May 20th MegaQuake Syzygy

Prepare & Pray
Luke 21:11 is Now

The following is a brief compilation of data derived from a You Tube video that found its way into my email inbox, Praise Jesus.  I have added some additional information to supplement the overall message.  Hopefully by now you are aware of the season.  The clock is quietly ticking.   The snare is about to “snap”.

Luke 21:11-12
And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences; and there will be fearful sights and great signs from heaven.


The Great Earthquake 2012

The following You Tube video provides the primary source for this most troubling series of “coincidental” events / data points.   For those who cannot view You Tube videos I am expanding on the content somewhat in the below write up.


Nostradamus Quatrains on May Earthquake

[X 67] A mighty earthquake in the month of May.
Saturn, Capricorn, Jupiter, Mercury in Taurus:
Venus also. Cancer, Mars in Nonnay (cero)
Hail will fall larger than an egg.

[IX 83] Sun twentieth of Taurus the earth will tremble very mightily.
It will ruin the great heater filled:
To darken and trouble air, sky and land
Then the infidel will call upon God and saints.


May 20, 2012 Alignment Confirmations

While researching the other video,  I found this one from a different channel further confirming these alignments.  This video includes the additional conjunction (alignment) of the Pleiades Star System on precisely the same date.


The Serpent’s Eclipse

Another Tribulation-Now contributor sent in this video expanding upon the Solar Eclipse that is to occur on May 20th, 2012 (God bless you Jeff).  Evidently this is referred to as the “Serpent’s Eclipse”.  Keep in mind this is not only an alignment of the earth, moon, and Sun – but the Pleiades Star System also aligns simultaneously from behind the Sun (from the far reaches of the heavens) at precisely the same time.


The Coincidental Alignment of the Mysterious Red X

During this “Serpent’s” eclipse, the shadow of the moon will be aligned over the earth such that the center will be directly over the mysterious Google Earth RED X location supposedly leaked by NASA last year in the file named byss.arc.nasa 11133.kml.   In 2011 this was mistakenly assumed to be an Elenin impact point.  It was also “coincidentally” the exact location of the Exercise Pacific Wave 11 tsunami drill.
The image here below shows the impact map documented in the UNESCO tsunami drill-scenario paperwork.  This event was reported to be one of the largest tsunami drills in history.

Note the source of the tsunami wave in this graphic.  This is near the tip of the Aleutian Islands chain and coincidentally where the mysterious “Red X” appears on Google Earth when using the “NASA” file (see image below).


 And here below is a graphic from the original You Tube video above showing how the moon’s shadow (during the “Serpent’s” eclipse) is directly overhead of this mysterious “Red X”.

Mayan Prophecy – Return of the Jaguar Serpent

Reportedly there is a Mayan prophecy called “The Return of the Jaguar Serpent” depicting some ominous events that may be unfolding about that same time.

 Here you will note the graphic depicts …

  1. The Center of the Sky – The Sun and Pleiades conjunction on May 20 (current era)
  2. A possible Kukulcan / Quetzalcoatl manifestation between (March 21 – May 20)

The Mayan lore predicts that after a global earthquake, the “new men of knowledge” will return to earth to usher in a global government  (New World Order).


Crop Circle Analysis at the 16th UFO Congress

Here is a short video clip of Jaime Maussan, UFO researcher, presenting the results of their collective analysis of a crop circle formation that appears to indicate the Mesoamerican feathered serpent “star god” diety Quetzalcoatl may possibly return in May of 2012.



Also is the Mayan End Date Predicted as May 20th in the Crop Circles?



Dream –  Bad Earthquakes in May 2012

Then while researching this information I “coincidentally” spot this fellow’s video based warning.  This You Tube video is of a gentleman who was given a vivid dream of at least one, possibly more, massive earthquakes around or about May 26th of 2012.  What’s REALLY fascinating about this “coincidence” is that he says the date may not be precise AND that the video was posted in June of 2010.


French Psychic In 1980 Predicts 2012 Alien Invasion

And here you see a video of a French psychic testifying that he sees an alien invasion occurring in the year 2012 (among a vast number of other astonishing predictions that evidently came true).


Debunking Ancient Aliens and the Creation of Man

(Part 1 – Recorded Sunday April 29)


Part 2 – (will air) Sunday May 6th

This show DEBUNKS once and for all, the deception promulgated by the lying Annunaki (Sumerian “gods”, otherwise known as fallen-angel-demons) and explaining how these “experts”  inaccurately hypothesize these Sumerian “gods” created the true Adam and Eve, while unwittingly helping them deceive mankind into believing that “they” (the Annunaki) are our creators (see 2 Thess. 2:11b “lie”).

God Bless You

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Pre-Apocalyptic May 20 MegaQuake Holiness Update

Radio Show Weds April 2nd 8PM ET

Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while we hammer home the key indicators of a possible May 20, 2012 Megaquake. We will also discuss a number of other hot headlines and concerns while we continue to prepare ourselves in repentance and holiness for the forthcoming rescue mission.

Glory to Jesus

Radio Show Link


The Sumerian “gods” Are Returning

And here is one of my personal favorite testimonies from our awesome brother in Christ, Stan Deyo of Millennium Ark ( speaking on a radio show and sharing “insider information” that sources in the Pentagon of the United States are eventually expecting the return of the Sumerian “gods” (also known as the Annunaki).


The Counting of the Omer is in Progress

We are currently in the period between Passover and Shavuot.  Shavuot is when Moses revealed the Torah to the ancient Hebrews.  Shavuot, which occurs on May 26/27 this year, also happens at the same time as Pentecost.   This is from a Hebrew prayer book, known as a Siddur.

LOOK at what it says.  This is amazing.


Pentecost is an exciting date to watch for Jesus to come back for his Bride because “just prior” to Pentecost, Jesus went UP TO HEAVEN and sent back the Holy Spirit.  In essence, when Jesus comes to get the Bride, the Holy Spirit will be returning to Heaven as well.

2 Thess 2:7-8
Only He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.

And just a few verses prior it says …

2 Thess 2:3
Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away [ e.g. the Outbound Departure of the Bride to Heaven]  comes first,


The 7 Year Tribulation Period Started October 2008



Summary in Jesus Name

While there is no possible way for me to attest to the legitimacy of any of these claims, there is no question those who are anxiously awaiting the return of Jesus Christ for his “spotless” Bride, are ON ALERT!

We know that the Bible clearly says that Jesus will come “like a snare” and “like a thief in the night”.   We know that the Bible clearly says there will be “peace and safety” and then “sudden destruction”.

Please take the time to read the last 4 – 6 articles posted here on Tribulation-Now and consider joining us for our radio shows Wednesday and Sunday nights at 8PM ET.  Please prepare yourself in repentance and holiness and REMAIN READY at all times.


(says the Lord your God)

for the


… Be Blessed in Jesus Name


Post Script:

This just in … April 28th around 12 noon ET


Also see this post from Kari – Praise Jesus …

Here is another One Sent in from Lone


Here is another One Sent in from Chris


Folks things are looking well … not so good for the Month of May.  Please be ready.  God Bless You.


Here’s another One Sent in From Trish and Roger


And Don’t Forget This Testimony from a Chicago Area Emergency Management Agent

(Its dated, but it’s still valid … might be a warning about a nuclear event, or something slightly less horrific)


This One “Just In” from Bogdan in Russia – God Bless You Brother!




Author: John Baptist
Researcher. Writer. Engineer. Born Again "Spirit Filled" Christian. If you want to get to know me, just email me. All Tribulation-Now email list members are friends in Jesus.

25 thoughts on “May 20th MegaQuake Syzygy

    1. God Bless You Brother. Not sure where “here” is but let’s pray in the Name of Jesus the King of Kings a divine “hedge of protection” upon you and your entire family; AT ALL TIMES … not just that week. GLORY TO JESUS!!

      1. Just thought I’d let you know, there was an earthquake, 6.0, on the very “X” marks the spot, today.

        Of greater concern, though, is the 6.1 in the Philippines three days ago, followed by 6.4 at Japan 2 days ago, now this one. Do we see a directional pattern?

  1. Thanks for you page! You have done a BEAUTIFUL job of tying all this together.

    Were you aware that the clip under your title, “French Psychic In 1980 Predicts 2012 Alien Invasion” is the same clip as the gentleman with the earthquake dream?

  2. Shalom

    Thanks for these videos…the one about the crops I saw about 2 months ago…even the wicked know something BIG is coming..etc.

    The video about the earthquake that is something as I have had dreams of that also..and if it happens 7 day’s before Shavuot that would be on May 14, 2012..that date is something because Israel became a nation at sundown on May 14, 1948. If you look back in time many things have occurred on the Feast of the Lord, and certain dates on the Jewish Calendar..This is no accident…I know Yeshua is coming very soon!! Below I have added a couple of video for you to watch…

    Rabbi Leora
    This is Part 1

  3. Chicago, as I’m sure you are already aware is warning their residents to evacuate or risk being trapped in their homes by rioters on May 20 and 21.

    1. Yes. We can’t be sure if anything is going to happen, but when you look at ALL the data-points, particularly the Pleiades, Sun, Moon, Earth alignment and the crop circles stuff … with the ancient prophecies AND the visions from our Heavenly Father …. WOW … PRAY UP AND PREPARE IN JESUS NAME!!

  4. And May 20th is the feast day of Yom Yerushalayim, the remembrance of the re-unification of Jerusalem after the 1967 War, Yahweh be praised.

    Yeshua, Meschiach, come quickly!

      1. also june 5-6 15 Sivan is held to be both the birth AND death date for Judah as in the tribe of Judah

  5. Theos – The Supreme Good.
    Time must exist before matter can be created, and only an animate entity can conceive of space-time. Time must be a stabilized and uniform condition before matter can form, thus Monotheism is a Truth.
    The Universe consists of space-time; which is functionally active and growing but remains stable. These combined characteristics are indicative of an animate entity only, thus Pantheism is a fact.
    As a consequence, all mortals’ behaviours and attitudes become conspicuous by our Creator.
    The USA government has made a huge effort to build massive bunkers in the area of Denver Airport in the past ten years.
    Checkout: YouTube ‘Denver airport bunkers with Jesse Ventura.’
    I believe it can accomodate in excess of 100,000 for the ‘selected few’.

    1. And Jesus IS the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords…. NO ONE … NO O N E … comes to the FATHER BUT THROUGH JESUS CHRIST !!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!!! And yes there are underground bunkers, Deep Underground Military Bases, Aliens working in the lower levels, and all sorts of dark abominations down there. Its MUCH WORSE than most people realize. Even … Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura. Dark times ahead. BE YE HOLY FOR I AM HOLY … Says the LORD or MISS the Rapture of the spotless Bride!

  6. A lot of information to go through but one thing I can say with about 99.9% certainty…that video of the supposed french psychic — HOAX. It would be so easy to set up a 80’s “look” in a room and clothing and then film some sort of “documentary” or interview and put the date of 1980 in the corner. Yes, his words matched the translation but that means nothing. I think it is a hoax by someone just wanting to cause excitement or by the ones who plan on faking an alien invasion sometime this year. Plus, if he moved to California TWENTY years earlier has he not learned ANY English in the meantime? Give me a break. Don’t let that video weigh too much on anything here.

    1. It could be … however our initial research has indicated that is NOT the case and it is legit. This doesn’t mean we are correct but we have investigated the research done on this individual from Above Top Security (which has some EXCELLENT debunkers and skeptics) and they have not been able to confirm this is not legitimate. Be careful about being skeptical to your own detriment. God Bless You … Hosea 4:6. Praise Jesus

  7. Posted on behalf of Abe:

    I have lived in Brasil for six years. I am canadian. Have just returned. I did not go for money or work. but for faith. Trials, failures, God’s unfailing love. I know the time is short before terrible things come. He sent me back with my wife and children. I know we will soon face difficult situations. I have a call from Christ. though he promised it many years ago I cannot remember the detail of it. I have turned down many an opportunity in hope of this CALL. Money, position in the church and fame. I was on a mountain for three days in the coast of brazil seeking His face in the MATA in Dec. 2011. he told me not yet….not to make the call he had for me happen on my own,,,,that I should wait for him.. At that time I waws offered to preach throughout brazil with the promise that I could make 5 to 16 thousands reais 2 to 8 thousand american a night for preaching……(yes, disgusting), . I want to say that He spoke my name literally a few years back. He calls for obedience. I do not fear anything now. Too much “I“ in this note. anyway. I…need his peace. Too much trial. Too much testing. Hunger, poverty, rejection, abuse, attempted assinations 3 times, the molestation of our daughter, two times attempted kidnapping, 3 and a half years of hunger and extreme poverty. Then a year and a half of food and shelter and spending money. Now were are back here in Canada. in debt….the raven was sent to pay the way. (Elijha in the cave) Many times I resisted the TEMPTATION to return, the Lord wanted me to persevere, though I did, and though I never gave up, I still feel as if I failed, because of my lack of holiness. Please pray for me, asking Him with me to restore my soul and make my righteousness shine like the noonday sun. Thanks. And yes, I would like to get to know you. abe.

  8. Hi John,

    5/20/2012 has come and gone.
    I guess we could call all the hoopla a bust?
    Any how, may Jesus Christ our Lord bless you and your family.


    Gary Troxell

    1. God loves to humiliate the enemy. “They” (the Illuminati, ancient civilizations, New Agers, Galactic Federation of Lies people, etc.) are waiting for “their gods” (Annunaki, Lucifer) to return and Our Father will show himself strong and choose the time when it is best for HIM and His people; those blessed by the Abrahamic Covenants. GOD’S WILL BE DONE. PRAISE JESUS. Exciting times we live in. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. Lucifer is about to be cast down and the BRIDE of Jesus Christ is about to be taken OUT OF THE WAY … GLORY TO GOD.

    1. Looks like the Lord, Our Heavenly Father, is humiliating the enemy and holding things back praise Jesus. 2 Thess 2:7-8
      nly He who now restrains will do so until He is taken out of the way.
      NKJV … This is “God’s Movie” (as Francis Chan would say). Rev 4:11 Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created. PRAISE YOU FATHER GOD!! PRAISE YOU JESUSSSSSSSSS!!!

  9. hi John
    ..i felt to post this link… because i know how hard it is for most of us, to not get discouraged, upon seeing that, appereantly, yet another timeframe had passed without anything seems to have happened

    – Nevermind the rest of the site – this is a comprehensable, non-mystic attempt to make sense of what is about to happen. Personally, i think it makes total sense, and is backing up Revelation well.
    .. about the 20th, and coming transit – perhaps no eq s occurred – but with every event, its getting more Dark, and more hard to keep holding on. If one sees, that Evil is preparing théir people for the coming change – which is , foremost, about Energy and Dimensions – then perhaps understanding the context can support many of us in ‘holding on and not losing their crown ‘


  10. ..the war is not so much about ‘visible events’ right now, but about stealth –

    Doesnt make sense, what ‘they’ are showing here .. – untill you know that:

    ” The most astonishing experiment that was performed by Garjajev’s group is the reprogramming of the DNA codon sequences using modulated laser light. From their discovered grammatical syntax of the DNA language they were able to modulate coherent laser light and even radio waves and add semantics (meaning) to the carrier wave. In this way they were able to reprogram in vivo DNA in living organisms, by using the correct resonant frequencies of DNA. The most impressive discovery made so far is that spoken language can be modulated to the carrier wave with the same reprogramming effect (….) ”
    ” Popp’s studies indicate that DNA is one of the main suppliers of biophotons. Through comprehensive studies, he discovered that DNA is a harmonic oscillator – an oscillating system with its own particular frequency, or resonating frequency. ”

    ‘oscillator’ huh ? Look at the pic again

    1. Amen Brother. What most people don’t seem to grasp, including good Christian researchers in some cases, is that the “creator of heaven and earth” who is our “Heavenly Father” is actually in control 100% of all these things. He ultimately controls time, space, dimensions, particle physics, the procession of the equinoxes, and even our perception of time. So basically He is in control of a GIGANTIC hologram and even controls Lucifer himself (e.g. allows Lucifer and his minions the right to attack and do things by withdrawing His divine protection). God is angry at the minions of Lucifer and those who commit abominations against His creation. If you search in your electronic Bible on the word “laugh” or “laugh*” you will find how God feels about the enemy in this intergalactic game of cat and mouse. Therefore our Father LOVES to humiliate the enemy. Imagine all the blood sacrifices taking place across the world in hopes of Quetzalcoatl appearing on May 20th? Amen? GOD is going to humiliate and ultimately destroy those beings / entities / and unrighteous and He will indeed change times, and space and happenings in the cosmos to see to it that they have a “Priests of Baal” moment in time. Amen? PRAISE JESUS THE KING OF KINGS. This does not change the overall timeline and expectation of the return of Jesus for the Bride BUT God does answer prayer too. There is a DYNAMIC in play here. Things are NOT written in stone like the Mayans believe.

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