It’s a Setup!

Blow the Balderdash Shofar!
Scam Alert Warning

I’m sure by now you have seen all the articles on forthcoming UFO disclosures.  Frankly there are so many of them it makes you wonder if something isn’t up.  When you realize that all the major news outlets are run by “Satan’s army”, something just isn’t adding up.

But just in case, I have a big pot of water on the stove for my Pennsylvania Dutch Style CROW STEW!

What I’m getting at is that we have all see the occasional UFO reports here and there.  Those are to be expected.  But how do you explain more than one report of average significance being heavily marketed on virtually every Illuminati owned mind control media spin factory in the world all at the same time?  Now THAT fact to me is even more significant than the reports themselves.  While everyone else is excited about the forthcoming “DISCLOSURE” … I instead wonder “What are THEY up too?”

A Short List of the Scuttlebutt includes:







 The Pope’s Astronomer Baptise Aliens?

This one is so utterly ridiculous I am surprised they let him make this nonsense public.  I guess as Glenn Beck was saying over the last couple days, “they” really DO think we are a bunch of “Homer Simpsons”.  I imagine if you lived the life of an earthly king looking at the world from the back seat of your limousine or through your castle windows, it might be possible to actually get that impression.  Surely you don’t think there are these families out there discussing if baptism of aliens is a noble cause do you?  Could our minds have been eroded that far already?  What percentage of “mankind” do you think actually consider this article to be valid?

The United Nations Appoints Earth Contact for Aliens

Now this one seems a bit more interesting.  Never-the-less it smacks of “them” considering us to be pretty naive.  Surely this disclosure isn’t going to include a “movie scene” with the words “Take Me to Your Leader” is it?  I find this entire notion frustrating. 

In fact, when I think about the entire scope of this alien-demon lie, and the fact that “they” have signed treaties with these “things” and are performing mutilations and experiments in DUMBs with these things, etc., etc, frankly this whole “take me to your leader” crap makes me pretty angry.  How terrible it is that hardly anyone realizes the scope of this problem.  The utter HORROR happening behind the scenes.

I can think of a few places I would like to take them and it’s NOT to any one’s leader …

NBC’s  “The Event”

Last night was the second episode of the NBC television show “The Event”.  Now once I get past the fact they chose that hospital administrator from E.R. to play the part of the “alien leader” I guess it might pan out to be an interesting show.  But again for those of us who know what is “really” happening behind the scenes, this is upsetting.

It’s bad enough we had to endure the ABC mini-series “V” a while back, complete with Reptilians hidden inside of human skin, the global announcement in multiple languages, the “apostasy” of the Christian faith, and the lying wonders of seemingly supernatural healings through cosmic technologies, BUT now we get to see a painfully slow series of drama based lies unfold about how super friendly these “human looking” aliens are and how we have kept them in captivity all this time.

If my hunch is correct, we will discover some AMAZING THINGS these human looking aliens will be able to do for us “under privileged” earthlings. 

Frankly I wonder why the Federation of Light didn’t BEAM THEM UP. 

Never mind we don’t keep the “humanoid” versions in captivity to the best of my knowledge.  In fact those varieties pretty much come and go as they please.  You probably work with one at your job (or maybe that’s a hybrid – who knows).  

Dont’ forget, the Reptilians are in charge.  The Greys work under the Reptilians.  And according the Maximilian De Lafayette, the Pleiadians (human looking Nordic types) take their orders from the Greys / Reptilians.

Why am I not surprised, in the ranks of the utter evil, the meanest and UGLIEST ONES are in charge?

Black Triangular UFOs Being Seen and Shot Down

Okay … now what in the world is going on with these Black Triangular UFO’s?  Yes I know these are identical looking to the TR3-Bs’.  Yes I am fully aware of the history of the earth made anti-gravitational UFO’s of “Stan Deyo” fame and the whole connection to Nazi Germany etc.  Yes I am familiar with the Federation of Light claims that these “anti-gravitational” earth made UFO’s are plentiful and are actually trying to shuttle evil people away from the earth and start all kinds of havoc in the upper atmosphere.

But what makes me scratch my head is why are there several articles floating around about the U.S. Military shooting down these Black Triangular UFOs?  And WHY are they being seen everywhere all of a sudden.

If these UFOs are TR3-Bs then wouldn’t they cost like a BILLION dollars to make (or more – maybe even like 10 Billion)?  And since when does ANYONE shoot down a 10 Billion dollar Black Ops Top Secret space craft?  I was under the impression that the “Black Ops” folks were pretty much running the show.  Aren’t these the guys that “consort” with the Reptilians in the Combat Control Centers down inside the DUMBs?  I really don’t think anyone from the U.S. Military would have the RANK necessary to tell someone to “shoot down” a Black Ops owned anti-gravity space buggy.




These are unmanned ships and they are shooting them down to “set us up” for a controlled LYING disclosure.


Nuclear Weapons Compromised by UFOs

This one is arguably the most suspicious of them all.  Why you say?  Well because it is the most well publicized and the most potentially credible.  Every single news outlet of any consequence has released a story about this (just like the United Nations story).  This includes a special episode of Larry King Live complete with interviews of the “whistle blowers”. 

There are probably more but thus far I have seen reports from:

  • Reuters (owned by the Rothschilds)
  • Fox (owned by Murdock and his CFR Reptile friends)
  • CNN (etc.)
  • BBC (etc.)
  • Telegraph of the U.K.
  • PRNewswire

The list goes on and on.  Even Alex Jones published an article on the U.N. “take me to your leader” deal the other day.

So let’s examine this situation briefly.  First you have a story that has been around for a very long time.  In fact I just ordered the book by Hastings entitled “UFOs and Nukes” here:

The write up on the book explains that this stuff has been going on since the 1940s.  It further goes on to explain Mr. Hastings involvement through the 70’s and 80’s.  Now let’s see….. 2010 … 1940 … uhmmm … 1973 … ahhhhh..


This stuff is some pretty old news.

And correct me if I am wrong but all these guys didn’t work together their entire careers right?  In fact, some of them never ever worked together .. right?  So how is it that all these guys are suddenly 1) well funded, 2) getting press from all the major media, 3) got together, coordinated their stories, and are 4) making an official disclosure on the official date of October 13, 2010 to 5) the PRESS CLUB?

Why is it that all of a sudden this is possible?  How many thousands of credible military and uniformed officers have tried to disclose their accounts of UFO sightings and events and have been KYBASHED?   Think about this?  This is HUGE. 


There is absolutely no reason what-so-ever these gentlemen would be the exception to the disclosure rule unless this is a …


It’s a …


82nd Airborne on Domestic Alert

Now this one may be just another one of those “no shows” we have all seen so much of in the past.  In fact this entire agenda of UFO events (spoken of in this article) could all add up to another hill of “hooey”.  But I must admit I do find this “alert” most interesting considering the timing of these other events all so close together.  The only thing that gets me is this 18 hour alert deal.  I mean … 18 hours are almost over since the original leak occurred yesterday.  Right?  So why bother to mention it?

On the other hand, the military has a funny way of mentioning a “time frame” and then changing or extending it.  I mean after all we were supposed to be out of Iraq like … when?  Never mind.

Anyway you can see for yourself.  Here is the write up on Morning Liberty.

Evidently there are additional confirmations coming in even today.

Summary and Links

One of the reasons I will usually wait before making any comments on these news reports is because I am a suspicious kind’a guy.  I always think these “entities” are “up to no good”.  After all … they are demons … right?  Like I said if God kicked them out of Heaven, I dont’ care if they are “inter-dimensional” or “inter-planetary” they are (in my book) —-


So this means that NOTHING they say can be trusted EVER.

I dont’ care if one of them did co-star on E.R. as a hospital administrator. 


… and most of all


Power in the Name

An Amazing Story
An Amazing Name

I have been studying divine healing for a while.  It is my personal belief that when the scripture says that “signs follow” we should not take that lightly.  In fact, there are a number of scriptures that strongly suggest that if there are no “signs following” you might want to reconsider the validity of the claims made by those folks.  And naturally those “signs”might  get strange down the road when the “lying wonders” start to surface.  But if my hunch is correct, the “trained Jesus filled eyes” will quickly discern the difference between the lying wonders and the real wonders.

One of my biggest wake up calls in the last 30+ years of being a born-again “spirit filled” Christian was realizing that even “I” could use the power of Jesus “in me” to “heal the sick” and “cast out devils”.  For some reason I grew up my entire life basically believing that these were “special gifts” of the Holy Spirit and not for everyone.  When I realized this wasn’t true, and any born-again Christian can command the devils to leave and the “flesh” to heal … I got pretty excited.  Of course understanding how this all works requires quite a bit of “un-learning” the misconceptions and building new levels of faith etc. but it’s exciting and arguably the most rewarding thing you can take part in.

For anyone wanting to know more about this topic, I cannot more strongly recommend you taking a look at John G. Lake Ministries and considering an investment in their “Divine Healing Technician” training seminar series. 

Here is a link to their “formal” training DVD series:

And I believe they have some free training available on You Tube as well.  All of their “in person” training is free but you have to be able to get to their training locations to participate.

** This just in: The entire healing series can be downloaded for free at
(Thanks Tom)

Destroying the Works of the Devil

In my article entitled “The Baptism of the Holy Spirit” I wrote up a little something on Smith Wigglesworth.  John G. Lake, Lester Somerall, and Smith Wigglesworth were three of the most amazing spirit filled Christians EVER.  And boy did the healing power of Jesus Christ follow them wherever they went!  Amen! 

Here is a link to Smith Wigglesworth’s web site.  It has some sermons of his that are fabulous.

Anyway I got a book the other day entitled “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing”.  Nothing makes me break into tears of joy faster than listening to real life testimony of people being healed and delivered from demonic attacks.

Get this verse from the Bible!

1 John 3:8

” For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.”

So when you think about it, the “Son of God” was manifested for the purpose of “destroying the works of the devil”.  Hmm.  And WHO ARE WE?  Well we like to call ourselves the “Sons of God” don’t we?  We like to tell everyone that we have Jesus inside of us … don’t we?  We like to believe that we are going to reap the rewards of the Kingdom of Heaven as heirs to the crown … don’t we?

… when is the last time you DESTROYED THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL?

Arent’ we ALL supposed to be out there Destroying the Works of the Devil??


So how do you do that?

Three Ways to Destroy the Works of the Devil

Now I might be wrong about this so don’t beat me up too bad if I am, but are you aware of any other ways you can destroy the works of the devil?

The only ways I can think of that WE can do what Jesus said to do, and be “like Jesus” and “destroy the works of the devil” are:

  1. Save Souls for Jesus (create disciples not just lip service)
  2. Cast Out Devils
  3. Heal the Sick

In all fairness technically “good deeds”, encouragement, and prayer can potentially do some damage to the works of the devil etc., but arguably the THREE BIGGIES are those above.


(Dont’ worry I intend to write some articles to ‘get you going’ on these subjects, so as I figure things out I will share)

An Awesome Smith Wigglesworth Story

Anyway, so last night I was reading this new Smith Wigglesworth book, and the very first story BLEW MY MIND.  I am still loving this story.  These are the kind of lessons in Christianity you just don’t hear enough of.  Why is that?  In fact this story is so important for all of us to know about, I decided I am going to re-type it into this article manually right from the book for your edification.
Now remember as you read this story that these are different people than we have around us today.  These stories are from the early 1900’s.  Frankly these people sound A LOT MORE COOL than anyone I know alive today.  But that’s just me I guess.

I want to instill in you the power, the virtue, and glory of that name. 

Six people went into the house of a sick man to pray for him.  He was a leader in the Episcopal Church, and he lay in his bed utterly helpless.  He had read a little tract about healing and had heard about people praying for the sick. 
So he sent for these friends, who, he thought, could pray “the prayer of faith” (James 5:15).  He was anointed according to James 5:14, but because he had no immediate manifestation of healing, he wept bitterly.  The six people walked out of the room, somewhat crestfallen to see the man lying there in an unchanged condition.
When they were outside, one of the six said, “There is one thing we could have done.  I wish you would all go back with me and try it.”  They all went back and got together in a group.  This brother said, “Let us whisper the name of Jesus.”
At first, when they whispered this worthy name, nothing seemed to happen.  But as they continued to whisper “Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!” the power began to fall.  As they saw that God was beginning to work, their faith and joy increased, and they whispered the name louder and louder.  As they did so, the man rose from his bed and dressed himself!
The secret was just this: those six people had gotten the Lord Jesus Himself.  Their faith grasped the power in His name.  Oh, if people would only appreciated the power in this name, there is no telling what would happen.
I know that through His name and through the power of His name we have access to God.  The very face of Jesus fills the whole place with glory.  All over the world there are people magnifying that name, and oh , what a joy it is for me to utter it.

– Smith Wigglesworth – “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing”, pp. 14

Summary in Jesus Name
Maybe its just my sappy imagination but when I envisioned that testimony unfolding it brought tears to my eyes and it still does.  Nothing is more awesome than seeing the power of Jesus Christ come down on another person and heal them.  Not just “heal” them of their physical sickness but heal them of their “worries” and “pains” in daily life.  There are a lot of ways to be healed and each of them SNATCHES a victory out of the devils hands and puts it into your KING’s hands.
In future articles I hope to share ideas with all of you on how together we can …


There is a Calm in Knowing

Only Joy Awaits You
When You Know the Outcome
Ya’ know how sometimes you just have to “make time” for things in life?   I have to admit, this “end-times” research stuff can really stink up your life sometimes.  I mean think about it.  Do you think that God really wants us all sitting in front of our computer screens every night freaking out?  Common. 
I get bombarded with all sides of the emotional spectrum. 
The Jesus is Coming Immediately Camp
Some people are POSITIVE Jesus is coming extremely soon …  I’m talking about like … in maybe 6 months to 2 years MAX!.   Now out of those people you typically have two camps.  The first camp says “Let’s get out of here as soon as possible!”.  The second camp says “I just want more time to make a bigger impact and save more souls for my King Jesus”.
Personally, I put myself in the latter of those two groups.  I want more time to make a difference and I regret not having started sooner.  The number one thing I pray to God each and every day is for him to use me.  I ask him (practically beg, okay yes I beg him) to break down all the barriers so I can get OUT THERE and make a huge impact.
The Jesus is Coming Around 2012 or Thereafter Camp
Then you have the folks that are focused on the 2012 time frame.  For good reason I might add.  You have the Kolbrin Bible, which is this ancient Egyptian rendition of early times that suggests that the DESTROYER spoken of in Jeremiah is really Planet X or Nibiru. 
Then you have the Federation of Light Space Freakazoids telling us that Nibiru and Wormwood are one in the same … and after thinking about it a bit … they might be right.   And then you have NASA with their Solar Maximum stuff.  And scientists starting to “wig out” on the possibilities. 
All you have to do is spend about 20 minutes reading articles published in Tribulation-Now’s Message Boards and you are like “I’M READY JESUS COME NOW!!”
The America is the Great Babylon Camp
Then you have the America is the Great Babylon camp and utter destruction is upon us at any minute.  This group ranges from the notion that the entire USofA is going to EXPLODE in a methane fire bomb at any minute to a slow deterioration caused by strategic nuclear attacks against major U.S. cities.  And quite frankly I cannot discredit this account and have written a number of articles that support this likelihood. 
But then I ask myself things like “what about the FEMA camps?”  Why build the FEMA camps and stage all the guillotines for our beheadings if the whole USoA is going to get burned up in a methane explosion?  Now in the post nuclear war scenario I can see the FEMA camps coming in handy for the ruling class.
And the fact of the matter is that the USoA really doesn’t need to be around for the happenings in Matthew 24 to take place (and other prophecies).  It can just act as an agent of fulfillment.
The “Wait A Minute” There’s More to Come Camp
Then you have the “Wait a Minute” camp.  Now I must admit I find myself bouncing back and forth from the “THE END IS NOW” to the “Wait a Minute” camp all the time! 
Again, unless all the Bible’s prophecies are “behind us” like so many excellent scholars say, we have a LOT MORE to come.  We have the Daniel 9:27 covenant to be signed.  We have WWIII (arguably) to setup the NWO.  We have the prophecy about Damascus being turned to rubble.  Arguably we haven’t seen any of the REAL Revelation wrath yet (some say this isn’t true).
And then you have to ask yourself “what about all the New World Order plans”?  Is God coming here to kick some royal demonic “behind” before “they” start doing their New World Order deal?  Think about the Georgia Guidestones and the target of 500 million population?  What about the global eugenics plans and all the Thomas Horn creepy stuff?  When is the real worldwide “Christian” persecution going to start? (not that I’m looking forward to that mind you!)  But surely the Matthew 24 Christian persecution wasn’t referring to the Catholic slaughter of the Waldenses was it?  WAS IT?
When is all this stuff going to start happening?
If Thomas Horn’s Apollyon Rising 2012 possibilities are likely so, then we have another … well … maybe 8 or more years before the actual Great Tribulation begins!!  WOW.  One of Apollyon Rising’s time tables has the mack-daddy Antichrist taking his SEAT in 2016 (or so).  That means the Great Tribulation doesn’t start until THEN!!
Emotional Roller Coaster
And what I find really weird is that I can’t help but feeling pulled emotionally by all this.  Even though I am fully aware that what awaits me is FABULOUS and I will  be SO HAPPY there.  I still have this weird unexplainable earthly anxiety about it all.
Did I do Enough?
Will God be Happy with Me?
Will Jesus Pat Me on the Back?
Will I be Sad in Heaven for Not Having Done More?
Sometimes I even “freak out” and wonder if I will make the cut at all!  This is the one that really bothers me.  How many of us, no matter how much we study the scripture, don’t worry that maybe … just maybe … we screwed up something some how really bad?  I admit that sometimes I have to go back an re-read my own articles to pull myself around and realize that JESUS SAVED ME and by HIS STRIPES I AM “SOZO”
SOZO means “Saved” and SOZO means “Healed”
So yes, brothers and sisters, you are not alone with your concerns about “measuring up”.  We are all in the same boat.  Many greater Christian leaders before us have been equally concerned prior to meeting their Lord in Heaven.  Just make sure you have a SUPER STRONG and FOCUSED relationship with Jesus all the time.  Dont’ take anything for granted. 
Be Bold and Reach Out to People!!
So this morning I was probing around Tribulation-Now’s message boards and I found a gem from Nancy K.  Nancy is awesome.  She is so down to earth and scripturally anchored in the midst of all this craziness.  I love her.
Here is her posting.  It is WAY too insightful for only our Message Board Members to see.
Brothers and Sisters,

I came across this in my daily readings and had to laugh, it seemed so appropriate. I just thought I would share it with my brothers and sisters as a word from the Lord. We get so caught up in what might be and what is hidden, what might be coming and such things. All very interesting, and important, as long as we remember our first mission…to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, minds, and souls, and to love our neighbors as ourselves. This message might bring a chuckle to your day, at how God’s word transcends time and can speak just as sharply to us thousands of years after it was first delivered.

Isa. 8: 11-20

11 The Lord has given me a strong warning not to think like everyone else does. He said,

12 “Don’t call everything a conspiracy, like they do,
 and don’t live in dread of what frightens them.
 13 Make the Lord of Heaven’s Armies holy in your life.
 He is the one you should fear.
 He is the one who should make you tremble.
 14 He will keep you safe.
 But to Israel and Judah
 he will be a stone that makes people stumble,
 a rock that makes them fall.
 And for the people of Jerusalem
 he will be a trap and a snare.
 15 Many will stumble and fall,
 never to rise again.
 They will be snared and captured.”

16 Preserve the teaching of God;
 entrust his instructions to those who follow me.
 17 I will wait for the Lord,
 who has turned away from the descendants of Jacob.
 I will put my hope in him.

18 I and the children the Lord has given me serve as signs and warnings to Israel from the Lord of Heaven’s Armies who dwells in his Temple on Mount Zion.

19 Someone may say to you, “Let’s ask the mediums and those who consult the spirits of the dead. With their whisperings and mutterings, they will tell us what to do.” But shouldn’t people ask God for guidance? Should the living seek guidance from the dead?

20 Look to God’s instructions and teachings! People who contradict his word are completely in the dark. 21 They will go from one place to another, weary and hungry. And because they are hungry, they will rage and curse their king and their God. They will look up to heaven 22 and down at the earth, but wherever they look, there will be trouble and anguish and dark despair. They will be thrown out into the darkness.

Peace and Joy in the midst of the storm,

Nancy K.

Summary in Jesus Name

My summary?

Read Nancy’s contribution again.  That’s my summary.


Set Phasers to "Bind"

Supernatural Cosmic Power
In the Name of Jesus
It’s amazing how I continue to get these unbelievable confirmations.  Sometimes it’s a phone call.  Other times it’s an email.  But they keep on coming.
Just the other day I was talking to my wife and explaining to her how important it is to learn to hear God’s voice when he speaks to you.  For the better part of 30 minutes I was sharing with her some of my newly learned insights while sitting in my office.  Just about then, my cell phone rings.  It’s Jonathan Kleck.  Immediately he starts in “Oh praise Jesus Johnny!” he says.  “The Lord just gave me another confirmation”, he says.  Jonathan then goes on to tell me how critical it is for him to be able to hear God’s voice when He speaks.
My mouth dropped open.
Then this morning I’m laying there sleepy in bed.  The alarm goes off.  I have one of those “progressive” alarms that starts out really quiet and very slowly gets louder.  I immediately roll over and turn it off.  I want to sleep more.  But the Lord has different plans.  My mind is bombarded with “Go write the article!” … “Get up and write the article …. now”.
Knowing God’s Voice
You see yesterday I got yet another confirmation.  Frankly I get more confirmations during any given day than I realize.  It’s actually rather unfortunate how often we fail to realize God is talking to us.  I mean, after all … you only have THREE things it can be when your mind is thinking about something … right?  1) Demons, 2) Your Free Will, or 3) God.  I mean, for a Jesus filled spiritual person, that’s pretty much it.  And if you’ve read Pittmans’ “Demons – An Eye Witness Account”, you would realize that MOST OF THE TIME we are getting hammered by DEMONS. 
So how do you know it’s God talking to you?  Well remember yesterday’s article and that little tidbit about “Deductive Inference”?  Okay.  First you have to set your “frame of reference”.  Are you a born again Christian?  Or better yet, do you believe with all your heart that Jesus came to earth in the flesh, died on the cross for YOUR sins, and was raised again in three days AND do you believe He loves you with all his heart?  Do you pray to Him every day?  Do you love Him as your Lord and King?  Do you?   DO YOU HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH JESUS? 
If you said yes to those questions then you are a born-again Christian.  You also should get baptised.  Have another born-again Christian pray “In the Name of Jesus” that you become “Baptised in the Holy Spirit”!!  Have them “lay hands” on you during this prayer.  This is extremely important.  You may also want to get baptised in water immersion but that is not as critical as being baptised in fire (the Holy Ghost).  Some might argue that one with me but arguing is divisive and a sin so “dont’ bother”.  You can send me your Bible verses if you want but I’m pretty sure I  have already figured that one out.
Realize WHO YOU ARE!!  That’s the number ONE biggest mistake we all make.  Realize who you are!  Who are you?  Do you know?  Are you just a blob of flesh?  NO.  You are a SON OF GOD. You are a “clone” of God.  Made in His image. 
In the grand scheme of all the millions of life forms in all the Universes, who ARE YOU?  Think about this.  If Adam and Eve would not have “fallen” from the Garden, you would be communing with God all day long “telepathically”.  So HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU AREN’T DOING THAT RIGHT NOW??
Get it?
YOU are the one who “fell” from the Garden.  Not God!  God is the same as he ever was.  He talks to us the same as he always has.  He hasn’t changed.  YOU HAVE!  So wake up and realize that when you have feelings that come from the “heart” and are inspired by “LOVE” of Jesus that lives IN YOU then you are “telepathically” connected to God’s voice. 
The final litmus test to ensure you are hearing God’s voice is THE MAP!!  There is this awesome supernatural cosmic script that surpasses space and time.  It’s called THE BIBLE!  Millions of people have given their lives for that book.  Think about it. Hundreds, perhaps thousands of people have been burned alive, praising Jesus in song out loud, as the fire consumed their bodies …  JUST TO BRING YOU THAT BOOK!!
As long as you are “right with God” and have a relationship with Jesus, and pray and PRAISE HIM all day long, you are already HEARING GOD’S VOICE!!  The only thing left is the litmus test.  THE SUPERNATURAL “MAP” OF GOD’S WORD.  The Bible. 
So read your Bible every day.  Download the Bible for free off the Internet.  Play it while you sleep.  Play it all day long.  Play it in the background while you work.  The supernatural words will SINK IN.  The Words will HEAL YOUR BODY.  They will inspire you.  You won’t even notice it’s happening.  But it DOES HAPPEN.  The Words are ALIVE!!
Hear God’s Voice!!  If what you are “feeling” lines up with the guidance in the Bible then you have all the confirmation you need. 
You are created in God’s image!! 
Yesterdays’ Subtle Confirmation
So this morning I “kinda” knew that today’s article was an important one.  I guess that’s why I was getting “hammered” to get my lazy butt out of bed and write this article.   How did I know?  Well I got divine confirmation.  Sure.  Most people would have called it a coincidence.
I dont’ believe in coincidences.
You see yesterday I was taking a “mind” break at the day job.  I was driven to do a bit of reading on a particular web site which has some scriptural references to this “cosmic” onslaught stuff.  But this time as I am reading I stumble across this paragraph that has my jaw dropped.  My pulse shoots up and I start “googling” on terms to deep dive on these statements.  I KNEW these statements I was reading were true, but until now I had not had any real confirmation.  And sure enough … IT CAME!  One click led to another click and BAM!  There it was staring me in the face.  Millions of web sites and tens of thousands on this one topic alone and THERE IT WAS.  Electronic “coincidental” confirmation.
Then I immediately sent this awesome find out to a couple of Tribulation-Now’s “thought leaders”.  These are the guys that have “stomachs of steel”.  These are the guys that can read ANYTHING and it doesn’t shake them for a minute.  These guys have walked down “knowledge traps” directly from Hell and simply “shook off the dust” and immediately recovered.  No “Solomon Problem” for these Troopers!  Nope.  They can take anything.
This time something different happened.
You see, one of these super Jesus soldiers emailed me back after I sent him this information.  And it wasn’t the response I expected.  I was humbled greatly when I got his response.  You see, this fellow, NEEDED to hear what I sent him.  This blew my mind.  Evidently this guy was going through a bit of a “behind the scenes” mental beating.  You might call it a “demonic attack” of sorts. 
He actually emailed me back and said ” I NEEDED TO HEAR THAT “
This guys’ name is Martin.  Martin lives in a giant Castle in Glasgow, Scotland.  (I’m Kidding.  I have no idea if he lives in a Castle. That’s just my imagination at work).  Martin has studied this “inter-planetary” / cosmic threat far longer than I have.  Martin knows A LOT about these alien-demon entities.  And Martin is a Jesus filled Bible reading scripture finding maniac like no other.  He is a walking Bible computer.  NOTHING shakes Martin.
But Martin admitted he was having some “challenges” and was not feeling good about some of the “stuff” he was reading.  BOY DO I KNOW HOW HE FELT!! 
… and Martin …. NEEDED TO HEAR IT
Enter Joe Jordan
Evidently there is this UFO-ologist named Joe Jordon.   Now forgive me for my ignorance, but you have to remember this whole “UFO” thing was not my “bag” and I didn’t even believe in them until not too long ago.  But this Joe Jordon fellow evidently is the head of MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in the State of Florida (hey that’s where I live … cool!).  Well Joe, you see, was not a believer in Jesus.  He was just doing his “side job” and investigating alien abductions like the rest of them.  But something kept happening.  Over and over again, Joe was hearing this repeating theme.
Now if you have read my article series entitled “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel, and God”, you might remember how I read the account of Karla Turner in her book “Masquerade of Angels”.  Karla Turner was the FIRST alien abduction expert that I had ever heard refer to these things as “demonic”.  Just hearing her say that “blew my mind”.  After all how in the world could something IN THE PHYSICAL be demonic.  NOT POSSIBLE said I. 
I don’t care if you want to differentiate between “dimensional demons” or “physical demons” or “fallen angels” or WHATEVER …   I think we get too darn wrapped up in stuff that just isn’t really important in the grand scheme of things. 
After all, if you are running down a dark road from three 8 foot reptilians shooting lazer beams at your ass, are you going to give a CRAP if they are from the 5th dimension or the ORION Star System?? 
But you are going to give a crap about what I’m about to tell you.
As you might remember, in the Karla Turner book, Masquerade of Angels, this “reptilian” entity was about to do some awful things to a young boy.   His grandmother would have nothing to do with it and bravely jumped in between this seething evil and this little fellow and yelled “IN the Name of Jesus you LEAVE THAT BOY ALONE!!”
And it worked.  This entity, immediately left the room.  It didn’t go “POOF!” and vanish into thin air.  Nope.  But it stopped what it was doing and IMMEDIATELY left the room.
So Joe Jordan starts to hear these same testimonies over and over again from abductees.  This results in Joe Jordan giving his LIFE to Jesus Christ.  AMEN!!  Never mind at the MIT Alien Abduction Conference of 1992, several people said the SAME THING!!  Evidently on pages 235 – 236 of the transcripts from the conference abductees were able to FREE THEMSELVES from abductions IN PROGRESS by saying “IN THE NAME OF JESUS YOU LEAVE ME ALONE!!”
Go ahead and get yourself all in a tizzy over the technicalities of the word “Demon” if you want but as far as I am concerned they ….
So give them what they deserve, for goodness sakes, and TREAT THEM LIKE THE DEMONS THEY ARE!!
Here is one of the coolest web links I have ever had the pleasure of publishing.  This is from the CE4 Research Group that is evidently headed up by Joe Jordon’s team.  This web page has actual alien abduction testimonies from Christians who were abducted by these DEMONS and conquered them by using the NAME OF JESUS.
Not one of them used an “Orgone Supersoaker”!
Not one of them used a “Teak Spear”
Here is the link:
The Unwanted Piece of the UFO Puzzle

CE4 Research Case Testimonies

Summary in Jesus Name
Folks I admit it.  I have messed up time and time again.  I had a feeling everything we needed was in the Bible!!  I knew it.  But somehow I kept on thinking that because these things are “in this physical dimension” we would be needing some “special” secret formula to fight them off.

And the following “sacred words”
This is the one I got a few weeks ago.
Email me with a link to the one you get!!
I now have an 18″ Rams Horn Shofar and a 50 Watt Megaphone
My wife thinks I’m crazy.
I just point the Megaphone at her and announce “NO I’M NOT! In Jesus Name”

UFO Wars: They’re Coming to Save Us

Federation of Light – Merkaba Light Ship
Of the Adamic Elohim Group
The Ultimate Deception

Well folks over the last several days I have been doing some deep dive research.  It seems no matter how deep you dig into this “alien-demon” deception you keep tripping over the same “key words” and “trigger phrases”.    I find it utterly unbelievable how thorough this deception is.  I mean it is amazing.  Really amazing.
For example, this weekend I decided I needed a little “down time” in my studies.   Frankly I was spending too much time looking into some pretty creepy stuff.  It was eroding my positive spiritual connection with Jesus Christ my awesome King.  Too much “ugly” can really bring you down.  So that is why I have not published any articles in the last several days.  I just needed to “lighten up a bit” and veer off the “scary” study course for awhile.
But then I decided to pick up a book I had recently purchased and take it for a “spin”.  You might find it odd to note that I saw this book as a bit of a distraction even though it was on a relatively unsettling subject … Dulce.    Yep.  Don’t laugh.  So here I was looking for a “distraction” from my super-creepy study material and I find myself reading a book on the Paul Bennewitz Papers about the Dulce DUMB activities.
Now before I get going on this amazing subject matter laced with intricate deceptions that are nothing less than remarkable, we need to set a foundation and make it perfectly clear.
Okay?  Do you have that straight?
You can get formal with his name and call him Yeshua, or Yahashua if you like, that’s fine and He may appreciate that even though He was behind the whole Tower of Babel deal, but again let’s make something perfectly clear …
Jesus cannot be demoted.  Period.  Okay?  So no matter what you hear and no matter what version of a story you are given, Jesus was here from the very beginning of the creation of all the Universes and is an integral part of the “Godhead” and was here from the very beginning.   And just to confirm this for you here are some verses from the Bible itself to help NAIL THIS DOWN FOR YOU!!
John 10:30

“I and the Father are one.”
John 8:58

“I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I am”
John 1:1 says that
 “the Word was God.”
John 1:14 says that
“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us”

And this is just a taste.  Never mind John: 4:26, 8:24, 8:28, 8:58, 13:19 which all refer to Jesus as some form of “I AM”. 

And never mind …

Colossians 1:15-17

Jesus “ the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: For by him were all things
created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or
dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him: And he is before all
things, and by him all things consist.”

Make NO MISTAKE, Jesus is God.


JOHN 14:6b

“no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”

What Was That All About?

You see it seems the great secret to understanding all these creepy lies and “alien-demon” attacks is understanding the “master plan”.  The master plan is simply to convince us all that Jesus was only a “prophet” or “just a Rabbi” no different than any of the other prophets.  The “master plan” is to “demote” Jesus from His position as God.  Now while this might not be such a huge surprise to most of those who read Tribulation-Now regularly, when you see this theme repeat itself over and over again it becomes UNBELIEVABLE!! 

It’s one thing to see this theme repeated in the New Age material.  But its an entirely different thing to see the EXACT SAME THEME show up in a DUCLE DEEP UNDERGROUND MILITARY BASE book.  Can you believe it? 

By the time I had reached page 47 of 225, these letters had completely demoted JESUS CHRIST!!

What is THAT doing in a Dulce book on Underground Alien Bio Labs??  Can you tell me that?

Let’s get something perfectly straight here.

===>   Anyone who thinks we are some type of FALLEN ANGEL is DELUSIONAL

===>   Anyone who thinks Jesus was just some Rabbi or Prophet is DELUSIONAL

The Principle of Deductive Inference

Inference is the process of drawing a conclusion by applying heuristics (based on logic, statistics etc.) to observations or hypotheses;or by interpolating the next logical step in an intuited pattern. 

Said another way, deductive inference is using a little “common sense” to draw an obvious conclusion based on fundamental observations.

For example …

What can you infer, by realizing that the ONLY one the Satanists have special dates set aside to desecrate is JESUS?

Think about this.  Satanists do not desecrate Zoroaster.  Satanists don’t desecrate Buddha.  Satanists don’t desecrate Krishna.  Satanists don’t desecrated Vishnu.  Satanists don’t bother desecrating anyone but JESUS CHRIST!! 

What can you infer from that?


Pretty Cool Huh?

Next Example …

There are these entities that can only be communicated with by “divinisim”.  They call themselves “Elohim”.  Divinisim is also known as “channeling”.  Channeling is commonly used in the occult to speak with demons.  But by coincidence it is also used to communicate with “aliens” from other Star Systems. 


These “Elohim” have been around since the Luciferian Rebellion more than 16 billion years ago.  These “Elohim” are supposedly from the “Council of Nine”.  Coincidentally there are 9 stones referred to in Ezekiel 28 when God is talking about Lucifer.  Coincidentally there are Nine candlesticks in the Talmudic Menorah.

Are you making a connection here?

Reportedly these “Elohim” keep showing up.  They were in “Lemuria”.  Yep.  They were also in Atlantis.  You bet.  These “Elohim” were participants in the “Orion Wars”.  Yesiree!!  They have been around the block.

But according to the reports from the Paul Bennewitz Papers in the Dulce book, the “Lower” ranks of these entities are for some strange reason …


In fact they HATE US.  The terms used were “out of control rage” and “sheer hatred”.

Now what can you infer from that?


They want us DEAD because we are to RULE AND REIGN WITH JESUS OVER THEM


… get it?

The New Age Meets the Elohim

Prepare for the Landing

So amidst tons of research I get an email from one of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors Rick.  (Thanks Rick)  It includes a link to a web site called THE EDGE.  Now I am pretty sure I have run across this web site before but his time there was a radio show from a fellow named Michael Ellegion.  Mr. Ellegion coauthored a book entitled “Prepare for the Landing” with an illustrious learned “enlightened” space genius named Aurora Light (yes that’s the name she is going by).  Now before you toss these two “wunderkinder” to the mental recycle bin, let me warn you …




Human Looking Aliens are Good

What is really interesting to note is that behind the scenes of Tribulation-Now there was an intense discussion taking place over the last several days.  We were investigating the different alien-demon species (fallen angels if you like).  The problem we kept running into was whether or not there were potentially good aliens in the mix.  Right?  How do you know that all of the “aliens” are bad? 

After all you have the “Tall White” varieties that supposedly have children and only stop by the earth as a weigh station of sorts on their way to another galactic location.  Then you have the “awfully nice” Pleiadians that were kind enough to turn Billy Meier on to the Talmud Immanuel that explains how we got Jesus all wrong and that he was only a prophet not altogether any different than our friend Mohamed who is also terribly misunderstood.

I mean, all things considered, how do you know that there couldn’t be “good aliens” in the mix …. right?


Reptilians and Greys are Bad

It turns out that Mr. Ellegion covered all the bases.  Not only was he a “channeler” or “divinist” that has communicated with these fine upstanding cosmic citizens of the Federation of Light, but he had an answer for EVERYTHING.  I can tell you that he covered it ALL.  Listening to him tell the story of what is REALLY going on in the cosmos was ASTONISHING.  And even though I know there is no question this man is misled, what is really horrific is THIS MAN IS POSITIVE HE IS TELLING THE TRUTH. 

The reason this is horrific is because his story is actually very believable.  He eloquently covers the Luciferian Rebellion. He covers pre-Adamic Earth.  He covers the DNA attack on man.   He even explains that when people have “out of body experiences” and “think” they see Jesus or God, it is really one of the “Elohim” from the Federation of Light acting in a “divine” capacity.  YEP!!  They covered 100% of all the scenarios to a “T”. 

And they didn’t miss a trick.

Nibiru is Two Years Away

In fact, did you know, that NIBIRU is only 2 years out?  Yep.  Nibiru is only TWO YEARS AWAY!  Now I ask you this.  What if HE is correct?  What if Nibiru is in fact only 2 years away?  This would mean that 2012 was the approximate arrival time of Nibiru.  Mr. Ellegion says that there are in fact “bad aliens” on Nibiru and when Nibiru gets here we are in DEEP DOO DOO.  



When Nibiru gets here the earth is going to be destroyed (in so many words) and THEY are coming here to save us.  Those super nice Elohim human looking aliens in their Silver Lumatellic Suits of the “Galactic Council” are on their way here in their Merkaba Light Ships to save the willing humans from destruction.

Did you notice the Merkaba Light Ships are actually two pyramids on top of one another?

Did you notice the Merkaba Light Ships actually form a hexagram?  Or Star of Ba’al / Star of David?

Did you know the Merkaba Light Ships are powered by a “Holographic Crystal Consciousness Computer that is Literally Hooked into the Godhead”?

UFO Wars Have Started

Yes you see Mr. Ellegion was kind enough to explain these UFO wars people are seeing with the 3rd Generation Night Vision Optics similar to those used by

Allison Kruse “Seeing UFOs PA” on You Tube. Here:
And Ed Grimsley UFO wars on You Tube

Are actually real wars taking place between the Federation of Light folks and the naughty “Cabal” people trying to escape earth using Black Ops anti-gravity space buggies made by Boeing or the like.  Now before you scoff at this being impossible, I caution you to take pause.  While much of what these people think is “way out there”, there is a lot of what they are claiming that is VERY LIKELY FACT.

There are UFO’s fighting in the earth’s atmosphere and you CAN see them with night vision goggles.  There is some type of planetary object heading into our solar system and many people have seen it.  In fact I just received an email today from some Christian friends up in Pennsylvania talking about a strange “star” seen approaching our solar system.  They were musing about how it might be a “heavenly” sign of end-times Biblical proportions.  These people have NO IDEA what Nibiru is.  They have NO IDEA that the link they put in their email was about MAITREYA and his buddy SANANDA and their forthcoming arrival on some “cosmic” planetoid vehicle of sorts.

They didnt’ get it.

But they sure enough found the evidence of it.


Other Topics Covered by the Federation Story of Ellegion

Some of the other topics covered beautifully by Ellegion included:

  • Reptilians shape shifting and running Black Ops and the Government
  • Greys breaking the “Prime Directive” and making the Federation of Light unhappy
  • Lucifer creating the Reptilian / Illuminati 13 Family problem with the Rothschilds and Rockefellers leading the way
  • Chem Trails, Eugenics, the works all breaking the “Prime Directive” of the Cosmic Order
  • The Earth preparing to go into a Cosmic Shift
  • Vibrational Shifts
  • All “man” like humanoids being from the Adam Kadmon Sacred Blueprint with the Elohim being the most advanced
  • The Biggest UFO cover up is the fact that the human looking aliens are here to HELP US
  • Divine Intervention is Happening Very Soon
  • The Plans of the Cabal are being Stopped Early and They Will Save the Day
  • “They” (the Cabal) is planning a “faked” UFO attack on the earth
  • Nibiru and Wormwood are one in the Same (Editor’s Note: “NOT”)

… and much much more.


Thank you all for your patience lately.  Yes I have not been cranking out the articles at my normal lighting fast pace.  Yes I admit I needed some down time and also needed to spend some time in research.  If you are ever concerned about my well being than please don’t hesitate to email me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Better yet join our email list and you will hear from me now and then even between articles when I slow down a bit.

Please do not take these Federation of Light people “lightly” (pun intended).  Their story is extremely thorough and for someone who does not know their Bible thoroughly it would be a very plausible story.  Particularly when it is combined with EMPIRICAL evidence (like space ships landing on earth and showing up on CNN).

If and when we actually SEE space ships land somewhere, there will be MUCH EXPLAINING TO DO.  And these people have completely cornered the market on the whole story.  Our Churches CANNOT COMPETE with their rendition.  Our churches cannot even explain Dinosaurs or Arizona Meteor Craters.

If these people are RIGHT about Nibiru arriving here in the next 2 years or so we are in some serious trouble in a physical sense.   Nobody has all their facts straight.  NOBODY DOES.   I have researched all the most controversial authorities on these subjects and every single one of them goes off the “deep end” on their facts at some point. 




… and most of all


The Emerging Threat

UFO Shoots Laser:
Troop Buildup
Mounting the Offensive

Greetings again everyone in the Name of Jesus OUR King. 

Wow are we blessed in Jesus Name.  Glory be to the most loving and awesome God – the Most High, El Elyon.  As we see events begin to unfold, I keep realizing there are BILLIONS of people that have no idea this “stuff” is happening.  Wow.  And boy is it happening.  And FAST.

As video evidence and knowledge sharing continues to increase, I assure you we will all run into the danger of getting side tracked from our mission of saving souls.  It’s important to always remember to balance your research with finding ways to help people through these difficult times.  I am right there with you and just as challenged as the next person.  Let’s lean on one another and make sure our mission here on earth is successful for our savior, Jesus Christ.

A Request for Comments, A Call for Papers

Over the last 4 days or so I have been digging into some new sources of information.  In fact I have ordered another group of DVD lectures as well.  While I haven’t had time yet to absorb all the material and formulate reasonable conjecture, there have been some rather startling concepts and alleged events surface.

This is why I am opening this article up as a Request for Comments.  The “Emerging Threat” is moving too quickly for a few people to tackle in a timely fashion.  It is probably better we all become aware of the information and the sources, and start working together to understand the possibilities.

If you have already researched (or dug up) information in this area of study, feel free to send me “links” and emails of this data, and behind the scenes I will forward it out to colleagues for additional input.  Perhaps together we can wrap our arms around it and understand what “countermeasures” we need to employ in order to be spiritually prepared to “overcome”.

Do not hesitate to email me with your findings / discoveries at

Important Disclaimer

All information needs to be measured against the inerrant Word of God.  One of the challenges we face is that there are books not included in our current Bible canon that almost certainly should have been.  BUT this is extremely tricky business.  My personal “line in the sand” is that I will not read a book that claims to be legitimate unless it is mentioned in the existing canon.  That’s just me.  If you decided to read apocrypha and get yourself in spiritual trouble you go there to your own demise.  I have met some people who have read some of those books that didn’t fair well afterwards.  Trust me when I warn you we are living in spiritually dangerous times.

Many of the sources of information referred to on Tribulation-Now are questionable, to say the least.  Some of them are outstanding Christians, and others have rather untrustworthy allegiances.  Frankly it is beyond my capacity to fully vet all the sources.  But if we were not willing to study the “movement of the enemy” (and their belief systems), we would not have the understanding of today’s threat terrain that we currently have.  At this point the “Pandora’s Box” has been opened.  So the warnings abound.

Nostradamus – Centurie IV, Quatrain 28

Extraterrestrial Probe of the Watchers Discovered by Scientists 

During the time of troubles, when the sun is between the earth and Venus, i.e. from the point of view of Earth Venus is hidden by the sun, the Watchers (extraterrestrials) will be exposed through the powers of observation and communication. Scientists involved with radiotelescopy and related disciplines will observe an anomaly, and as they focus on it they come to the realization that it is a strong indication of a real UFO. The readings are caused by an instrument sent by the Watchers to observe mankind.

The scientists and the populace will learn more about the probe and the Watchers. But internal dissension will be created by fundamentalists because the existence of extraterrestrials is not consistent with their worldview. This will take place in approximately 7 or 8. The Watchers are returning to mankind at this time because they are trying to help him through gentle prodding and increasing spiritual love. They have always kept an eye on us and have observed our growth and development. They’re looking forward to the day we can join the universal community and help with their project in a way that’s unique to us.  

 Now quite frankly I have NO IDEA if Nostradamus is trustworthy.  In the Ancient of Days, Christian Symposium on Aliens series, they make the case for Nostradamus being “legit” by calling attention to the fact that he publicly denounced divinism.  But there is much other data that indicates he may not have been “of God” (YHWH).

Moreover, I do not know when Venus aligns in such a fashion as to be on the opposite side of the Sun with respect to the earth.

HOWEVER!!  When you see the last sentence of that Quatrain, it should be a MIGHTY WARNING TO YOU!

“They’re [the fallen angels] looking forward to the day we can join the universal community and help with their project in a way that’s unique to us.”

This statement alone should set off alarm bells in your head.  The ONLY universal community we are joining is the one that will be set up by our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ.  Anything else is a counterfeit and to be “exposed” as such.  In fact, this one statement alone should be a serious warning to anyone researching Nostradamus’ work.  This doesn’t mean that Nostradamus personally believed the “universal community” was “good”.  It is “possible” he was only “reporting” the information he was presented.  Who knows.

But this does NOT mean all the information is incorrect.  This does NOT mean that we cannot benefit by researching it.  This simply means that we better know our scripture extremely well.  If you don’t, you better get busy because it’s getting THICK out here and there is lots of “Annunaki Balderdash” to wade through.

In fact, I could list at least a dozen of my favorite Christian information sources right here and each of them “falls short” in some area of their understanding.  You simply cannot “cherry pick” the scriptures to suit your personal belief systems.  This is NOT ALLOWED.  And every single source does it to some degree.  It is very troubling and disappointing.


Making statements that are contrary to scripture is not acceptable.


Enter Ken Klein

Ken Klein is a “cutting edge” researcher on the “fallen angel” / UFO / “alien-demon” phenomenon.  Mr. Klein seems to be an impressive Christian.  For the last several days, a number of Tribulation-Now’s “key contributors” have been listening to some of his most controversial work and “vetting” it.  We have decided collectively that Mr. Klein means well but he doesn’t have all his facts straight. 

That’s okay though, as long as YOU HAVE YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!!

Klein has a fabulous understanding of the Luciferian Rebellion and the Orion Wars.  Klein calls them the “Angel Wars”.  In fact that’s where Klein starts tripping on his tongue.  He calls everything an “Angel”.  It’s one thing to refer to different brands of tissues as “Kleenex”, but it’s another thing to call a “Pillow Case” a “Kleenex”.

The only reason I am mentioning this to you is that you need to understand that Klein has embraced what appears to be this “Angel Wars” belief system.  And he strongly maintains that we are all simply one version of a “fallen angel”.  I suggest you “get past this problem” of Mr. Klein and simply disregard it.  I call your attention to it because we have an unfortunate tendency to “write off” all information from a particular source as soon as we discover “something” they say that we don’t agree with.  This is NOT a good practice if you want to understand what is going on around you today.

That being said here is a link to a Coast to Coast program entitled:

Fallen Angels and Light Beings

Again I pray that you can “get past” his notions of man being some form of “fallen angel” and get to the meat of his message.  What I mean by “the meat” is this forthcoming threat / UFO invasion.  The Bible is INFINITELY CLEAR that we are “Sons of God” and made in His image, and God’s most prized creation so GET PAST Klein’s “lip service” on the Ophanim nonsense and accept your future Glory as defined clearly in the scripture. 

Klein obviously got a hold of some old “Gnostic” writings that “snapped” neatly into the Bible text and he has embraced it as some convoluted from of truth.  Disregard that part and move forward to understand what he has discovered as it applies to today’s threat.

Here is a short list of things to consider.  Some of these bullet points will be expanded upon in future articles.

  • Klein acknowledges there have been interplanetary space wars and it is backed with Bible scripture (Amen)
  • Klein agrees there is a time compression problem in our typical understanding of scripture (Amen)
  • Klein points out that there have been “many ages” prior to this age (Amen)
  • Klein suggests there are both good and bad life forms (maybe so, likely so, but not our concern – See Luke 21:26)
  • Klein says he is getting reports galore (complete with film footage) that these “space buggies” are currently moving into our dimension (or simply our atmosphere) and in large numbers.
  • Many of these UFOs will materialize through clouds and then SHAPE SHIFT (like Transformers) into JET AIRLINERS!!

At this point I must stop and point something out.  About three years ago I spent a short burst of time studying some allegations that suggested the Jet Airliners that crashed into the World Trade Centers were bogus.  The data presented suggested that they were made to look like Jet Airliners but were not.  Instead it was suggested they were some type of remote controlled “Black Ops” jets.  The data presented pointed out bits of video evidence to make the case.

THEN the other day this story gets released:

Missile Strike Downs San Francisco Plane, News Blackout Ordered

A chilling foreign military intelligence directorate (GRU) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that Russian satellites orbiting above North America have picked up the “unmistakable” signal of a 9K34 Strela-3 (NATO designation of SA-14 Gremlin) man-portable air defense missile system (MANPADS) [photo 2nd left] being fired in the West Coast region of the United States where, “coincidentally”, reports are now emerging of a catastrophic explosion and massive fire in San Francisco.

According to Western reports of this catastrophe, a massive explosion hit San Francisco last evening around 6 p.m. on a hillside near Interstates 280 and 380, in a residential area named San Bruno that is about two miles west of San Francisco International Airport and was so loud and devastating that some officials initially suspect that a plane had smashed into the ground.

[Click the Above Link for the Entire Story]

Now how could a JET AIRLINER get shot down and not make the International news?  Even with the cover ups we are all so familiar with, shooting down a Jet Airliner is a pretty big deal.  Not easy for even “them” to cover up.  Right?  UNLESS!  Unless it was not a “Jet Airliner”. 
When you further research Ken Klein’s Coast to Coast interview, you will probably get the impression these “things” are in the middle of some type of “TROOP BUILDUP”.  If you don’t get that impression you probably should.   Klein made a special trip to NEW ORLEANS to see this phenomenon occurring.  Reportedly, over and over again, these “UFO” objects materialize through the clouds and “shape shift” into “jet airliners” and fly off to their destinations.
Don’t you find it interesting this is happening in NEW ORLEANS?  Remember Katrina?  This is happening by the ship yards on the coast. 
Gives a whole new meaning to “chem-trails” doesn’t it?
For what?  Got a clue?
Luke 21:26-28 again!

26  Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. 27  And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28  And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh

Now be careful here people.  Don’t let your excitement get the best of you.  It could be a VERY LONG TIME before this actually happens.  Just make sure you are as SIN-FREE as possible, ask for forgiveness continuously, and have a close personal, praise filled, and prayer filled relationship with Jesus Christ AT ALL TIMES. 

The Wars in Our Skies Have Begun

So have you heard of Ed Grimsley?  This fellow Ed is all over You Tube AND a number of well known national and local news outlets.  Ed has become quite the famous UFO specialist.  Ed, you see, purchased himself some military grade night vision optics.  And what do you think Ed saw?

Ed sees that the alien-demon wars in the earth’s atmosphere have already begun!

If you search on “Ed Grimsley Night Vision” or “Ed Grimsley UFO wars” you will find a tremendous following and gobs of videos showing what Ed has discovered.  It is absolutely unbelievable.  This is WAY BEYOND anything associated with peeking out the Space Shuttle windows.

And then you have the “Seeing UFOs PA” folks on You Tube.  Here:

These folks have also made a 3 to 4 thousand dollar investment in Night Vision optics and cameras.  Evidently, just outside of Pittsburgh, PA, there is a rather alarming build up of “alien-demon” space buggies of various types manifesting themeselves as “orbs”.  There is even footage of these “things” gathering in the forests and “doing stuff”.  Who knows what they are doing .. but you can see for yourself they are “there” and moving all about.

In one video, a neighbor fellow decides he’s going into the forest to track these “things” down because he saw “eyes” looking at him.

This gets pretty weird folks but these people are NOT LUNATICS and they are filming these events with extremely expensive military grade equipment.

See for yourself.

Laser Beams Burning Houses
Here below I have included the write up of a dream given to one of Tribulation-Now’s key contributors, Trudy.  Her children are very Jesus filled and they are given amazing dreams.   Here below is one such dream that goes hand in hand with the “UFO Shoots Laser” You Tube video shown at the top of this article.
Trudy’s Jesus Children’s Dreams
Jenna, July 16th –

” There was a spaceship hovering across the street from our house. The house that is on the lot across the street was not there in the dream, it was gone. There was a red lazer beam coming from the bottom of the ship. The ship was moving veeery slow like this.” (she showed me with her hand)
“As it was moving it was burning everything in its path. The ship was flat and egg shaped. There were square windows all across the pointed front. There were two ball shaped things, one attached to each side of the ship and they had little windows across the fronts too.  It was white.”
I asked her if she thought they were creatures like aliens inside.  She said that she KNEW they were human. Hmmm? I asked her if she could see them and she said no, she just knew.  I asked her what were they doing?  She said that they were burning everything. 
Then she goes on to talk about being in the attic. I asked her who were the people? She said some were family  (like grandparents) and shrugging shoulders she said, “Just other people.” 
She said that she kept pointing to the ceiling and telling the people to look.” LOOK! LOOK!” she said trying to warn them and urging them to pay attention.   She said, “Mom, nobody cared. ”   I asked her what was it that she was pointing to? She said the ceiling was starting to smoke and she knew the lazer was on the roof.   I asked her if she was older in this dream also.   She said that she didn’t think so. Hmmm.

Wellll, I think the “human” part of the dream is very interesting!

As always, input is welcome! God bless!

John Baptist’s Comment:

No there is nothing unusual about these “demon aliens” working with “humans”. This is exactly how it works. The U.S. government has signed a pact with the “devil” and these “things” are working with our “black ops” groups. Thank you for this …. it’s pretty scary … but no doubt from our Lord as a warning. Be Blessed In Jesus Name

So maybe you want to know what “I” think?  Here is what I think.  I think we need to stop worrying about WHEN and start worrying about WHAT! 
To those of us who are paying attention, it is painfully obvious we are in for a “Hill of Challenges” to say the least.  Things are going to get really weird, super soon.  Is it going to happen by 2012?  Maybe.  Are you going to live through it?  Who knows? 
What is really important is the WHAT part.  What are you going to do about it?  Are you going to “put out” your Jesus light and hide in a cave?   Or are you going to “do what Jesus said to do” and save people’s souls?
It’s time for us to adopt a whole new “End-Times Version” of bold!  We need to become scripturally smart on the Luciferian Rebellion.  We need to become scripturally smart on how to address millions of years of the earth’s existence.  We need to be able to SHOW PEOPLE the scriptures that prove there were ORION WARS.
Our mission here is to Save Souls for Our King Jesus!
Our mission here is to “Cast out Devils” and “Heal the Sick”.


… and most of all

Salvation Tactic: Matrix

Capture Their Attention
Hidden Messages of Salvation Everywhere

I used to watch more movies in the past.  These days I spend far more time researching stuff for the salvation of people’s souls for our King Jesus Christ.  I, like many Christians, feel more led to spend my time reading and studying the Word of God than wasting it watching movies.  So I tend to be quite selective.  And frankly I don’t appreciate hearing the Lord’s name taken in vain. 


As the research into this total onslaught of mankind continues, it has become rather shocking how many movies have hidden messages woven into them.  Wait until you hear what was uncovered regarding the “All Seeing Eye”.  But for now let’s focus on the hidden messages in the Matrix and how it can help save souls for our King.

The Fingerprint of the Holy Spirit

As more and more of this information is unravelled, it becomes quite apparent that God is not letting the demonic have their way without getting “a word in edge-wise”.  In fact, it appears God has made it perfectly clear that He is going to have a “say” in everything whether “they” like it or not.  I find this utterly fabulous.  It’s amazing to me just how many places you find God’s “stamp” of salvation.

When we are able to recognize this “stamp” we can point it out to people.  This “fingerprint of the Holy Spirit” is everywhere.  I believe the most astonishing evidence is in the Dollar Bill prophecies found by Jonathan Kleck (see the “Aliens, Demons, Nephilim, Time Travel and God” articles).  Here you see a case where only God could have “caused” those graphics to appear in the dollar bills.  In fact the $10 bill and $50 dollar bill show events that have not happened yet.  And Jonathan was told by God to disclose this information to the FBI. 

It doesn’t get any better than that!

The Matrix Fingerprint

Many years ago I watched the Matrix like many other people did.  But like so many, I didn’t see the fingerprint of the Holy Spirit in the movie.

But it’s there.

Now I am not an expert at all the Godly “double entendre” in that movie, but when you watch it with a keen eye toward the message of salvation it is rather fabulous.  There are scenes in the movie where the heroin, Neo, looks down a “dark road” and is told “you do NOT want to go down that road”.  You have the “leader” of the resistance, a fellow named Morpheus, whose life is sacrificed for the salvation of this fellow “Neo”.  Neo is “saved” by taking the “red pill”.  The red pill = Truth.  You even have a symbolic representation of Lucifer who tries to foil the whole operation.  Their names are symbolic as well.  It’s frankly rather fabulous that hidden in all the “sci-fi” stuff is this really cool message which can save souls for our King Jesus.

A Message in a Cubicle

So yesterday I am working away at my day job, keenly aware that even I was forced to participate in the Matrix.  Sometimes I think it’s harder to “walk in the spirit” continuously when you must participate in the Matrix.  People that dont’ have to subject themselves to the mental torture of the “work place” can stay in a “force-field”of praise and worship far more easily than those that must put on the earthly facade.  On the other hand even Jesus sat down with tax collectors and sinners in local bistros to tell them the message of salvation.  So if we want to be “like Jesus” then we need to “get to work”.  Amen?

So whenever I would get up from my desk to take a break, I would jokingly say to folks, “YOU ARE IN THE MATRIX”.  It got a lot of laughs.  I said it in a “down low and mysterious voice”. 

Yesterday around 4 PM, I stood up to stretch.  When I did, my head popped up over the cubicle like a Meer cat looking for clearance.  The girl on the other side of my work “prison-box” said “What are you doing?”  And I said “I’m a Meer cat looking for enemies, but YOU are in the MATRIX!”  I looked at her with a sinister grin and rolled my eyes jokingly.

She said, “Yeah I liked that movie The Matrix a lot”. 

And I said, “Yea but did you detect the “Hidden Meaning”?

Intrigued she replied “No!  What hidden meaning?”

I told her to “Watch this!” and I ducked down behind the cubicle wall for a second and lifted up a napkin with the word “BIBLE” written on it.  I held up the “secret code” and covertly showed her over the prison wall.

She was like “NO WAY!”

I said “YEP”

Summary in Jesus Name

In a whispering voice, amongst the ears and eyes of corporate America, I told her about the hidden messages of salvation in the Matrix.  She said to me “I believe in the Bible” and I said back to her “Yea well time is really SHORT!”  She said she didn’t believe that.  I told her “I knew it was”.

The point is that one thing led to another.  She asked me what my favorite chapter was and I told her Matthew 24.  She wrote it down.  Today I suspect there will be some Q&A.  Quietly.

Naturally we will officially be talking about the hidden messages in the movie “The Matrix”.  But behind the scenes the Johnny Appleseeds will be “planted”.

Do you think she will tell her friends?

I told her to look at Luke 21:26.  Do you think she will ask what it means?