Month: January 2012

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The Rapture Is Imminent

RAPTURE IMMINENT FLYER The following PDF can be downloaded and printed out on any basic computer printer.  50 sheets of paper yeilds 100 flyers that can be placed on car…

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Dominican Republic Mega-Quake Warning

  Possible Prophetic Earthquake Event 5.0 Earthquake Precursor? The following warning was posted at “Before the End Ministries” of a possible mega-earthquake occuring this week (the week of January 16th). …

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Prayers for the Rapture

Please Pray These Prayers … And then TRUST in Jesus for your Forgiveness Are you willing to take a chance with your eternity?  Are you willing to take a chance…

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WARNING Sudden Destruction and Rapture … 2-3 Weeks

Earthquake – Tsunami – Nuclear War Rapture of the Holy “Sin Free” Church Time to take a deep Holy Spirit filled breath. I have been praying for peace from our…

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The Sumerian “gods” are Here

The Pyramids are Your Enemy Lying Wonders Imminent Glory to Jesus the Annunaki “star freaks” are almost here!  Praise the Most High YHWH God, our Heavenly Father.  All the Glory…

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