work since I was 9 years old.  I’m 49 now.  Wow.  While I part from Jack on a few “cosmic details” and am painfully aware of the “alien / Planet X” dynamic, this guy is one of my all time favorite Bible teachers.

Tribulation-Now received this email from a valued friend of many years, Rick Caven.  God Bless You Rick.

You might not agree with everything Jack says but he is standing for our King when so many are rejecting Him and excepting “another gospel”

 Ricky C, I to shall stand for my King and Praise Him along! 

Rick is commenting on the fact that Jack is being persecuted because of his stand against the ecumenical watering down of Christianity and the attempt to blend Islam into the mix. 

I am excited because “the walking Bible” (Jack himself) has finally declared that 100% of all prophetic prerequisites to the “rapture of the Bride” have been met!  GLORY TO GOD!

Jack Van Impe Presents #1124 (2011-06-11):

FAA No Fly Zones Across United States

Most people should be aware by now there are 2 nuclear power plants in Nebraska in serious trouble.  You can search on “Ft. Calhoun nuclear power plant” to get the full story.  Massive flooding across the U.S. North, continues at an apocalyptic pace. 

According to Arnie Gundersen, of FaireWinds Associates, if an upstream dam gives way on the Missouri River, North of either the Ft. Calhoun or Cooper nuclear plants, the United States will have a Fukishima like event that is much more catastrophic, since the nuclear waste will seep into the river and drain into the Mississippi valley across all the flooded farmland.  Since this farmland is used to feed the world’s population, more Biblical prophecies of global famine will take place like never before. 

Flooding is global in nature and is happening across the world right now.  Crevasses (huge cracks) are forming in the earth’s crust on several continents (in Michigan in the U.S.).  “Himacanes” (hurricanes that form over land) are happening regularly.  Never mind the horrible tornados.  Watching the weather channel right now is like watching the movie “The Day After Tomorrow”.  The only problem is that you aren’t seeing the big picture thanks to the Rothschild’s now owning the “weather service” feeds the same as they own Reuters and the AP wire.

The following email alert was sent out to the Tribulation-Now email list members a few days ago.

 “No Fly Zones” Alert Across United States

 Evidently the FAA has issued more than 50 new “No Fly Zones” across the U.S. in the last few days.

This is most troubling folks.  Make sure you spend time repenting and praying.

 Get Yourself Ready Spiritually Now. 

FAA No Fly Zones:

These “no fly zones” orginally came to my attention when one was issued for the Ft. Calhoun nuclear plant up to 3,500 feet.  That was alarming enough.  However NOW they have extended them to almost every major military base in the U.S. and include major theme parksa as well.

Never mind even Fox News has warned of possible “Mumbai style” terrorist attacks on U.S. soil recently. 

Warnings of Nuclear Attacks

There is simply not enough time to share with you all the warnings of possible nuclear attacks.  These warnings increased substantially after the “faked” Bin Laden death.  Indeed they became “main stream” as more and more articles were published by popular pundits suggesting that “retaliation” was possible or even likely.

In a recently released “Sorcha Faal” article, entitled ”

Nuclear Attack On US Warned Imminent As Saudi War Nears:

The following was said:

(…) both the US and EU have received “substantial” intelligence indicating that the detonation of a low-level nuclear device has been planned to occur in a major NATO nation within the next week that has been orchestrated by Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and Saudi Arabia’s General Intelligence Presidency (GIP).

Now listen.  Nobody more than I knows that the Sorcha Faal operation is not to be trusted.  Amen?  However even a blind man will hit a home run eventually.  So watch out here.

If there is anything good about the Sorcha Faal articles, the “links” in the articles take you to pretty decent information to do your own homework.

When you combine this information with the Jonathan Kleck $10 bill prophecy showing an off-shore nuclear explosion causing a SIX STORY TSUNAMI to flow over a building on U.S. land ….


For more information see the articles here entitled:

Nuclear Bomb Threats:

The Jonathan Kleck Story:

Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, and God (part three):

Military Officer Warning

A few days ago I received another warning.  Evidently 2 or 3 days ago on Coast to Coast AM, a “caller” told a most troubling account.  Reportedly the caller was awakened in the middle of the night by his neighbor loading up his belongings in some sort of a vehicle to leave in a hurry.

This “neighbor” was evidently a high ranking Military Officer.

When the caller confronted his neighbor inquiring about his strange hastey departure, this fellow told him only one thing. 

He recommended the man
leave for a location
West of the Mississippi
as soon as possible


Coast to Coast AM Show clip:

Inactive Military Reserves Being Called to Emergency Active Duty

Then another report came in.  At first it began with a posting on GLP (God Like Productions).  The anonymous poster was noticably angry because he has been out of the Marine Corps for 3 years and was being called back into “active duty”.  That’s alarming enough.  However the reports increased substantially since then.

Here is a You Tuber telling his version of the story.  It appears more than evident a forthcoming emergency is on the horizon.  This person is extremely unhappy he is being “called back” into what he refers to as an “illegal war”.


The Power Hour Alert

If that wasn’t enough, I received another email from a Tribulation-Now email list member of a most alarming report.  This report is surfacing all over You Tube right now with various titles.  It appears the origin of this report is The Power Hour radio show hosted by Joyce Riley.  Ms. Riley is a type of “patriot” operation along the lines of Steve Quayle but without the Christian foundation.

In her broadcast, Mr. Riley sends out an alarm that truckers from all over the United States have been calling in with extremely troubling information.  Evidently the following data has been shared.  The truckers are “panicing” when they call her.  The “contracted” truckers are reporting:

  • Massive convoys of trucks, some convoys (and trains as well) up to four miles long
  • Transports of military equipment (tanks, rocket launchers, explosives, weaponry)
  • Transports of vast amounts of emergency supplies (water, blankets, food, other)
  • FEMA is routing the convoys, highly organized
  • Convoys are heading primarily to the North East, Virginia, D.C.
  • Some convoys are heading through the mid-West to the west coast as well

Radio announcements are being heard by the truckers every two hours saying:

for a
catastrophic event!”


Here is a link to that most troubing broadcast.


Summary in Jesus Name

These are NOT my favorite type of articles to write.  But sadly they are necessary.  Glory to Jesus the rescue mission is “any time now”.  Thank you JESUS for all the wonderful Tribulation-Now email list members and their contributions.

Don’t believe any of these sources exclusively and certainly don’t over-react.  These are awesome times we live in today and Jesus Christ our King is coming any time now.

Give Yourself to Jesus Christ Now

Ask Jesus to Come Into Your Heart

Ask for Forgiveness of All Your Sins



to be




… Be Blessed in Jesus Name!

Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

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  1. Wow. As of posting this, 63 FAA ‘No Fly-Zones’ this year, and there was only a total of 11 from 2008-2011, the crescendo continues…

  2. A couple of months ago my eldest son and I went to a movie called ‘Paul. It’s seems like a funny movie about an alien who is just trying to get home. They don’t tell you about how a ‘christian’ in the movie tries to pray against him and calls him a demon. He curses her and tells her her belief is based on no truth and old wives tales. He then proceeds to heal her and along the little journey where she gives up her Christianity and he begins to share that he is not the only one, and how they ‘his fellow aliens’ have been sending messages to earth for years to prepare us for when they come. That their enlightening for us will be amazing.

    After finding this sight and having so many answers to so many questions I feel like that movie was more of a documentary than anything else. Usually the one who doesn’t believe in God in movies usually has some weird character trait or something bad has happened to them and they come around in the end. This time it was about taking the Word of God and openly discrediting it. I can only pray that the unsaved that see this movie will be totally immune to the workings of the Satan.

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