Intercepting the Elohim

Monitoring Cosmic Intelligence
An Intergalactic Delusion

Perhaps this article should have been part two to the article entitled “A Greater Delusion than We Think” (  I don’t know.  One thing is for certain, this article is without a doubt an expansion on that thought stream.

I am obsessed with the Lord.  I am utterly obsessed with everything that is God and Jesus.  I pray and praise constantly and all I think about it how I can better serve God.  I feel like I let him down my entire life and I feel guilty for waking up at the last minute and wanting to make a difference.  I love Him.  I pray He finds me worthy.

My email volume has once again surged.  This is good and challenging.  Again I am thankful for everyone’s input.  We are all part of the body of Christ and these times require us to unite in our focus.  I believe it does require some supernatural intervention for God to help us find the information that is most important.  I have no choice but to trust the information to which I am led holds value to God’s people.  If it doesn’t, then what is the point?  I could make more of a difference by befriending my neighbors and asking them what they think about UFOs and 2012.

Maybe I should do that too.  Actually I believe I will.  We probably should remember that once these UFOs land and tell “their side of the story”, our side will hold far less water.  We need to “beat them to the punch” as much as possible.  The sooner the better.  I’m thinking t-shirts and windshield flyers.

Pre-Requisites of Understanding

First, who are these “Elohim” anyway?  Surely by now you have heard of them.  While there are a number of different factions of “New Agers” out there, the most knowledgeable and advanced are those who are “channeling” the “Elohim”.  This makes sense on so many levels if you understand the “Fallen Angel – Alien-Demon Hierarchy and Command Structure”.  While the information is not in complete synchronicity, it is possible (with a little common sense and allegiance to the Most High El Elyon (YHWH)) to piece it together.

Arguably one of the best scholarly write-ups of what (or who) the Elohim are, is done by Michael Heiser in his work “The Divine Council of Gods”.  You can read it if you want too.  It’s a fine work.   Heiser certainly has all the credentials to make him “credible”.  After all that’s what credentials are for … right?  They make you credible.

Unfortunately, however, credentials do have a side effect.  I know this.  I have many myself.  Credentials market the fact that you have swallowed someone else’s framework of understanding.  Yes I said swallowed.  I believe that credentials can be dangerous when you are working with the ultra-supernatural.  I believe we might be challenged to have the requisite “mind of a child” when we “come to the plate” with too many letters after our name.  Maybe I am wrong.  I am often, I assure you.

While I don’t entirely disagree with Michael Heiser, I claim allegiance to NO MAN! I recommend that ANY of you that follow the leadership of a MAN on this earth and his beliefs and teachings learn to figure things out on your own with the help of God. If you are reading this article, it is likely you are that personality type anyway. Otherwise should that “man” or “group of people” get utterly humiliated and flushed down the “credibility toilet” in the near future, you will not suffer with them. You will be far better prepared to deal with the aftermath. In these dark times, humility and an open mind is your “best friend” (next to Jesus).

That being said, I have decided I have no choice but to “dump” any of my predispositions about “who” the Elohim are.  You see, scholars like to take the Bible “text” in its raw original form and analyze it to death.  They look at the Hebrew words, the context, the root words, and they decipher it “three ways to Sunday”.  They use “logic” and “educational foundations” to estimate what the words might mean.  Some even claim to dump a little bit of “Holy Spirit” wisdom on the top of their analysis.  After all that’s what you do … right?  That’s the CORRECT way to analyze things … right?

Think about it.  That’s how scholars have been deciphering the Bible now for thousands of years.  And here we are at the very “end of the world” and we are STILL trying to figure it out.  Maybe we need to “re-think” how we learn things.  Maybe our scholarly educational systems have been infiltrated by Satan’s army and we are regurgitating the same lying foundational premises?

Should we not consider ALL the possibilities?

After all, aren’t we trying to prepare ourselves for the unthinkable”?  Don’t we want to be ready for “any scenario” so we can save souls for our KING JESUS?

If you are caught like the rest of Christianity with your mouth hanging open in utter astonishment, you won’t be able to convince anyone you have ANY credible answers.  While they are “falling away”, YOU need to be informed and prepared for ANYTHING!!

Elohim Considerations

Who indeed are the Elohim? Well as with any word you have to understand the context of its use (to some degree). BUT you also have to embrace the limitations of the language being used to describe this “subject”. I find it interesting to note that with Spanish there are many words that simply do not exist. I sit beside a Spanish speaking person at my day job. When he explains complex scientific concepts over the phone to his Spanish speaking counterparts, he has no choice but to use English equivalent words and phrases intermingled with the Spanish explanation. This is because there are NO WORDS in Spanish to describe the concept.


That’s being said let’s ask ourselves some questions. How amazing is God? Have you looked at the Hubble pictures yet? Have you looked at the beauty of this Garden of Eden we live on yet? Do you see how amazing God is really? To set your frame of reference correctly, here is a link to Francis Chan’s Crazy Love web site . Here you can see some of his videos on how awesome our God is.

I believe it is more than reasonable to estimate that God has created a smorgasbord of life forms in the “multi-verses”. In fact it may even be likely God has a number of parallel Universes he is working with at the same time. But for this exercise, let’s try to keep our scope manageable, otherwise we will detract from our goal.

Most of us realize there are many different types of “angels”. How many do you think there are? Who are the “gods” referenced in Psalms 82? The Hebrew word is “Elohim”. The Bible speaks of a “Divine Council”.  Why do the Ten Commandments say “thou shall have no other “god” before me?  Doesn’t that mean there are other “gods” you might put ahead of YHWH (Lord God)?  Sure it does. Could it be that “angels” and “demons” are simply generic categories for entities?  Weren’t the angles that “fell” regular angels of some type before they fell?  How important is it to fully understand what the difference is between a “demon” or a “fallen angel” or a “Mighty Man” or a “Nephilim” etc.?

If you know the difference, does it help you choose your weapon better?  Maybe if you are “standing” against a “Mighty Man” you should toss more “orgone accumulators” at them than if you are fighting a “Nephilim”.  Surely we should throw 5 orgone accumulators at a “Mighty Man” and only 3 at a Nephilim.  But wait… maybe they are the same thing.

Will we even see any of these entities with our own eyes?   Some say yes.  I’m not sure about that.  Somehow I find it hard to believe that people will be “giving in marriage” and carrying on with their normal daily routine while zombies are trying to eat their kids, or while Nephilim are fighting with us over a table in the local bar.

Is it possible the power of the Holy Spirit is SO AWESOME that the Name of Jesus can STOMP any of these entities? Is it possible the power of the Holy Spirit is all we need?


I have heard the “Elohim’s” explanation of who the “Four and Twenty Elders” are … have you?

But who are these Elohim?

The Elohim are Here

Is it certainly reasonable to embrace the notion that “all things are relative”. It is my understanding that the word Elohim is a generic reference to a “lesser god”. Period.  It is extremely likely they are the “Annunaki” to be accurate.  My recommendation, for what it’s worth, is to keep it simple. An “Elohim” is simply a type of “god” that is inferior to the great and true Architect of the Universe, YAHWEH … the El Elyon.

When Lucifer rebelled and took 1/3 of the “fallen angels” with him, he also obviously took some of these “Elohim” with him too. This is not only likely but it makes sense. This notion is fully scriptural and supported in Psalms 82 where God (YHWH) makes it clear he is going to punish these “Elohim” like he punishes a “man”.

I am telling you these “Elohim” are coming here to earth OR at a minimum, their “ambassadors” are already here.  I am telling you as a FACT that these “Elohim” have been interactively communicating with humans since (at least) the 60’s.   I have no idea what form they will be in when they appear, but they are likely going to look “human” (see the TV series “The Event” and “V”).  And quite frankly it is my understanding that they lie. And they lie A LOT. So it is very difficult to know for certain what information is believable.

These “things” want to control us.  I believe they will be able to control us much better if the streets arent’ full of Reptilians trying to eat our kids.  Seems to me they will manifest in “human” form.

However, I believe it is reasonable that these “Elohim” have no reason to lie “most of the time”. 

NO YOU SAY!  Yes I say. 

You see, back when I thought I had it made because I was “saved”, I figured it was okay to sin because God would forgive me. After all … I was saved. So during my backslidden times I lied. I’m not proud of it … but I was a darn good liar. I knew that if I told the truth and added just a tiny bit of mistruth that the end result would be plausible.
These Elohim are “gods”.  What does that mean?  Well I submit to you that they are FORMIDABLE!!  I submit to you that they are MIGHTY.  I submit to you that if it weren’t for the saving grace and POWER OF JESUS CHRIST, that we would be in some serious trouble right now.  THESE ARE “GODS”!  They were created as “gods” by YAHWEH.  Do you think that when YHWH created them he gave them powers?

Is it possible the primary mission of these “gods” is to “dethrone Jesus Christ”?

Is it possible the primary mission of these “gods” is to “destroy mankind”?

If this is true, then how much would they actually have to lie to accomplish their goals?

Would it not be to their advantage to tell as much truth as possible to make the “lie” believable?

What if “THEY” believe most of what they are coming to tell us?

What if Lucifer LIED to “them”?


Do you think God might be capable of utterly “blowing the minds” of those who think they have it all figured out?  Let’s take a look at the verses associated with this “strong delusion” that is coming.  To help you embrace the “possibilities” let’s break this into two sections.  The first section is the “falling away” and the second section is the “strong delusion”.  ALSO is it utterly critical you get your frame of reference correct or this exercise in expanded understanding will fail miserably because your “programming” will take over.


First let’s look at the language around the “falling away”.

2 Thess 2:3-4

Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, 4 who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits as God in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God.


Let me point out to you that Paul was talking to the Thessalonians who were freaking out because they thought they missed Jesus’ return.  So Jesus can’t come back until there is a “falling away” and this “man of sin” is revealed.  Well let’s use a little scientific / engineering method to analyze this.  After all, God created science did he not? 

Of these two things, (the “falling away” and the “revealing” of the “man of sin”) which will we be able to identify with confidence?  Well we know that we (as mankind) have failed miserably at identifying the “mack-daddy” Antichrist over and over again.  So let’s assume we are going to fail at this in the future.  AND don’t forget the scripture makes it clear there will be more than one Antichrist.  So it makes sense we must ZERO IN on that which we are most likely able to “spot” immediately with no confusion what-so-ever. 

I submit to you, it is highly likely we will be able to easily spot the “FALLING AWAY”.  I realize some say the church has already fallen away, and to some extent they are correct.  BUT if this “falling away” (Paul referred to) is obvious enough that he would use it as a TRIGGER to help the “freaked out” Thessalonians to “calm down”,  I suggest it must be something REALLY obvious. 

Now what do you supposed this “falling away” is?  Is it not a massive “apostasy”?  It is my belief (for what it’s worth), this “falling away” is an “apostasy” of such magnitude that virtually EVERYONE will see it happen. 

It will be huge. 

AND … I submit to you that these TWO events are closely related.  I believe the “revealing” of the “man of sin” is a big part of what causes the “falling away”.  I believe they are directly related to one another.  Read the text again.  Do you not agree that the falling away and the revealing of the man of sin happen together?  Sure sounds like it to me.

Did you know that the word “reveal” means to DISCLOSE?

Arent’ we all waiting for “THE DISCLOSURE?”


What do you think the purpose of the “strong delusion” is?  I know the text says that God is sending this “strong delusion” so “they” might believe the lie but we have to deal with this ambiguity.  Define the word “THEY”.  Who are “they”?  Is God sending this delusion so the “aliens” can believe the lie?  I don’t think so.  I think it is reasonable to suggest that “they” are anyone that “did not receive the love of the truth”.   But that’s still vague.

Let’s consider God’s best here.  Our God is utterly FABULOUS and this is the GRAND FINALE!   As Francis Chan would say, This is God’s MOVIE! 

First let’s read the verses.

2 Thess 2:9-12

The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, 10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. 11 And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, 12 that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.


What if God intends this “delusion” to be a TRUE TEST of someone’s faith in JESUS?  What if God intends to FILTER out the true ELECT by the STRENGTH of this delusion.  Hmmm.

After all … God did say he is sending a STRONG delusion right?  This is a major scene in God’s movie, right? 

If you were THE DIRECTOR, of the most awesome motion picture ever created, WHAT WOULD YOU DO?


Wouldn’t this “strong delusion” have to be pretty darn strong?  What would the requirements need to be to fully test every living human being on the face of the earth?  What about all those extremely well educated theologians that are borderline and really don’t love Jesus with all their heart.  What about all those “so called Christians” who are living in sin, half-baked at best, playing video games on their computer, and watching Hal Lindsey every week? 

How do you filter THEM out?

What if Almost EVERYTHING is a Deception?

Something has been troubling me.  We are perpetually warned that Lucifer is a formidable enemy.  There is no question in my mind that God is at war with Lucifer.  There is evidence of this all throughout the Bible.  And there is no question that God created Lucifer and made him spectacular.  In fact isn’t it reasonable to suggest that without Lucifer and his rebellion our entire existence would not have the same meaning?  Isn’t the ENTIRE STORY in the Bible about God being at WAR with Lucifer?  Who is JESUS saving us from?  This is a battle for “souls” … right?

How would you create a DELUSION strong enough to filter out only the MOST LOYAL followers of Jesus?  Certainly this delusion would have to “tip over the apple cart” in a really big way … wouldn’t it?  SURE IT WOULD!


Suppose you are a follower of Hal Lindsey and Jack Van Impe.  First let me say that I love both of those guys a lot.  But let’s assume for a minute that God’s strong DELUSION needed to be powerful enough to FILTER out the followers of Hal and Jack.  If the great  “falling away” includes even the followers of Hal and Jack then wouldn’t the “tipped over apple cart” have to include MOST, if not ALL, of the teachings of Jack and Hal? 

If the “strong delusion” that God sends is “up to par” with our awesome GOD, Yahweh, then I propose to you that whatever this delusion includes is going to BLOW THE MINDS of every Christian alive!!  In order for it to be worthy of God’s greatest work and to truly fulfill the mission of filtering out everyone but the TRUE ELECT, then it has to be UTTERLY FABULOUS!!

It has to be.

What Are the Elohim Saying?

If we are worthy to be true “watchmen” then perhaps we should tune into the “radio frequencies” of the enemy and “listen in”?    If we are to be worthy of being part of Jesus Christ’s “Defense Agency” (The JCDA), then maybe we should pay attention to what the enemy’s “head guys” are saying?

Many of us understand what “counter-intelligence” is.  One of the ways to sift through the noise of “counter-intel” is to go to the top.  Why not put the “other intel” on the back burner for a little bit and listen in on what the enemy’s GENERALS are saying?  Wouldn’t that make sense?  I am NOT suggesting we believe everything they are saying, but MAYBE we should AT LEAST pay attention and consider the possibilities.  What IF these Elohim are not lying about everything?  Would it not be prudent to listen in on their conversations and hear what they are telling their “soldiers”?

Probably so.

If you want to hear what the Elohim are telling their soldiers you need not go too far or search too hard.  The advanced New Agers are doing that right now for us.  And they are more than happy to tell us what their “leaders” are telling them.

The Most Astonishing Grand Delusion

If I were God, and I were the “Director” of the Greatest Movie Ever Made, here is what I would do.  I would take 100% of everything that Christianity believes in and I would toss it into the “apple cart” and blow the entire thing “sky high”.  Let me explain.

Imagine if these Elohim, yes dare I say The Federation of Light folks, came down to Earth in a grand display of ASTONISHING POWER?  What if they SAVED US from EVERYTHING?  What if they …

  • Stopped or Interrupted World War III
  • Stopped Israel from Nuking Iran
  • Reveal Obama as the Antichrist to the World to save us from Him
  • Reveal the Pope and the Vatican are “no good” and “take him away”
  • Reveal the Satanists and their evil plans to enslave mankind
  • Reveal the RFID chip and tell everyone they stopped the Mark of the Beast (but it wasn’t really the mark)
  • Reveal the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds and took them away
  • Reveal the Reptilians and the Greys and their abominations
  • Reveal the Windsors are Reptilians and imprison the Queen Mother
  • Reveal the evil cabal and their Deep Underground Military Bases
  • Reveal Nibiru is coming and offer to save some people from forthcoming destruction
  • Make society completely fair, all debts are forgiven
  • What if they came down from the “Heavens” and STOPPED all the evil in the world from happening and literally saved us from ourselves?

Take EVERYTHING you’ve been taught is supposed to happen prophetically, and toss it into the “apple cart” and imagine the Federation of Light coming down to earth and PREVENTING it from happening.  Take every scary news report you see on Rense and Infowars and toss it into the apple-cart as well.

No Solomon’s Temple.  Remember the “Temple is our Body”.  Obama is exposed as a Reptilian.  The Antichrist’s master plan is foiled.  All the EVIL in the world is STOPPED. 



Summary in Jesus Name

Did you know the Reptilians transported through time and “projected” the vision given to the apostle John directly into his mind when he was imprisoned on the Isle of Patmos? This is precisely the kind of “stuff” these Elohim are telling their ambassadors!

Did you know that the Elohim refer to Nibiru as THE PRISON PLANET?  OUCH!  The Elohim admit Nibiru is loaded with “alien demons”.  WOW!!  That matches my notion that the Locusts of Revelation 9:11 are in fact imprisoned draconian mothmen (or sorts).  Man, if that’s the case, what a dark 5 months that will be.

However, the Elohim are selling the notion that THEY are coming to SAVE US from ALL THINGS EVIL.  They are coming to save us from the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, Obama, the Windsors, the Queen Mother, the Committee of 300, the Synogogue of SATAN!!



Don’t you see?

If these “Elohim” are coming to save us from everything the Bible says is EVIL including the DEVIL himself … AND … we know they are WORKING FOR THE DEVIL … then this is ramping up to be the most spectacular GOOD COP / BAD COP EVENT movie history has ever experienced.





… now you know at least part of what Jesus is coming to save us all from…

Here below is a video of Colleen Thomas.   I thought Colleen Thomas (or Tomas … not sure), was a Ph.D. or scientist of some kind when I started to research her because her intel on Nibiru was flawless and matched perfectly the data I had confirmed from leading astrophysicists.  Turns out Colleen is not even close to a physics expert.  Turns out her information is coming from entities that are one Hell of a lot smarter than the average astrophysicist.


News of Nibiru will come soon per Pleiadian Contactee Colleen Thomas

… and most of all … BE BLESSED IN JESUS NAME

Emotional Outpouring

Our Greatest Spiritual Asset
The Key to Receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Man oh man oh man!

Praise Jesus for all this new and wonderful information that keeps getting dumped down.   At this point I figure it can be nothing less than an insult to our Heavenly Father to consider this “information download” to be anything other than divine / supernatural in nature. 


Some Do and Some Don’t

All my life I have been wondering WHY some people seem to get the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and some don’t.  The “key” word here is “seem” … so bear with me on this thought.   

You see, behind the scenes here at Tribulation-Now, there are emails flying back and forth between myself, various key contributors, and email list members.  As these communication dynamics occur, it seems to me that God’s divine providence and supernatural influence is in full play.  But you have to be “looking for it” and you, like me, cannot believe in regular unexplainable coincidence.  You have to know, like I do, that “everything is spiritual”.  Then you see it unfold before your eyes.  It’s really pretty awesome.

The Influence of Society, The Devil’s in the Details

Why did my Father not get the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?  Why do women tend to get the Baptism of the Holy Spirit much more readily than men?  Why did people receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit so easily in the early 1900’s than they do now?


Behind the scenes of Tribulation-Now, in response to the article entitled “Take No Chances” (, a number of emails were coming in from various people.  It seems that many have questions about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and particularly the Gift of Speaking in Tongues. 

I have seen this dynamic all my life.   People WANT to know more about it but they become discouraged when they either 1) dont’ get answers that match the scripture, 2) get answers that just don’t “make sense” or 3) try to receive the Baptism but don’t feel they were successful and become discouraged.

Connecting the Dots

I am re-learning the Bible all over again.  Have you ever heard someone who considered themselves to be a Christian suggest that this or that was “OF THE DEVIL”?  You can’t read that book, it’s OF THE DEVIL!  Have you noticed that the church rarely ever even speaks of anything that refers to Satan’s tactics any more?  You could write an entire book about this one subject alone.  One of Lucifer’s BEST attacks on “christianity” has been to make ANY research or study of information that is outside the accepted Bible “canon” to be …


This is utterly ridiculous as many of us are FINALLY discovering.   I call your attention to another one of my favorite Bible verses.  Please pay very close attention to the meaning.

Luke 8:17-18

For nothing is secret that will not be revealed, nor anything hidden that will not be known and come to light. 18 Therefore take heed how you hear. For whoever has [been hearing properly], to him more will be given


Do you understand this scripture?  This scripture basically says that if you don’t OPEN YOUR MIND and let God speak to you and give you new potentially controversial information, you will NOT be given any more.    God will meet you up and to the point of your ability to accept more information.  Once you “close off your mind” you are no longer going to get any more data!  Get it?


It is not optional.


The Cosmic Connection

Everything is connected.  Please let me repeat myself.  Everything is CONNECTED.  Think physics here.  Think science here.  Nothing really exists.  Everything is made up of particles.  Scientist have come to the recent conclusion that even the Universe is driven by “electro-magnetism”.  Electro-Magnetism is an invisible force that affects all “particles”.  This is why planets affect one another and it is the premise behind the notion of the “Butterfly Effect”. 

The reason I make this point is that we have to stop “compartmentalizing” everything the way we do.  This “limits” our ability to grasp complex interconnected things.  We MUST open our minds to be able to take advantage of God’s infinite wisdom.

Now … that being said … GET THIS

As I was reading emails and making myself a cup of coffee this morning something hit me again like a ton of logs.  You see, once again a number of people were interested in the concept of “Speaking on Tongues” as a function of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  The Lord has a way of getting involved in these conversations and emails come in from people in a supernatural “synchronicity” of sorts. 

For example, one person will ask a particular question, and a couple hours later another person (who has NO IDEA about the first person) will answer it.  I KID YOU NOT!!  If you could see this from my side of the computer it would blow your mind.

SO …

As I am reading these emails I am thinking about all this stuff.  WHY do some people get the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and some not?  Why do some people get the Gift of Tongues and some not?  This has been driving me up a wall for more than 30 years.


What Makes Us Special in the Universe

I knew there had to be a reason why GOD had me research all this super creepy dark information all these years.  The more I studied this information, the more lectures I listened to about how the “evil side” operated, the more I wondered how this was going to BENEFIT THE KINGDOM!!  I secretly expected I might take a microphone and start a tour lecturing on the New World Order or about the Illuminati Empire to wake fellow Christians up.  But the deeper I got into this dark material and the more cosmic the connections became, the more I saw a “saturation point”.  There were already plenty of people out there telling the story and quite frankly there was a painfully evident “diminishing point of return“. 

Most people simply didn’t seem to care.

Well perhaps here is JUST ONE example of how this research might have given us an ROI (Return on Investment).

Our Emotions Are Spiritually Unique 

Remember the article entitled “End-Timeline Guesswork”?  (  In this article I pointed out a repeating theme regarding our uniqueness in the Universe.  I could ramble on and on about this one subject.  Evidently ONE of “mankind’s” extremely unique characteristics (amongst the smorgasbord of life forms and fallen angel varieties) is our emotions.  Our emotions are UNBELIEVABLY unique. 

are the

Evidently, our SPIRITS have a special element we know of as “emotions”.  The enemy covets our emotions.  Our emotions are MAGICAL TO THEM!  “They” NEED the power of our emotions.  Please understand that 100% of all of my research indicates that the SATANISTS and the REPTILIANS, and the ALIEN LIFE FORMS, and the FALLEN ANGEL VARIETIES …


Our emotions allow THEM to TALK to their buddies in the other dimensions!!

Our emotions give THEM supernatural energy that “they” have figured out how to manipulate to their benefit.

Our emotions are arguable THE SINGLE MOST UNIQUE POWER in the ENTIRE UNIVERSE!!



And what are we taught to control more than anything?  Our emotions.  Why do THEY want us to all be on “anti-depressants?  Our emotions.  Why do THEY put sodium fluoride and lithium in our water?  Our emotions.

A Wonderful Contribution
(From Kari and a blessed spirit named Phyllis)
Paul was a strong believer in praying in tongues. He said, “I pray in tongues more than you all.” The Spirit makes intercession for us as we do not know how to pray as we ought, but he makes intercession for us.

This is only said to say this. Paul, because of his strong prayer life IN THE SPIRIT was able to endure the perilous things he had to go through…even his stay in prison.

If you have neglected this wonderful gift, and/or cast it aside as to no avail, because you didn’t feel something, or you saw the enemy’s manipulation and misuse of it in or out of churches, it’s time to pray for a renewing…a refreshing…a refilling of His Precious Holy Ghost for prayer and strength to prevail!! (Just don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.)

Things are shaping up, possibly for martial law. Are you sure you can make it without the overcoming power of the Holy Spirit and His wonderful gift to pray through you against what you may not know…

And, if you have not received this precious manifestation of His Spirit, ASK, as it tells you in …

Luke 11:9-13:

And I say unto you, Ask, and it shall be given you; Seek, and ye shall find; Knock, and it shall be opened unto you. [10] For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened. [11] If a son shall ask bread of any of you that is a father, will he give him a stone? or if he ask a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent? [12] Or if he shall ask an egg, will he offer him a scorpion? [13] If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the    Holy Spirit   to them that ask him?

Summary in Jesus Name

The best thing I can tell you is that people I personally know have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and Gift of Tongues when “PRAISING” Jesus through song and tears  “EMOTIONALLY”.

My father was NOT an emotional man.  He would always control his emotions.  He never came close to experiencing God’s power in his life.  I probably wouldn’t have received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit myself, except that I was 9 years old and didn’t know any better so I “let my emotions go”. 

What was the REALLY BIG DIFFERENCE between the people in the early 1900’s and the people of today?  Why did the people who sought after the Baptism of the Holy Ghost with Smith Wigglesworth get the Baptism THEN but we don’t seem to get it as often today? 


Back in the early 1900’s it was not the end of the world if a man cried in public.  Today you could be BAKER ACTED!  This is an act of SATANIC CONTROL against God’s most WONDERFUL GIFT EVER.   Emotions.


Lock your door
Turn on the music
Let God know how you feel

Release Your Tongue

Nemesis Approaching

G1.9 Confirmed 
Binary Red Dwarf Star

 Mabye I eat crow again.  Who knows.  But this article is icing on the cake.  This is so significant (thanks David) that I decided to put the entire article on line here at Tribulation-Now.  I have also linked to the article just below the second image.

At this point, I am satisfied that one way or the other, this Nibiru 2012 deal is the real deal.  Not that I had all that much doubt in the first place, but it is getting to the point that I am preparing flyers for people’s windshields and polishing up my megaphone.   I have an 18″ rams horn shofar too and I’ve been practicing.

For many this “Nibiru / Wormwood” deal may simply be some super-bad weather … who knows.  But I doubt with all the Government agencies building survival structures and relocating, AND all the COSMIC SPIRALS that are continuing to show up … that this is going to be anything less than a REALLY BAD group of events.

I’m ready to go be with Jesus today but I sure would like more time to bring others along and make a difference.

We need to start putting Windshield Flyers out on people’s cars.

Stay Tuned I expect to publish some for people to print out.

Spanish Astronomers Claim Dwarf Sun Beyond Pluto

The idea of a new planet being discovered in our Solar System is pretty exciting. Even more so because of the many theories about “planet-x” or “Nibiru” being associated with space aliens and the doomsday prophecies of 2012. Scientists at places like NASA and famous observatories have deflected inquiries about the discovery for a few years now, mainly because they feared being associated with these “fringe” theories. But like it or not — it has happened. Well… According to a team of Spanish artronomers who call themselves the StarViewer Team.

The group made the rounds of all the news web sites in the past two weeks, claiming they discovered something very significant. It’s almost twice the size of Jupiter and just beyond our furthest planetoid, Pluto. Although it’s not a planet, it appears to have planets or large satellites encircling it. It’s what astronomers call a “brown dwarf star” and its official name is “G1.9”. . . .


The theory of a companion sun is not new. It has often been described as Nemesis, after the Greek figure in mythology. The mythological Nemesis was the spirit of divine retribution against those who succumb to hubris, vengeful fate personified as a remorseless goddess. The name Nemesis is related to the Greek word meaning “to give what is due”.

Nemesis is now often used as a term to describe one’s worst enemy, normally someone or something that is the exact opposite of oneself but is also somehow similar. For example, Professor Moriarty is frequently described as the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes. “Opposite yet similar” is the perfect description for a companion to our Sun. But the name Nemesis also implies a sinister nature. Will this new Nemesis be beneficial or harmful to our lives?

Many suns that we observe in the galaxy are part of binary systems or double stars. There is debate about how two suns form from a single condensed cloud of matter. Some believe that they both form at the same time; others believe they split following the creation of one huge sun.

Sometimes both spheres are capable of fusion and both suns shine brightly, encircling each other around an imaginary point call the barycenter. Sometimes only one sun attains 13MJ and ignites, while its smaller companion, the brown dwarf, glows dimly and radiates heat. Astronomers usually can only see the brightest of the two, but because they both circle around a common barycenter, the wobble reveals the mass of the unseen companion.

We are close to our Sun and within its gravitational influence. So as we are travel through space, it appears to us that the G1.9 is moving in an elipse between our furthest planetoid, Pluto, and the edge of our Solar system, near the Oort Cloud.

The newly discovered brown dwarf is reported to be located just about 60 to 66 AU (1 AU=the distance from the Sun to Earth) from us (its parigee), currently in the direction of the constellation Sagittarius. Because of periodic gravitational disturbances in areas of space further out, specifically in the Oort Cloud, the Spanish group of astronomers believe G1.9 travels in an elliptical orbit extending possibly hundreds of AU beyond the furthest known planets (its apogee). Its position just beyond Pluto suggests it is at its closest approach to the Sun and Earth.

Space appears relatively free of debris [] inside the planetary orbits. This is because the gravitational pull of each planet (a large mass) effectively collects the interplanetary debris (small mass). But there are exceptions.

Belts of Debris

Between Mars and Jupiter you will see a ring of debris called The Asteroid Belt. It is believed that a planet once orbited in this area before it was pulverized by some type of impact. Many theorists believe this was caused by a rogue planet that entered the Solar System — again hinting at the existence of some unknown member of our planetary system.

Beyond the furthest planetoid, Pluto, there is a large ring of debris called the Kuiper Belt. While the asteroid belt is composed primarily of rock and metal, the Kuiper belt objects are composed largely of frozen volatiles (termed “ices”), such as methane, ammonia and water.

As we get to the edge of the Solar System we enter another debris zone, the Oort Cloud. The Oort is not a band of debris but rather a spherical shell that surrounds the Solar System and extends out to the edge of the Sun’s gravitational field. This region is thought to contain frozen clumps of water, methane, ethane, carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. It’s also the birth place of comets. However, the discovery of the object 1996-PW, an asteroid in an orbit more typical of a long-period comet, suggests that the cloud may also be home to rocky objects.

Debris “fly-paper”

Jupiter and Saturn are extremely massive and have such strong gravity that they attract meteors and comets entering the planetary zone of our Solar System. They protect smaller planets like our Earth from impacts, acting like a fly-paper for meteors, comets and asteroids.

In August of 2009, Jupiter captured a large asteroid that entered the planetary zone unexpectedly, despite the efforts of astronomers to track these dangerous objects. It is believed that this asteroid was perturbed by the trajectory of G1.9, which until now, was not recognized and accounted for.

How it was discovered… the controversy

You might well ask why astronomers have never detected this object before. In fact they did. G1.9 was first identified as a “supernova remnant” in 1984 by Dave Green of the University of Cambridge and later studied in greater detail with NRAO’s Very Large Array radio telescope in 1985. Because it was unusually small for a supernova it was thought to be young — less than about 1000 years old.

But in 2007, X-ray observations made with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory revealed that the object was much larger than the last time it was observed! It had grown in size by 16%. Puzzled by this observation, the Very Large Array repeated its observations of 23 years ago and verified that it had increased in size considerably. Knowing that supernova do not expand this quickly, unless they have just exploded, they explained that G1.9 must be a “very young” supernova — perhaps not more than 150 years old. But no record of a visible supernova has been found corresponding to that historical period (about the time of the American Civil War).

Spanish astronomers have tracked this object with great interest because they were anticipating its appearance. Gravitational anomalies have been appearing in the Oort Cloud for some time, suggesting the perturbations were caused by a nearby object with considerable mass. The announcement that G1.9 had increased in size was no mystery to them. It is exactly what they would expect as the object moved closer to Earth.

The object, G1.9 [above right] is currently located in the direction of our Galaxy’s center, Sagittarius, which glows bright in this infrared spectrum image. Because of the bright background G1.9 is not visible in normal light wavelengths.

Of course there is controversy. The Spanish asrtonomers, who call themselves the “Starviewer Team” must still convince the scientific community that G.19 is not a supernova, but rather a brown dwarf star inside our Solar System. This is not an easy task. But we asked them to do just that for this article.

The image [above] shows the evidence that the object has increased in size over the 23 years that it has been observed. On the left, the blue spherical shape was recorded in radio wavelengths in 1985 by the Very Large Array. The image on the right shows the same view taken in 2008. It is obvious that the object is larger, but critics say that this is not because the object is closer, but rather that the residual “shell” from the exploding star has advanced out from its origin. They note the shape is not spherical but consistent with the type of remnants usually seen with supernova.

In this image [above] we see the original 1985 radio emission image from VLA compared to the 2007 x-ray image taken by the Chandra Observatory.

Colleen Tomas here: Note the blackness at the center of the above four photos of G1.9. This is expected (by me) of any star that has phonons on the outside instead of on the inside like our Sun (Personal theory based on physics: matter and antimatter pick a magnetic zone to quadrant of in. Local space ambient ion charge determines which type of matter will go inside and which goes outside). Phonons can be 100% efficient at absorbing light. Earthlings have only just begun to learn about phonons as they play with crystals for electronics and other applications. Crystals will emit harmonic phonons until you squeeze them, at which time they emit photons instead of harmonic phonons (owing to making magnetic transverse waves taller and closer together thus more energetic into the light emitting range).

Since NASA scientists have never heard of phonons they foolishly believe this dwarf star is a supernova that is enlarging, not because it is drawing closer but because it is expanding in an explosion. While that theory may seem plausible is does not hold up when we consider ancient historical accounts of the binary star that regularly orbits our Sun [1]. Besides, solar system changes are consistent with an approaching object that is emitting a great deal of antimatter cosmic rays that in the link there NASA admits is coming from a near by source! Antimatter is dark matter, positrons and antiprotons are phonons, cool bodies of subtle transverse waves that have intense magnetic force. Magnetic force is strongest where thermal output is lowest. Phonons are the inverse twin of photons. Together photons and phonons are the husband and wife of creation, all matter is built from matter-antimatter pairs. Together these inverse ion entities form a bar magnate with north and south poles. Matter, antimatter Ion beams are now observable in Earth’s atmosphere, they are way beautiful too. Before I add the links to them know the physics first (that is my price for admission).

In the videos you will see a matter-antimatter cloud form from ion beams [NASA admits these antimatter streams are coming from a near object here) that will begin to swirl in one another’s magnetic fields (sometimes they shoot apart and come back together [1, 2]). As emerging phonon tubes form they swirl draging ions around to form a flat spiral in the sky, a very large one. When the ions ground to Earth you can see the toroidal magnetic field light up in a lovely blue transverse wave spiral. When the incoming phonon tube that caused all of this to begin with finally punches trough our atmosphere you see a black hole evolve. These plasma ion-phonon-magnetic structures have been filmed all over the world. Apparently only I can explain the physics for these since I studied phonon physics. Lots of sincere but wrongheaded explanations out to there to explain these structures but they are just guesses and even cover ups 1, 2, 3, 4.

I predicted these plasma structures and others that fit ancient art of various types of plasma effects to Dave Talbott months ago, well before the first spiral over Norway was filmed. I based my prediction on the fact that we were about to enter into the same cosmological situation that inspired the myth makers long ago. Mythological archetypes are Dave’s area of expertise. The spiral is a commonly represented form in ancient art. Here you go folks the plasma phonon phenomenon I described the physics for 1, 2, 3, 4. There are more than these four on youtube, these are just my favorites. You will see one of these yourself soon, trust me, they will be frightfully common, only now you know not to be frightened. These are natural plasma entities (they do emit x-ray and gamma radiation so if one evolves over your head get under cover please).

Ok, now the Russians weigh in on G1.9 with not very kind words for NASA

Russia Prepares For Asteroid Strike As New Comet Nears Sun Russian scientists are reporting today that our Sun’s worst Deep Solar Minimum in 100-years has been broken by a newly discovered comet currently plunging towards its surface that has increased this past months Sunspot Number to 15.7, the highest it has been in Solar Cycle 24 since March, 2008, and has caused a massive eruption of C-Class flares for the past 16 days.

Solar physicist David Hathaway of the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center had previously declared in 2008 about Solar Cycle 24 that it was “the blankest year of the space age”, a declaration he revised in 2009 when he stated “This is the quietest sun we’ve seen in almost a century”.

So powerful has this Deep Solar Minimum been during this cycle that scientists have reported a 50-year low in solar wind pressure, a 55-year low in solar radio emissions, and, most importantly, a 12-year low in solar “irradiance”; the sun’s brightness which has dropped by 0.02% at visible wavelengths and 6% at extreme UV wavelengths since the solar minimum of 1996.

The critical danger to our Earth with the dropping of our Sun’s brightness lies in its “irradiance” levels being long associated with periods of Global cooling, including the catastrophic period between the 16th and 19th centuries named the Little Ice Age, a fact which American scientists have been accused of hiding from the public so as to further advance their now discredited theories of Planetary warming.

But to the greatest danger facing our World it is not from the horrific effects a massive Global Cooling event would have upon us, warn Russian scientists, but rather it is from the rising potential of our Earth being struck by, or “electrically interacting” with, a comet emanating from the currently destabilizing Oort Cloud from which these ‘space missiles’ are being increasingly hurled into our Solar System.

One such “electrical interaction” between these Oort Cloud “space missiles” plunging into our inner Solar System towards the Sun is occurring now, and offering further evidence supporting these Russian scientists claims after its discovery this week by Australian amateur astronomer Alan Watson who found this ‘new comet’ while inspecting images obtained by NASA’s STEREO-A’s Hemispheric Imager.

Important to note at this point are that Russian scientists stand adamantly opposed to their American counterparts over what constitutes a comet and defines their interactions in space. Where the American scientists state in their theories that comets are ‘dirty snowballs’ whose tails are formed by the ejection of an icy mass, Russian scientists ascribe to the theory of their being made of iron, and other such metals, and whose tails are formed by the electromagnetic interaction between them and the Sun. This is known as the Electric Comet Theory.

The comet currently plunging into the Sun whose arrival was ‘announced’ over a fortnight ago with the breaking of the Deep Solar Minimum and the mass ejection of solar flares supports the Russian scientist’s theories beyond all doubt, a fact, however, which the Americans will not acknowledge as their theories have never been designed for truth, but rather for the social engineering of their public to keep them as unaware as possible to what the future holds for our Earth.

And to what the American scientists fear above all else is their public becoming aware of the giant planetary body named G1.9 that is heading towards us and is now just 60 AU’s [1 AU=the distance from the Sun to Earth] from our Planet and growing in size.

Though not known to the American people about G1.9 is that since its discovery NASA has continued to maintain that it is the remnant of a supernova explosion that occurred about 140 years ago, an explanation deemed “absurd” by Russian scientists who point out, correctly, that for a supernova to have exploded in our own Solar System in the mid 1800’s it would have been not only visible to the entire Earth, it would have been extensively documented too.

Supporting these Russian scientists who state that G1.9 was never a supernova but either a new planet to our Solar System or a brown dwarf sun are their Spanish astrophysicist counterparts whose findings we can read:

“G1.9 was first identified as a “supernova remnant” in 1984 by Dave Green of the University of Cambridge and later studied in greater detail with NRAO’s Very Large Array radio telescope in 1985. Because it was unusually small for a supernova it was thought to be young — less than about 1000 years old. But in 2007, X-ray observations made with NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory revealed that the object was much larger than the last time it was observed! It had grown in size by 16%. Puzzled by this observation, the Very Large Array repeated its observations of 23 years ago and verified that it had increased in size considerably. Knowing that supernova do not expand this quickly, unless they have just exploded, they explained that G1.9 must be a “very young” supernova — perhaps not more than 150 years old. But no record of a visible supernova has been found corresponding to that historical period (about the time of the American Civil War). Spanish astronomers have tracked this object with great interest because they were anticipating its appearance. Gravitational anomalies have been appearing in the Oort Cloud for some time, suggesting the perturbations were caused by a nearby object with considerable mass. The announcement that G1.9 had increased in size was no mystery to them. It is exactly what they would expect as the object moved closer to Earth.”

To the potential catastrophic danger posed to our Earth by G1.9 was evidenced in July, 2009, when the Planet Jupiter was hit by a large comet that entered its planetary zone unexpectedly, despite the efforts of astronomers to track these dangerous objects. Russian and Spanish astronomers contend that the comet that struck Jupiter was perturbed by the trajectory of G1.9, which until now, was not recognized and accounted for.

Though the Americans contend, also, that G1.9 has reached its closest approach to Earth in its orbit, Russian scientists couldn’t disagree more and point to the fact that NASA has so ‘continually failed’ in their explanations for this giant, and growing, “as yet unknown” space object as to have lost all credibility in any discussion of it. (emphasis added)

And so alarmed have these Russian scientists become that this past week that Anatoly Perminov, head of Russia’s space agency, told Voice of Russia radio that they were ‘gearing up’ to protect our Earth from these ‘space missiles’, including the Apophis asteroid many believe could strike our Planet in the 2030’s.

In the reporting of these events it is also important to note that the ancient peoples of our Earth spoke many times about a G1.9 type object in our solar system (Marduk, Nibiru, Planet X) and warned that when it approached our inner Solar System chaos and catastrophe always ensued.

Note from Colleen here again. Nibiru is not G1.9, Nibiru is a planet, G1.9 is a small star. G1.9 is on a 24,000 year orbit like Sedna, Nibiru has a much shorter period 3,600 years. G1.9, Sedna, Planet X etc are all in retrograde orbits together, they just are at differing distances from the Sun. The Sun is king, everything is revolving around it but in two differing planes (East-West, South-North). G1.9 pulls us up and down the galactic equator subjecting our area of the system to a shift is electrical and magnetic polarities. Every 6,000 years (approx) we change magnetic field direction, every 12,000 years we change electrical polarity. When both happen together the effects are very severe to life on earth but there is no such thing as an eventfuless crossing or shifting event when you look at Earth history.

Summary in Jesus Name

Did it occur to you that you might die of a heart attack before you finish reading this article?


Take No Chances!

How Much is Enough?

Your Journey, Your Eternity

Recently I have been on a learning journey of sorts. Quite frankly it has put me into a continuous stream of tears. So much so that I actually have to take a break from the teaching because it’s too emotional. These are not necessarily tears of the same kind all the time either. In fact, sometimes they are tears of sorrow, and sometimes they are tears of happiness, and other times they are tears of utter regret.

These very well may be the same kind of tears we will need “wiped away” in Heaven.

I was led down this journey by arguably one of the most amazing Christians that has ever lived (and who is alive even today). I had no idea this person existed until a few days ago. A wonderful contributor to Tribulation-Now, Kenneth, told me about this fellow. His name … is Francis Chan.

The book that is making me cry my eyes out is entitled “Crazy Love”. I highly recommend you purchase the “audio” version for six dollars or so. It is FABULOUS.

And it will utterly change your reality forever.

How Much Do I Have to Do?

Arguably the single most complicated question we face as Christians is “How much is enough?” Do I need the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to make it into Heaven? I dont’ think so … but I really don’t know. Do I need to be Baptised in Water (submersion) to make it into Heaven? I don’t think so … but I really don’t know. Can you have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit without speaking in tongues? I am 99% sure you can based on other people’s testimonies, but at what point has someone FULLY received the Baptism. Could there be a such thing as “almost there”? I don’t know.

Maybe we shouldn’t be asking ourselves what the MINIMUM is that we have to do to make it into Heaven. Maybe we should RUN as fast as we can to the PRIZE and not look back.

Over and over again, I hear people wondering what combination is “good enough”. Wow.

Have we considered what might happen if we screw up on this decision? What if you believe with all your heart that you have “DONE ENOUGH” but you were WRONG?

Oh Jesus please forgive us.

Instead of asking ourselves “how much is required”, maybe we should ask ourselves …


To Speak or Not to Speak

When it comes to the question of “tongues”, all I can tell you is that this particular point is THE single greatest area of confusion I know amongst spirit filled Christians. I *used* to believe that “speaking in tongues” was a *required* sign, but I know from tons of testimony that it is in fact probably not a required sign.

AND I would NOT waste any time trying to retrain your “old dogs” at the “Bible fellowship” on this point. Just keep quiet and let them believe what they want to believe. I have been doing this FAR too long and you WON’T win this discussion. If they are the type to believe that you MUST have the Gift of Tongues as a sign of receiving the Baptism of the Holy Spirit then let them believe it … that’s fine.

But WHY wouldn’t you GO FOR IT??

PLEASE .. In Jesus Name … download and listen to this two part teaching

The Holy Spirit by Andrew Wommack

I guarantee you, with all my heart, that Andrew Wommack is 110% correct.
Both of my sisters experienced receiving tongues JUST LIKE HE DID



Here is something God impressed upon my heart. I hope I understood it correctly.

We are “seeking” the Kingdom. God sees inside our hearts. It is a forward progress and ATTITUDE thing. It is a process.

IF you love Jesus you will do what Jesus said to do. But these things do not happen overnight. So there is a Sanctification process. Similarly building Holiness and Righteousness takes time too. This investment on our part requires a dedication in all areas of becoming Christ-Like.

NOW … if you are seeking a REWARD … say the reward is a New Car … and you know that you probably need to have 6 things accomplished to receive that reward, but you are not sure … what do you do?

Well …

do you want

Get it?

Instead of looking for a way to NOT have to “pursue” something of Jesus Christ


This is far to important a reward to take any chances.


Let nothing, no man, no man’s opinion, get in your way.




Dont’ Take Any Chances

Seek the Kingdom of Heaven

With Everything You Got!

Threats and Countermeasures


Three things hit me like a ton of logs this morning.  One of them came from a regular contributor to Tribulation-Now.  Her name is Cheryl and she is awesome.  The other two just came down from “no where”?  It’s funny, this concept of “thoughts” hitting us out of “no where” is actually one of these “WHAT IFs”.

So let’s begin …

“Thought Downloads”  

What if there are so many so-called “prophets” out there Yackity Yackity Yacking it Up?  What if God has no possible way to get through to people any more.  After all, you have virtually everyone in our community of advanced end-times “watchmen” shouting out verse after verse on how new revelations and mysteries will be revealed in the very “end of times” right?  So how in the world would God get the TRUTH out to people in the midst of all these professing “prophets”?  How indeed?

How many of us find ourselves drawn to the evening news like we did years ago when we actually believed some of what they were telling us?  May I see a raise of hands?  Wow.  Hardly any.  Well you just made my point.  Don’t you see?  If you know your television set has been compromised, you stop listening to it … don’t you?  Right!

So “what if” the enemy knew that the “so called” prophet “conduit” was an “Achilles heal” of sorts?  What if the “enemy” decided it was going to take an already weakened communication channel of God and JAM the thing so it became utterly useless to those “in Christ Jesus”? 

As we progress deeper and deeper toward the “bitter end”, it seems to me we should be looking at things like a member of the Joint Chief’s of Staff for Jesus.  Right?  After all this IS WAR is it not?  Sure it is.  No question. 

Then I submit to you that our “Prophecy Communication Lines” have been JAMMED!!

This doesn’t mean we should not listen to the prophecies and visions that are coming in.  But it certainly does mean that we MUST realize that the channels are INFILTRATED with COUNTER-INTEL from the DEVIL!!  It also means that, in our normal human excitement of the moment, we will “tend” to exaggerate the likeliness that what we hear MUST be something that is going to happen NEXT WEEK or “tomorrow”. 

We must remain calm.  We must think clearly. 

2 Tim 1:7

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.


WE are the  “JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF” for the army of JESUS

So once again I submit if the Television is not-so-trustworthy any more, then we need to OPEN the channels of communication through other means.  Or said another way, if “channel 77” is being “jammed”, then we need to “tune into” another channel and start listening.

Yesterday I heard a number of “prophecies” while I was at work.  I was rebuilding a computer and doing my “day job” with my headphones on listening to various You Tube “prophets” bellowing their version of “end of the world” banter.  And boy let me tell you my spirit was utterly TROUBLED.  This is not a good sign.  When your spirit is troubled you need to put on your SOUND MIND “shield” and watch your step.  BUT remember, do not necessarily disregard what you are hearing.  Just start recalling your scripture and make sure you check your “Ps and Qs”.  The Bible is a road map to sanity.  If what they are saying doesn’t “match up” and “mesh” with scripture then it’s BALDERDASH.

And ANY TIME …. ANY TIME a prophet (or so-called prophet) give a specific date …..


So for what it’s worth, in my little circle of close Jesus filled friends, we are starting to listen to the “alternative channels”.  WHAT YOU SAY??  That’s HERESY you say!! 

No … chill for a minute and listen.

Again … I have to tell you right now my favorite verse is Job 33:14-15


Job 33:14-16

 For God may speak in one way, or in another,
Yet man does not perceive it.
In a dream, in a vision of the night,
When deep sleep falls upon men,
While slumbering on their beds,
Then He opens the ears of men,
And seals their instruction.



Change Your Channels!!

I find it rather amazing that just by “coincidence” Tribulation-Now’s “Message Boards” had established a special section just for recording people’s DREAMS.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  This happened before I even knew about this verse.  It happened by coincidence.  Right?  Or did it happen because of a …


For what it is worth, I hope you will consider that perhaps God is speaking to our hearts with a MUCH LOUDER voice than he may have in the past.  Or …. MAYBE we are hearing His voice much more clearly than we have in the past.  Yes.  I think that might be the case.  Perhaps WE are actually more “tuned in” and God is DOWNLOADING DATA into our little “peanut sized” brain-modems and we are actually HEARING HIM!!





“Attack on the Holy Spirit” 

For some strange reason God has been “putting things on my heart”.  Or should I say “giving me” thought stream downloads.  BUT WAIT!!  What if it is the DEVIL!! OH NOOOOO.  What if the DEVIL is intercepting my JESUS CHANNEL and injecting demonic thought into my head? 

STOP.  This is not possible and below I will explain why.  But never forget Deuteronomy 18:22 because sometimes we humans tend to “add stuff” to our “downloads” unwittingly.  So while demonic interception is likely not occurring (see below) your human side can add “presumptions”.

Prayer Channel Jamming Countermeasures Method One

In the physical world of warfare, when the enemy is trying to “jam your communications” or “take you out” with a missile, you employ “countermeasures”.  For example you might blow a cloud of “chaff” out the back of your Jet to confuse the incoming missile.  Or you “mask” your communication channels by filling your channel with special encoding that helps prevents the enemy from “confusing” your communication link with “noise”.

Isn’t it fascinating that this is PRECISELY what the Gift of Tongues is for?  Most people, even really smart Christian leaders and pastors, do not realize THIS is the PURPOSE of Speaking in Tongues. 

This is how it works. 

The demons start to “shout into your head” counter-intelligence.  Yackity Yack, Yackity Yack!  You think you are coming up with ideas of your own but “they” are infested your mind with “counter-intel”.  This demonic yacking can confuse your prayer to God.  THEY KNOW THIS.  So you have to ENCODE your prayers to the Lord.  This means you SHIFT into the TONGUES-COUNTER-MEASURE MODE and you hammer home the prayers directly from YOUR SPIRIT to the Heavenly Father.  Get it? 

Speaking in tongues is a direct encrypted channel of prayer from your HOLY SPIRIT POWER CENTER to JESUS CENTRAL COMMAND.
THIS is precisely why you should seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the Gift of Tongues too!  Just because you don’t have the Gift of Tongues DOES NOT mean you don’t already have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit BUT you should want to have the Gift of Tongues also.  THIS IS YOUR PRAYER ENCODING TECHNOLOGY!!

Know this!  The Gift of Tongue almost always comes down to a person during INTENSE PRAISE.  I mean INTENSE PRAISE.  If you are not emotionally taken in intense praise and allowing your “tongue” the freedom to “roam” into the spiritual world during this intense emotional praise period – then you are making it much harder for the Lord to dump down this gift to you.


Prayer Channel Jamming Countermeasures Method Two

Chaff!!  Do you know what chaff is?

When a Jet fighter is engaged in warfare, the enemy can launch a missile at it.  The missile  has radar used to track the target jet.  One of the ways the “radar based” tracking systems can be foiled is through the use of “chaff”.  When the incoming missile gets close to the target jet, the target jet blows out a cloud of metal particles behind it.  These metal particles create a “visual block” to the radar of the incoming missile.  This confuses the radar of the missile so that it can no longer see the target.


Get it?

If you want to “shoo off” the demonic world and clear your channels of communication to the Lord then START PRAISING.  I submit to you the NUMBER ONE most under-utilized defense weapon we have is PRAISE. 

I call your attention to one of the most important articles ever written here at Tribulation-Now


If you want any assurance that your prayers are covered by a proper force field from the DEMONIC ONSLAUGHT you better get PRAISING.


2 Sam 6:14

Then David danced before the Lord with all his might


You really need to get a solid understanding of the POWER OF PRAISE




Pharmaceuticals, Illegal Drugs and Food and Water Poisoning

What if food and water poisoning and drugs have / had little or nothing to do with “eugenics”?  After all I must admit it sure seems like it hasn’t been working all that well.  Yes I listen to Alex Jones bark out eugenics this and that (just like many of us do) but it sure hasn’t been working.  COMMON! 

Why aren’t more people DEAD?  If they are trying to kill us with Sodium Fluoride in our water supply and GMO foods then it hasn’t been working very well.  We still have a life expectancy that is well into the mid “80s” right?  And some suggest that it is even increasing.

Dont’ misunderstand me here.  I absolutely DO believe they are trying to kill us using various methods BUT …


What if they had more than one reason for poisoning us?  What if THEY are afraid of the Holy Spirit? 

Remember that Credo Mutwa said the Chitahuri (reptilians) were afraid of something (an energy of sorts) inside of HUMANS!  Of the entire boring two hour presentation of Credo Mutwa (the Reptilian Agenda), the ONE SENTENCE that was worth hearing was when Mutwa said that the CHITAHURI (reptilians) are AFRAID of an ENERGY (paraphrasing here) that can come from MAN and will manifest itself in the END TIMES!!

Are you connecting the dots here!

I am 100% of the opinion, be it divine or not, that THEY have been attacking the Holy Spirit and ITS POWER, from DAY ONE! 

The forces of evil include not only DEMONS from other dimensions but also DEMONS FROM THIS DIMENSION!!  These fallen angel reptilians and greys (and other Nordic humanoid varieties) are all in this TOGETHER!!

Please Note:  There is not going to be any such thing as a FAKED UFO INVASION.  I don’t care if some of the space craft WERE created on the earth.  There is NOTHING FAKE about the fact that these damn things are FALLEN ANGEL DEMONS.  What is “fake” is the notion that their are “good ones” and bad ones.  They are ALL DEMONS.

(sorry I digress)

Why do you think that so many “christian” RELIGIONS do not believe that THE GIFTS of the HOLY SPIRIT exist today???



Why do you think they are poisoning our WATER, FOOD, MEDICAL SUPPLIES, DRUGS, YOU NAME IT??


And folks it is working.

When your BODY is run down, when your MENTAL STATE is “messed up”, it DESTROYS THE HOLY SPIRIT POWER in you.  GET YOURSELF IN A DETOX.  FAST!!  This is why FASTING is important.  It is NATURAL DETOX!!  DETOXING your body get’s your COMMUNICATIONS CHANNELS crystal clear.  CLEAN OUT YOUR RECEIVER!!

Either you get on board with the program of JESUS CHRIST and get yourself an outpouring of the Holy Spirit which is rightfully YOURS or you are missing what is coming down very soon.  There WILL IN FACT be a huge outpouring of the HOLY SPIRIT that makes the AZUZA STREET REVIVAL look like a bunch of drunk homeless people listening to Elvis records.

I know this is not a popular belief, but I tell you that I am of the strong opinion that this forthcoming outpouring of the Holy Spirit is what will empower the “two witnesses” and the two witnesses have NOTHING  to do with two bearded Hebrew men standing in Tel Aviv breathing fire out of their mouths.  I believe, with all my heart, (right or wrong) that the two witnesses …

ARE = = US

1.  The Bloodline Jesus Filled Hebrews and 
2.  The “grafted onto the Olive Tree” Gentiles

SATAN will wage war against US!

He has already been waging war successfully against the Holy Spirit.



“Obama Dies and Is Resurrected”

So I get one of those “God speaketh once, yea twice” downloads from our contributor Cheryl this morning.  I was actually laying in bed pretty darn sleepy after my 4 AM alarm went off.  There I was laying in the dark staring into my Droid reading my email.  And there is this email message from CTopper.  I always pay special attention to CTopper emails because she drops some amazing tidbits down the divine receiver circuit now and then.

Well sure enough I was reading her “thought stream” and BAM!!


I got a “BAM” way louder than Emeril could pump out.

Cheryl got a divine download.  It appears that MAYBE she was hearing some Job 33:14 action.  I would MUCH RATHER listen to the word that God is giving the contributors to Tribulation-Now than some bafoon on the Internet telling me that we are all going to DIE tomorrow at 3PM. 

So I did and so I am in Jesus Name!!
You see Cheryl told me that she was thinking about posting this “thought stream” on Tribulation-Now’s Message Board.  But I am awfully glad she instead sent it directly to me.  If she had only dumped this information on the Message Board, I would likely have not received the message.

Do you suppose that GOD whispered into her ear and told her to email it to me?

NO WAY … right?


What if Obama goes on his trip over to Indonesia, or wherever he is going, and something bad happens.  When Cheryl read the Above Top Secret prophecies from the unknown submitter (imagine that … someone that didn’t even show their face), she saw the prediction that Obama may have an attempt on his life.  WOW.

What if there is an attempt on Obama’s life?

What if he DIES and is REVIVED?

DO YOU REALIZE that the WAY the Reptilian Demons fully POSSESS a human is by KILLING THEM and then WALKING INTO their body?  They are WALK-INS!!  They “perfectly possess” the appropriately conditioned  human host or  “fit extension” by killing it and then “walking into” the body and taking control.


Summary in Jesus Name

Adjust your radio receivers.  Take NOTHING for granted.  Keep listening to the “jammed” channels but START LISTENING to GOD speak to YOU.  Start listening to other forms of communications.  INVEST in getting yourself some OCTANE BOOSTER and seek the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

You can be an effective Christian without the Baptism … BUT WHY WOULD YOU WANT TOO??

Why wouldn’t you want to be SUPER POWERFUL?


The Holy Spirit is THE POWER that Jesus Gave Us to REPLACE HIM.  Jesus Said WE WOULD BE BETTER OFF having the Holy Spirit IN US than Having HIM be HERE ON EARTH!!



And if you haven’t done so already, give yourself 150% to Jesus now.  Talk to him all day long.  He is your very best friend.



And most of all..


Shorter Than We Think?

Target Miami?
Intel Alerts for November

A number of warnings have surfaced lately that arguably warrant consideration. Quite frankly I’ve been hoping for a smooth ride until “The Hollow Planet” got here. But something tells me that may not be the case. I am NOT saying this information is coming from the Lord at all. It’s what I would call a “maybe” hunch type deal at best. When enough disparate sources of information start to “bark” about a particular time frames or a possible series of events surfacing, it starts to make you wonder.

Then to top it off yesterday I was “vetting” the “Demon Seed Day One” information with one of Tribulation-Now’s “thought leaders” and he raised some similar concerns. I perceived this as a bit of a warning bell too. God has blessed Tribulation-Now with some really “mind blowing” super-smart people. Every time I start to choke on a new controversial cosmic concept of understanding, I like to bounce if off these Jesus filled super-thinkers just to make sure I haven’t “partaken of the leaven of the Pharisees” (thanks sq). There is a fine line between what God wants you to know (because He thinks you are ready) and “The Solomon Problem” (which is where you “cross the line”) and poison your allegiance to The Most High and our Savior Jesus Christ. That concept is utterly foreign to me, but to many it could be a “short walk” sadly.

Whenever I get into that “Demilitarized Zone” of thought, I find it pretty easy to pull myself back to “solid ground” by simply remembering that …

  1. These “entities” are SICK FREAKS!
  2. They want to KILL US.
  3. And they hate our KING JESUS.

(Note: For those of you who are into “the names of God” thing, you may find it interesting to know that the Satanic cults desecrate the name of “J E S U S” specifically. Just a discussion point for you to consider)

Never forget these three things. There is endless proof of this out there. Too bad there isn’t some easy way to prove these three concepts in a single one-page document or video. This would help save some of the devil’s captives (e.g. New Agers, etc.) and set them free of their journey to darkness.

Supernatural Peace

Before we take look at these recent alerts (possibly for the month of November – Jesus is Coming!!), I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that you SHOULD have supernatural peace AND if you DON’T something is wrong.

2 Tim 1:7

7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.



Phil 4:6-7

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.



Phil 1:21

For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.


You have to keep your focus on the PRIZE! Anything and everything that is OF THIS EARTH is an utter waste of time. You need to give up love for things here on earth and TRY to remember how UNBELIEVABLE and CRAZY AWESOME it is going to be once you leave this place.



Maybe we should all get a collection of Christian testimonies of “near death experiences” and play them each morning before we go “out into the alien wilderness”? I do not recall a single such testimony where the individual actually “wanted” to return (with only a few reluctant “family obligation” related exceptions).

We are not part of “this earth” as it is today.  It is already “owned” by the enemy. All I have to say is THEY CAN HAVE IT and HOSANNA SAVE NOW!!


Lindsey Williams Reminder

 First we should start by remembering Lindsey Williams testimony a month or two ago. It’s important to remember his warning about the 2012 “target date”. Williams specified a number of unfortunate events that were supposed to unfold PRIOR to 2012. These included such nastiness as 1) global war, 2) financial collapse, and a number of other really damning tidbits. He even mentioned the “extraterrestrial” word and touched upon the Nazi SS “like” chipping horrors but he really didn’t lean to hard on that stuff. You had to be “paying close attention” to notice those comments.

For a quick review of Pastor William’s “intelligence” from “Mr. X” go here:

Warnings from Williams

How quickly we forget … huh?

The “Above Top Secret” Prophecy

I call this intel the “Above Top Secret Prophecy” because the person who posted it on their web site didn’t leave a source for it. And in all honesty it may not be legit … there is simply no way to tell. And if you dont’ know this already, “Above Top Secret” and “God Like Productions” are crawling with “counter-intel” professionals. For what it’s worth, I even received a “down low” communique that “God Like Productions” is a CIA operation. Who knows. Anything is possible these days I guess.

This group of predictions includes some pretty ominous stuff. Some are shown here below:

  • Assassination attempt on president Obama before the end of the year
  • There will be a death in America that will cause the people of america to RIOT!
  • God says “A GREAT Vigil will happen Before the end of the year.” Many Tears, Many sad faces.
  • There would be a day/week which will shock the world in this year of 2010.
  • Eventually Martial law will be decreed for a season in some cities, You will see military in the streets, cities under curfew or even police state imposition.
  • There will see a change in the economy starting from the end of October going through 2011, wall street will take a dive downwards, then shall yea see the demise of the economy/wall street and things would be at very worst by 2012 to the point it would seem impossible to recover.
  • From now through 2012, there will come a season of Chaos, Riots & Civil War, Martial Law/police state declared, they will eventually appoint a woman before the Presidential seat, either president or VP says the LORD.

 To view the entire posting go here:

  Chaos Will Rain Upon America from Now Until 2012

Steve Quayle’s Federal Marshal Alerts

 Now this is where things start getting most troublesome. Evidently there is some intel coming in from Steve Quayle’s sources that could indicate some ugliness ahead. These alerts range from multiple sources giving testimony to Federal Marshals possibly having their guns confiscated at an event of some kind, to significantly increased military activity in the South West.

 We should never take Steve Quayles’ warnings lightly. We know “the enemy” is “calling audibles” and shifting gears on their plans. We can easily estimate that whenever “they” pull the trigger it will be a BIG EVENT and cause some serious misfortune. The alerts coming into his sight will certainly be “early warnings” of some dark events in our near future. Arguably these alerts, when combined with other global intel, are THE SINGLE STRONGEST BAROMETER for timely preparation.

 Here is a link to Steve Quayle’s “Alerts” page.

The Web Bot Project SHUT DOWN

 Now THIS event is the DRIVING FORCE behind this article being written.  If it wasn’t for this single warning, I would not have been too concerned about these aggregate warnings overall.  But this one gave me one of those “feelings”.  I still have my surf board polished up to ride the “super-tsunami” to the Ivory Coast if necessary.  And when you read the next “blurb” you might wonder why I am not driving NORTH!! 
Here are the most important “snippets” from this article …

“For a year or two now, Clif has been looking at the largest ‘emotional tipping point’ he has ever analyzed. This one is predicted for Nov. 8-12 approximately. It has an intense emotional impact over four full days, and a cascading emotional release period well into March 2011. This event is predicted to have 10 to 100 times the impact of 9/11 in changing our lives forever after. Clif says it will start in the US and spread globally.”

“Yesterday the ISP for Clif’s website shut him down without explanation, and not for financial reasons. It seems apparent the government is trying to silence him.”


We’re baaaaaack!

“And it has been an incredible trip getting here.

Our old ISP got the ‘word’ from ‘special department’ to terminate with prejudice our HPH site on their server. Sooo….we had to rebuild. Thus, if there are broken links or problems, give us a while to sort them all out as this is a wholesale transfer of activity to new server, and then a rebuild”

What is most troubling amidst this data is that this Clif fellow is certain his WebBOT operation was SHUT DOWN by the “dark side”.   I suspect he is likely correct about that.

To read the entire article go here:
A Warning and Why It Matters

And to see the status of his operation to to his “revived” main page here:

Half Past Human

Miami Connects the Dots!

Some of you may know I am proud call myself a personal friend of Jonathan Kleck.  We talk on the phone all the time and he is FOR REAL.  I have never in my entire life met ANYONE so ON FIRE for Jesus Christ’s return as this guy is.  I LOVE IT.  When I start to get “wrapped up” in my “scary end of the world” emotional mode… 
I call him on the phone and he says things like …

And then I feel like a “horses-cazoo” and realize HE’S RIGHT!  What am I worried about?  What are any of us worried about? 
The reason I brought Jonathan up, is because he is “featured” in this next worrisome alert.  This alert comes from a You Tube video sent to me just this morning. (Why do I feel like Casey Casem doing the American Top 40 here?)
This You Tube video shows some geographic “dots” being connected across the United States.  Evidently when you map out the location of all the worst disasters and events in the last several years the pattern of a Mason’s Square and Compass is formed.  Evidently a pentagram is also being formed as well.
The ominous conclusion is that MIAMI is likely the target for the NEXT BIG EVENT!
And this “producer” believes that the next big event is likely the $10 Dollar Bill prophecy given to Jonathan Kleck.  This would likely include an off shore nuclear detonation by “fake” terrorists causing a rather large 6 – 8 story tidal wave to wash over (in this case) Miami.
(And you know what is really super strange?  After I first saw Jonathan’s “Just a Messenger” series on You Tube many long months ago, I actually started to look for buildings in Miami that were similar to the one that is depicted on the $10 Bill … I kid you NOT!  Why Miami? )
For more information on this possible forthcoming event go here …

Is Miami the Next Point on the Pentagram?

Shorter than We Think

Every day information surfaces that indicates time is shorter than we think.
It is SO important you make yourself ready and worthy to stand before your King Jesus.  In the last 3 days I have had information come in that indicates we MAY NOT have seven years left.  In fact I have had my “prophetic” block knocked off (metaphorically) and right now I would not at all be surprised if The Day of the Lord is right around the corner.
My advice to anyone reading this article is to TOSS any traditional interpretations of prophecy OUT!!   Make sure you are ready NOW!! 
I have much solid evidence that indicates …
  • SOLOMON’S TEMPLE may be a prophetic forgery
  • THE NATION STATE OF ISRAEL – may NOT be a valid “barometer” and instead MIGHT be a prophetic forgery as well
If these TWO THINGS are not valid prophetic pointers, this implies that 90% (or more) of evangelical Christianity is intentionally / unintentionally misled by the forces of evil.  AND if this is true, all we have to watch for is EMPIRICAL DATA.   This would include things like “Planet X”, news alerts and intel, UFO warnings, geological and weather related events, and so on. 
And dont’ forget the Seventh Day Adventists believe that most of the Bible prophecies are “in the past”.  That is a highly respectable group of serious Christians there, and I would not take their interpretations lightly!!

Summary and Thanks in Jesus Name

I praise Jesus every day for all of you wonderful people that contribute to Tribulation-Now. This entire article would not have been possible if it wasn’t for the valuable contributions of our readers and my email-based friends.


The list of names is LONG and God knows who you are.

Praise Jesus for all your awesome Ezekiel 33 watchmen warnings.

Many of you have not only become Internet “pen pals” of mine, but have also become my friends in Christ.  You have NO IDEA how much I value each and every email I receive from you all. 


Demon Seed Day One (Part One)

The Ultimate Mystery
AND – Casting Out The Friendly Demons
The New Age “religion” is arguably the most horrible threat that has ever surfaced to mankind’s eternal salvation.  How do you “save” someone from what they perceive as a good thing?  And to make this challenge even more complicated, you have so many “flavors” of New Age.
Flavors of New Age religion range from the “Krishna-like” flower power stuff of the Beatles era, to the ultra horrible worship of UFO’s and “Alien Demons” or “Fallen Angels”.  To make matters worse, the demonic realm is ever-present in the dimension closest to earth’s (three dimensional existence) which means that these people are likely to witness supernatural manifestations with their own “senses” (eyes, ears, touch, etc.). 
Then to add insult to injury, we are living in the very end-of-times.  This means the demonic is “in our face” at a level that has never existed before in the history of the earth.
Once these “alien-demon” UFO “personalities” manifest (disclose) themselves to us (the unwitting earthlings),  it is very likely major Christian-“esque” organizations (such as the Vatican and many major infiltrated “evangelicals”) will embrace their claims of being OUR CREATORS. 
This is further complicated by the emerging understanding that the symbolism used to describe the Garden of Eden’s forbidden fruit (events) may have resulted in the unholy birth of “Cain” and started a “Nephilim / demon-spawn” bloodline from the ‘get go’. 
(see: Who is Cain’s Father here: – Note … much more forthcoming on this alarming mystery soon with LOT’s of scriptural confirmation and new dualities in scriptural meanings).
(thank you Nancy K and Jonny K both of you … again!!)
The Appropriate Time
Recently I have become PAINFULLY aware, that these “fallen angel” DEMONS have outsmarted us on a scale we never imagined.  As the Holy Bible says in SO many ways, there are hidden mysteries to be unfolded and many of them will not be known until the very end.  
And when you think about it in the proper perspective, it’s NO WONDER.  “They” have been around for millions of years.  They know parts of this story we will only discover when Jesus decides to tell us.  They know the Bible far better than we do.
The word FAITH takes on a whole new meaning now … doesn’t it?
And it is EXTREMELY understandable WHY God would choose to hold this information to the appropriate time.  Much of this “intel” simply could not be released to God’s followers before they were “mature” enough to “handle it”.  The phrase “You Can’t Handle the Truth” once again (appropriately) comes to mind.
Can you IMAGINE the utter SHOCK to “mankind” if he knew that the bloodlines were infested demonically with “fallen angel-demon seed” from as early as the Garden of Eden?
You think we have problems in the Middle East now?
THE 99.999999999% PRINCIPLE
It is with utter humility and sadness I have come to the conclusion that our bloodlines have been infiltrated by these DEMONS from the very beginning.  I assure you this did not come to me easily.  It has been a very long painful road of discovery and shock.
What IF ….
What if the story these Alien-Demons bring to the table is utterly irrefutable?  What if  “they” have WAY MORE PROOF than we ever imagined?  What if the breakdown of Christianity’s apologetics is not simply the “Young Earth” mistake (of 6,000 years), and the “Nephilim” vs. Sons of Seth folly … but it goes WAAAAAAYYYY beyond that??
I propose to you, hear and now, that IT WILL.
I propose to you that they have ONE PRIMARY MISSION and that is to
as our
I am currently of the belief, that almost ALL of the stuff the Alien Demons are going to tell MANKIND is pretty much true (for the most part … remember the 99.9999% deal).  They will even tell us that they “tinkered with our DNA” as far back as the Garden of Eden AND in “so many words” it appears to be basically true.
If the bloodline was corrupted with DEMON SEED as far back as CAIN then it explains SOOO MUCH!!
Ever wonder why God chose the Abrahamic bloodline and made the Abrahamic covenants?
Ever wonder why God was so angry he had the Hebrews slaughter all the inhabitants of Canaan INCLUDING men, women and children?
Ever wonder why the Hebrews were forbidden to marry outside of “their” bloodlines”
Ever wonder why Moses didn’t have any kids (remember God loved him so much he let him marry the Ethiopian woman?)
Ever wonder why God was SO ANGRY at Esau for running off and marrying “one of them”?
Ever wonder why God HAD NO CHOICE but to send his SON to earth to have us become BORN AGAIN?  Get it? 
Have you ever wondered what exactly being “Born Again” meant (when you were converted)?
Could becoming Born Again include an invisible genetic-level transformation?  Could this “grafting onto the Olive Tree” be more than just a spiritual change?
Ever wonder if “everyone” is “predestined”?  Or could it be that only certain of us are “predestined” but it is our job as Christians to find our other “predestined” brothers and bring them along?
Seeing the Size of the Threat
To “get your arms around” the SIZE of this threat, please take a moment to visit this web page.  If this doesn’t send a surge of utter disbelief and sadness through your system … nothing will.
Summoning Fallen Angels: Praying to Alien Demons
Do you remember the orginal Star Trek episode “Return of the Archons”?  Do you remember how everyone had to “pretend” they were “one of them” or risk being discovered and forcibly “converted” to one of them?
“You are not part of the Body”
THIS gives the “Mark of the Beast” a WHOLE NEW MEANING doesn’t it?
THIS gives “persecution of the Christians” in Matthew 24 a WHOLE NEW MEANING doesn’t it?
Wrestling the Willing

Unfortunately, to the best of my understanding, when a person “chooses” to adopt a demonic belief system and actively invites (whether they know it or not) demons to inhabit them, your deliverance options are significantly challenged. This requires a LOT of dedication on the part of the “delivering” Christians because the method used to “get rid” of the demonic influences are challenged by the fact that the “host” (individual) is not helping the situation and is actually “inviting” the demons back (either actively or by virtue of ambivalence, ignorance and inaction).

This “Back and Forth” / “Intercession then More Intercession” challenge can go on for a very long time. And I am not aware of any guarantee of success. In almost every case that I have studied, the “demonically infested” individual reached a point where “they” wanted to be delivered. At that point, the Christian gains the advantage and can kick the demons out aggressively and assist that person in getting the Holy Spirit into them (to fill the gap).

 Intercession Back and Forth

So basically here is how it works in a situation where the individual is demonically possessed (unwittingly, e.g. cults, New Age / spiritism, etc.) and YOU seek to deliver them but THEY dont’ see themselves as having a problem. (by the way I am dealing with this right now with one of my family members and it is very frustrating).

Pray Multiple Ways

Personally (I believe) it is best to pray multiple ways in this case. Jesus is your intercessor (Romans 8:34). He is your BEST FRIEND. He sits at the right hand of God the Father. Talk to him. Ask him for your help. In fact I personally like to address Jesus and The Heavenly Father both. Call me crazy, but I love them and see them both as spiritually part of my family and I am going to talk to them both like they ARE MY FAMILY.  I dont’ see a difference in how I deal with my Heavenly family or earthly family if it is done with reverence, love, and respect.


Lord Jesus, our friend ___________, is involved in this demonic cult and we need to get her delivered. Nothing is beyond your reach. We need to get her out of this mess. Jesus please send your angels to help with this problem. We need every advantage we can get. We need to WAKE HER UP and help her understand how dangerous this is for her hopes of eternity.

(Note: This is a discussion more than a prayer. You are TALKING to your brother who is the KING of all the Universes. You are simply asking him for His help. Talk to HIM!! This is something you should be doing all day long every day anyway.)


Heavenly Father,

In the Name of Jesus, we need your help. Father, our friend __________ is messed up with this demonic cult. Father we need all the help we can get because she doesn’t understand how serious this is. Lord God, in the Name of Jesus, help us deliver her. Give us the strength and dedication to get her delivered. Empower us through your Holy Spirit, to cast the demons out. Give us the assistance of your Angels as you say in Psalm 91:11, to “give them charge over her”. Wake her up and give us the opportunity to deliver her and bring her into your Kingdom for your Son, –

In Jesus Name – Amen.


(Focus your spiritual attention on HER “existence” (spirit / soul / body))

“Unclean Spirits” I COMMAND you in the Name of JESUS to LEAVE. You are commanded to GO NOW and NEVER COME BACK. I command you into the ABYSS. GO ….. NOW!!



(Please Note: You are “KICKING A DOG” here.  KICK HARD … GET THEM OUT!)


Father, in the Name of Jesus, we ask you to fill ____________ with the Holy Spirit. Lord, in Jesus Name we pray you will fill the spiritual voids with your spiritual POWER and protection.


Praise you JESUS, Praise You Father … For you alone are worthy. Thank you JESUS for helping us get rid of this demonic infiltration into one of your children. PRAISE YOU LORDDDDDDD!!!

Discussion Points:

You will almost certainly have to repeat this process multiple times but there is hope. Here is the key. Once you “cast the demons out” they MUST leave her. The problem is “they can come back pretty quick” because she is not willing to get rid of them so her body becomes a “willing extension” to the demonic.

The trick here is you want to:

(regularly, even daily – try every morning or evening during prayer time)


The belief here is that once you get the demons out (even for a little while) an opportunity opens up to get through to her. God’s power moves THROUGH US as “vessels” here on earth. We “call God’s power” to move through us (hence laying on of hands etc.). We PUSH the demons OUT of her for a little while and this gives God’s Angels and YOU (her friends) opportunity to WAKE HER UP when she is not fully affected by the demonic.

You are creating opportunities to “wake her up” by cleansing her against her will.

Ideas to Wake Her Up

This is arguably the single hardest part of this challenge. You basically are limited to 2 options. (If you think of more email me and let me know).

1. Love, caring, and very gentle loving tidbits (emails) of ideas planted to her. Subconscious nudging. This is hard. Be creative. It is best to do these “nice things” for her as soon after the prayer as possible (this is your opening).

2. Get her to read information about this group written by a good Christian organization. Educate her. Do your homework. DO NOT be reprimanding in your “tone”. Be LOVING and gentle at all times.

The Significance of This Threat

The “New Age” is especially dangerous because they do a very good job of creating “LOVE FORGERY”. They do not realize they are going “straight to Hell” and they radiate a lying sense of false love to their fellow practitioners. This is especially dangerous to Christianity because it uses Jesus’ strongest draw (attraction characteristic) in a deceptive way to “lure in” unwitting participants to the “ever-so-friendly and helpful” collective.

Summary and Warnings in Jesus Name
First and foremost I am not in the business of bellowing doctrine out to people with emphatic (and often misguided) certainty.  I am a believer in HUMILITY.  I accept no “contributions” and sell “no books”.  The only reason I write articles for Tribulation-Now is because I really want to help people.  If you believe you have a better formula for getting rid of demons then please start your own ministry and open up your own web site.   We all need to unite in our cause to Cast Out Devils as Jesus told us to do.
Be advised that some deliverance ministries (which I am not one by the way), believe that there are certain special ways you must do things in order to not cause problems (etc.).  It is MY BELIEF <======= (note) … that you do NOT MIX the OLD TESTAMENT teaching with the NEW TESTAMENT.  It is my STRONG BELIEF this is a big mistake and does not give JESUS HIS PROPER RECOGNITION AND DUE.
That being said, if you want to put on a “Levitical Robe” and “shake Old Testament” fists in the air, GO AHEAD.  If you believe in curses that move from family to family and all that stuff because you read it in the Old Testament, GO AHEAD.  While these “things” do exist, the practices to deal with them are OLD < ==== hence the word OLD when combined with TESTAMENT.  (Get it??)  Old = Old.  New = New!! The Old Testament provides much teaching and guidance and wisdom, but the POWER of Jesus Christ and the proper practices of KICKING OUT THE DEMON DOGS can only be found in the …



Hint: Why do you think Jesus said “this gospel” will be preached to all the nations”?
Jesus never said “go preach the Torah” now did he?

Matt 24:14
And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations



Special Treat
Here is an image (snap shot) of the first page of my note pad.
See what you can find.