The Botnet Coincidence

Thousands of Botnet Nodes

Lines Upon Lines
Pyramids Upon Pyramids

Jesus is so wonderful.

JESUS IS THE KING.  And we are about to meet him really soon.  You can BET on it!

We are so blessed to be alive during these very interesting times.  I hope and pray with all my heart that everyone had a good Thanksgiving holiday.

Where oh where have I been?  I have to tell you I have been right here.  Buried under books.  I have 13 books stacked up on my desk here in the office.  Two of them are open.  Several more are open behind me.  Frankly it is very hard to stay focused on any one particular topic.  And what makes it even more challenging is that all these subjects are “linked together” in one way or the other.  The temptation to jump from one book to another is very hard to keep in check.  Toss in a few open Internet browsers and I am drowning in data.

Then it hits me.

Writer’s Block and The Shoulder Tap

So the other day I’m doing the “day job” thing again.   This time of the year is hard.  Companies like to cram all their project work into the last part of the year.  And to make matters worse, there is something magical about December 31st for “deadlines”.   It makes sense, right?  After all, why wouldn’t you want to set all your deadlines at the end of the year when everyone is on vacation and there’s no one left in the office to get the tasks completed?  (shaking my head)

Sometimes when you are suffering from information overload you can’t see the forest for the trees.  And to make matters worse, you have those “life challenges” that get in the way all the time.  We all have them.  They’re unavoidable.  Work deadlines, approaching Thanksgiving Day feasts, relatives flying in, sleeping arrangements, and then to top it all off … yes you’ve guessed it … I am the one who does all the cooking.  I actually love doing it.  But when you toss all that wonderful stuff on top of this Tribulation-Now blessing, it is totally overwhelming. 

It’s really very challenging to “shift gears” back and forth between both realities.  After all, the “end of the world stuff” just doesn’t seem real when you are mixing pumpkin pie batter and basting turkeys.  It’s almost like living in the midst of alternate realities of sorts.  One second I’m cracking an egg on the side of a mixing bowl and the next second I am receiving an alert on my cell phone that a 4.5 magnitude earthquake cluster is hammering the Arkansas area.  I expect it will get really hard to bake Christmas cookies when Nephilim are running through your back yard trying to eat your dogs.

But I digress…

So there I am a few days prior to the Thanksgiving Day holiday period.  The previous weekend I had decided to watch the original “Aliens” movie with Sigourney Weaver from 1986.  I rarely re-watch a movie. But for some reason I felt led to download it and watched it by myself wondering if I would spot some hidden information.  But I didn’t.  It was a good movie, but I didn’t see anything that was “Illuminati like”. 

The next day I went to work as usual.  One of the guys on my team sent out an email to the group.  There was a picture in the email.  It was the Statue of Liberty with the exact same “Alien” from the movie stuck on Lady Liberty’s face.  I sat there in silence and stared at that picture.  I was searching my spirit for some type of “connection”.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  It was impossible.  I hadn’t seen that movie in over 20 years.  Why was I seeing this picture?  And yes I know that the Statue of Liberty is actually Queen Semiramis.  That “coincidence” stuck with me and bugged me all day. 

The next morning I woke up wondering still why I saw that alien picture.  The Lord spoke to my heart and told me it was His way of letting me know He was “still here”.  You see I was having a “dry spell” or a type of writer’s block.  Things were just not “coming to me” they way they used to and it was really bothering me.  Perhaps I was under demonic attack.  I assume nothing these days.  But there is no question that “alien” picture was a supernatural “tap on the shoulder”.  It was a gentle reminder that the Lord’s Angels still had “charge” over me.

Ps 91:11

For He shall give His angels charge over you,

To keep you in all your ways.


The Count Chocula Encounter

When you go through these surges in life where you feel very spiritually connected to the Lord, dry spells worry you.   I don’t know how the prophets of old dealt with it.  From all of my studies and my 30 + years of listening to Christian Bible teacher’s testimonies galore, the miraculous moments are few and far between.  This means there are long periods of time you have to just “act in faith”. 

I have often been told by other “Christians” that you must “wait upon the Lord” before taking a step in faith.  I simply do not agree with this “sacred cow” doctrine.  Yes you must believe the Lord will open the doors for you to step through, but if you don’t take the step, sooner or later the opportunity is going to pass you by.  This doesn’t mean the Lord didn’t open the door.  And if you think God is going to suddenly start talking to you through your stereo system, telling you to “get the led out of your butt”, then you’ve lost it.  Hearing God’s voice and learning to follow His will takes some initiative and faith.  But it sure helps A LOT when you get the occasional “tap on the shoulder” from those “messengers” we count on so much.  I love God’s angels.  I can’t wait to actually have a conversation with one some day.

A day or so after the “alien / Statue of Liberty” event, I get a call from a friend to meet him at the mall for lunch.  Upon arrival he informs me another friend is arriving at the airport and will soon join us.  Pretty soon the three of us are reminiscing about “old times”.  All three of us used to work together at the same company about 10 years earlier.  We remembered one funny story after another.  And soon we were laughing about the “living … breathing … documents” incident. 

You see, one day there was a big meeting with a lot of key people there.  The fellow leading the meeting had a strong Romanian accent.  And he was explaining that the documents being authored during the project were “living documents” that needed to be maintained constantly.  With his Romanian accent he rolled his tongue and said in the most Transylvania-“like” way … “Remember these are LIVVVVINNNG, BREEEAAATHING, DOCUMENTS!!”   Someone at the table said “No problem there Count Chocula!” and the whole room BURST into laughter.  Nobody ever forgot that funny moment.  There we were more than 10 years later remembering it as if it happened yesterday.

Suddenly my friend jumped up and yelled “GEORGE… COME OVER HERE!!”

There in a crowded mall, George suddenly showed up at our table.  George is the guy we were remembering from 10 years earlier.  George is the fellow with the Romanian accent.

To my friends, it was an unbelievable coincidence.

To me … it was supernatural.  A “tap” on the shoulder.  A bizarre reminder to “please stand by” … there is “more to come”.

A Jaw Dropping Disclosure

After the “Count Chocula encounter” I was walking around in a “Praise Jesus” fog.  I didn’t know what was going to happen next.  Things like that just dont’ happen to me.  While I admit I have had quite a few supernatural confirmations via emails from various Tribulation-Now contributors and a hand full of super unbelievable phone call moments, the “alien – Statue” event when combined with the Count Chocula moment were super bizarre and certainly had the effect of “waking me up”.   

But I remained somewhat troubled because I was not “connecting the dots”.  While both of those events were amazing, neither of them were leading me to my next article or pushing me toward any particular area of study.  I still had more than a half dozen books open on my bed side table.  Everything from “Pigs in the Parlor” to “The Key to Solomon’s Key”.   Everything from “The Christian Workers’ Handbook” to “The Canon Debate”.  Everything from “The Underground Alien Bio Lab at Dulce” to “Smith Wigglesworth on Healing”.  I depend on the Lord to “push” me toward the next subject when I get stuck and it just wasn’t happening. 

I believe it was a Tuesday morning.  I was doing some research on computer security at the time.  This was just prior to the Thanksgiving Day holiday.  I opened an email from a computer security company.  Inside the email was a link to what they referred to as a 3-D Botnet Map.  The idea was that you could “zoom in” and “zoom out” and see into a map of a global Botnet.  For those that don’t know what a Botnet is … it is a collection of virus infected computers located all across the Internet.  A typical Botnet can be made up of millions of computers in hundreds of countries.

The picture at the top of this article is the 3-D Botnet Map showing thousands of computers all infected with this particular virus.

I then “zoomed in” with the zoom control to see what I could see.  I zoomed inside the collage of thousands of computer nodes.  When I zoomed in far enough to see the labels on the infected computer nodes, BY COINCIDENCE, the computer node in the very center of my zoomed view was …


If you were sitting beside me watching my face you would think I saw a ghost.  There were literally thousands upon thousands of graphical computer nodes for me to zoom past.  The odds of me zooming in on a computer node with a name that has anything at all to do with Tribulation-Now research had to be one in a million.  The odds of me zooming in on one entitled “DISCLOSURE PROJECT” had to be one in TEN BILLION. 


There is no question in my mind that the Lord wanted me to drop everything and focus my study on THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT.  But not JUST the Disclosure Project.  Instead this was an outright notification that I have been on the correct course all along.  My research was to remain focused on “anything and everything” related to this COSMIC THREAT and the Disclosure Project is TOP DEAD CENTER in the middle of this forthcoming onslaught.
Early Findings and Disclosures

Supposedly yesterday at 4PM (somewhere) there was supposed to be an announcement by China that is “urgent”. Be advised the word is that China is part of an “east vs. west” evil cabal “battle” of sorts. Now for what it’s worth, the “word” is that amongst the “evil forces” there is a division. This is a confusing concept to explain. But apparently, amongst the dark forces associated with the devil’s army here upon the earth (e.g. the Committee of 300, the dark “cabal”) there is a division.  They are not 100% unified across the globe.  Said another way, the globalists are fighting amongst one another.  This makes for some interesting dynamics.
I don’t find this concept difficult to grasp since every major conflict has had a similar “modus operandi”. From Nazi Germany, to the Bolshevik revolution, the leadership of the various armies were pitted against one another to keep the “devils” under control “top down”. 
Lucifer is in control at the top in the sense that ultimately he has been running the show here anyway.  So the “pyramid” control system is perpetually in place.  Everyone is deceived … even the generals of Lucifer’s army.  So as you “monitor” the happenings you must be aware that everyone is being played.  Even those who “think” they are on the “good side” are being “played”. 

They are ALL being played 
I am going to say this one time emphatically.  If you are “following” anyone (any man or group of people), you are in “danger” of being deceived.  For example,  if  you are following Dr. Bill Deagle, you are in trouble.   If you are following “anyone” in particular, you are in trouble.  Do not believe anyone that says things like “you must ascend” to a higher level or that “love” will save you… etc.  I will write more articles about this deception.  But I guarantee you that the “deception” is SO UTTERLY DEEP that your mind will be blown. 

Believe only Jesus   JESUS ….   JESUS

There is a growing group of people in the Christian community that are SUPER SCARY and to be FEARED.  I am warning you in the Name of Jesus to be extremely careful.  They are all interconnected at the COSMIC level.  And some of them are utterly astonishing in their Biblical prowess.  If you are not KEENLY aware of the “buzz words” and “warning signs” you WILL believe them.  You will believe that they are wonderful Christians that have figured out some awesome “mysteries” that were hidden in the Bible until the END-TIMES and they are hear to HELP YOU.

I will be unraveling these lies in future articles and helping you to identify these extremely dangerous mouthpieces.  They are all connected and they truly believe they are doing God’s work.  THEY ARE NOT.  There are very subtle hints that will help clue you in on the deception.  But you have to know what they are.  You have to know your Bible extremely well to figure these people out.
Summary in Jesus Name
Did you know there is a secret code word to be invited into the Kingdom of Heaven?  Yep sure is!  NO THERE ISN’T!  There is no “cosmic ascension” or “spiritual change” required on your behalf to make it into the Kingdom of Heaven.  We are swimming in lies and nonsense.  Through a rather impossible “coincidence” the Lord has led me to focus my research on this “Disclosure Project” stuff, and the more I study it, the more I realize it is all tied together into a big FAT LIE.   I’m not talking about the obvious stuff here.  I am telling you the deception is so thick that your understanding of who “the elect” are is in jeopardy.  
These people have weaseled their way into the Full Gospel Business Man’s Fellowship. These people have weaseled their way onto The Prophecy Club.  These people are hobnobbing with legitimate Christian leaders who are “none-the-wiser” and they are giving EXTREMELY COMPELLING TESTIMONY. 
There are no good cosmic visitors coming here to save planet earth.  You do not have to ascend to a higher spiritual level.  Jesus is going to send his angels to gather you up when the time comes. 
The reason these forthcoming events are going to “trip up” the vast majority of Christians is because they are going to be utterly UNBELIEVABLE… even to you and I.    Think about it.  If the very cosmic visitors that are coming to earth ACTUALLY BELIEVE they are coming here to save us for real, the deception will be ALL THAT MORE CONVINCING.   If the ambassadors of these cosmic visitors here on earth ACTUALLY BELIEVE they are here to save us, they will be all the more believable.  Even the extraterrestrial visitors are coming here to DO GOOD.  There ARE forces of good and evil.  There ARE “good aliens”.  In their minds they are GOOD.  In their minds they ARE coming to save us.  They believe the lie too.
These Federation of Light human-looking alien entities DO IN FACT shoot down ICBMs!  Did you hear what I just said?  I kid you not.  There are “alien demon” UFO’s in our atmosphere right now that are actively trying to prevent nuclear war and are actually shooting down Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles and have been shutting down Nuclear Missile sites INTENTIONALLY now for OVER 50 YEARS!
There are NO good aliens.  They are all fallen angels.  They are all demonic forces.  It does not matter if they “think” they are doing good or “appear” to do good.  They are all working for the DEVIL.  In the end, the Christians will be killed by them just like the Bible says.  How horrible it is to realize that the FEMA Camps themselves may have been constructed for their use as far back as 1984.
After all … those who built those camps are the same baby killing Lucifer worshiping freaks that have been trying to enslave and murder us all since Ancient Egypt.
PS: Keep your eyes pealed and watch the News Today!!  The Simpsons’ clock may have been pointing to 11:30 and not 11-6.

Waiting for the Water to Boil

Analysis Paralysis
It’s Getting Warmer

Praise Jesus.  Glory be to God.  We are to praise the Lord in ALL THINGS. 
Isn’t it interesting how we often glaze over key words in scripture?   The word “All” is a powerful word.  So is the word “every” (1 Thes. 5:18).  Well today I choose to praise the LORD for this apparent quiet time.  That’s what we seem to have at the moment.  Well … sorta. 
Never-the-less I PRAISE JESUS!
I also am thankful the Lord takes care of my basic necessities.  I praise Jesus I don’t have to get all “hyped up” over everything that is happening and can take it in stride.  We know the water is getting warmer.  There are a LOT of things happening all over the world and we can “FEEL IT”. 
Just because it’s quiet at the moment doesn’t mean the water isn’t about to boil.
But when will it boil?
How will it boil?
Zero In on Body Scanners
Isn’t it interesting that only about 10 days ago the whole world, including myself, was a’buzz about the Chinese submarine missile firing off the coast of Los Angeles?   I remember sending a text message to a friend in Virginia about that one.  In a bizarre sort ‘a way, I was pleased that something unusual finally made it to the Rothschild controlled news grid.  I was really surprised when one of the guys at work admitted he had heard it was the Chinese and not some left over 4th of July bottle rocket set off by some bored 8 year old.
But what happened to that story?  In fact, what happened to all the “MID-NOVEMBER” alerts??  Where is Clif High and the WebBOT Solar Maximum now? 
Don’t get me wrong.  I understand the WebBOT technology and even wrote an article about how it works in layman terms.  But even with its shortcomings, a peak the size of the November one should have resulted in something substantial.  Is something going to happen in November after all?  I don’t know.   I praise JESUS nothing has.  Praise YOU JESUS for the peace we continue to have in spite of all this evil.
And now it seems, amidst the Chinese flexing of their nuclear muscle, Simpson’s cartoons with tell-tale Illuminati warnings of mushroom cloud generating explosions and clocks pointing to seemingly obvious dates, and TONS of other warnings; we have zeroed in on the TSA body scanner problem a bit.  Now call me crazy, but if I have to choose between someone groping my body parts or praying for burned bodies in the aftermath of a false flag nuclear attack … I choose groping.  And what a sad state of affairs it is when we are cognizant enough to realize that we could actually be choosing between two such evils at any moment.  Wow.
And what about all the Holiday Shoppers who have NO IDEA any of this is going on?
I used to tell people that “Ignorance is Bliss and I’m the Happiest Guy on the Street”!!
Thank You Jesus I know how this all turns out.  Lord in Heaven, I pray earnestly for those who know about these things but have no idea where to turn for salvation.  There is a wonderful exciting freedom in knowing how awesome things will be when we get “off this planet” and into the “Heavens” where we were meant to be in the first place.
Let’s get the show on the road in Jesus Name!!
Star Gates and Star Dust!
Did you know that a Star Gate actually reaches maturity?   Evidently so.  I guess it makes sense.  If you think of it as a magnetic field and you have a basic understanding of how electro-magnetism works, it stands to reason there is a point of maximum field intensity.  And when you mix the electro-magnetic with the vibrational components of particle science there is arguably a point of corresponding resonance … right?  So sure.  I guess it could be true.
But what about the Gold Dust deal?  My “Top Secret Sources” [tongue in cheek] tell me that when a Star Gate reaches maturity or “readiness” it emits a field of “gold” particles or “gold dust”.   I find that rather amazing when you consider that these over-hyped, Kundalini-esque, “jacked up” so-called “Jesus get-togethers” have been reporting “gold dust” showing up in the room.  Perhaps this Gold Dust deal is legitimate when there is an electro-particle-magneto-resonance opening up a dimensional portal.  And who is to say this cannot happen with YHWH?  I am not here to judge, but I do find it rather amazing and a very interesting “coincidence”. 
One thing is for sure, before I go running into any one’s Star Gate, I am going to make DARN SURE that it is MY KING’s energy portal and not some freaky Pleaidian / Omegan group hanging out with their reptilian friends sharpening steak knives.
The Cosmic Threat Thickens
It appears that everyone is jumping on the Federation of Light band-wagon.  When you know the origins of “New Age” and how it is inextricably woven from the roots of “all things Lucifer” and “all things Esoteric Mystery Religion”, the deception  is very obvious.  But certainly not for the casual on-looker.  In fact, the majority of the population that has never finished reading an entire book (let alone the Bible), is in serious trouble.
But what I have noticed is that everyone is now talking about this “New Age” / Federation of Light / spaceships coming to save us … stuff.  EVERYONE!  Never mind Colleen Thomas was interviewed on Russia Today over the Chinese missile launch.  If that isn’t alarming enough.  But now web sites that used to be dedicated to presenting UFO and alien (demon) abduction information are now digging DEEP into the “Merkabah Light Ships passing through Star Gate Portals” stuff.
If you know how to “dig” into the information being presented and zero-in on “key words”, you can listen to testimonies from people and connect all the dots.  THAT ‘s when it gets ABSOLUTELY ALARMING!!  I recommend when you listen to You Tube testimonies and videos, and read articles, that you take notes on the data and research the information a bit further. 
When you do this deep-dive study,  I guarantee you will continuously find yourself circling directly back to the same “Top Ten” New Age, Pleiadian, channelling mouthpieces.  There is a shocking connection here.  This cannot be understated.  We have MK-Ultra Mind Controlled people coming out with testimony that has interconnecting data to virtually ALL of the Luciferian Army’s agenda items.  It is linked so thoroughly to so many “elements” of this onslaught it is unreal.
Star Gates & Space Ships Everywhere

Below is a link to the Gulf of Aden Star Gate testimony and quite a bit of other data collected by the article’s author.   If you take the time to listen to the full 1 hour and 26 minute testimony of Aaron McCullom, you will be able to glean out some very interesting information.  But there is more than “meets the EAR” here (thanks Kari).  

If you pay CLOSE ATTENTION to Mr. McCullom’s eyes, especially around the 44 minute mark (and from there forward) you will see a “tell tale” rapid eye movement occurring.  His eyes will dart down and to the left extremely fast, almost like a “twitch”.  This is not normal and I have seen a similar characteristic manifest in those who were (are) perfectly possessed.  In fact, some people that I have seen this same “eye darting” characteristic were said to be completely possessed by “reptilian demons”  by multiple sources.

It occurred to me while listening to this person’s testimony that either 1) he was sincere about wanting to tell his story to help mankind and disclose the evil “cabal” or 2) He was acting a part to further a deeper deception.  It also occurred to me that it is quite possible that Lucifer’s minions are being pitted against one another.  So IF this person is perfectly possessed by a “walk-in” reptilian demon, it COULD be possible this is one of the “so-called” good one’s.  How utterly un-real it is to actually consider the dynamic in the ABC Mini-Series “V” could be for real.  How unbelievable it is that there could be “good reptilians” and “bad reptilians” (in their own minds).  Mind Controlled Minds … that is. 

Things are getting really interesting.

The Gulf of Aden Star Gate Opening

Additional Star Gate Tidbits
Mr. McCullom brings up some alarming points.  And it seems most apparent to me that he is almost certainly possessed by “something” bad.  But in these extremely dark days we live in, to those of us who Love our King Jesus Christ, ALL of these entities are bad.  In fact it’s important to realize it may not be long before we have nobody (on earth) we can trust except one another.  And in some cases those we believed we could trust will turn against us.  This is going to be very hard to deal with. 
We need to learn how to AMPLIFY our spiritual relationship with JESUS in such a way that our “spirit of discernment” is very POWERFUL and highly accurate.  And very soon we will not be able to take ANYTHING for granted.  At this stage, I take NOTHING for granted.  I pray about everything.  Constantly! 
Evidently this Gulf of Aden Star Gate is actively letting “space ships” flow in and out of it.  It has been suggested that the entities that are flowing in and out are those who “seek to do us good”.  In fact it was suggested that the “Federation of Light” people are those behind this Star Gate and the global military buildup there is to “control” and ultimately STOP these “good aliens” from breaking through in force.
It was clearly stated the some type of false flag terror attack event(s) is yet to occur here in the United States and across the world.  This series of events would lead to a very large Afghanistan-type war situation in Yemen.  This actually makes sense since it’s no big secret that the evil “cabal” has been “front loading” our minds with Yemen being the epicenter of “terror” activity for a very long time.  And when you realize that 95% of what the average person sees on TV is a distraction, you have to ask yourself…. from WHAT?
There is evidently also another HUGE Star Gate about to open off the coast of MIAMI!
And evidently there is some type of underwater alien-demon freak-show Star Gate “base” of sorts off the coast of Puerto Rico called “Sea-Gate”?  No wonder Puerto Rico, of all the Island Countries in the Caribbean, was the one country the United States decided to make part of “it’s own territory”.  FASCINATING!!
Summary in Jesus Name
I find it utterly un-real to see all the things that are happening around us.  We can never forget one thing for another.  This is hard to do.  A Chinese nuclear submarine fired a missile off the coast of the U.S. ten days ago and we are already focusing our attention on other things.  
I believe, somehow, we must never let our attention be focused on any ONE thing (except JESUS).  Personally I make it a point to remember all the news tidbits that have happened over the last YEAR at a minimum.  Often times I will read over my old articles just to help me remember some of the alarming ALERTS we were all worried about at one time but have suspiciously forgotten.
People we are in a STRANGLE HOLD.  In fact, we have been in a strangle hold now for YEARS AND YEARS.  The more I think about it the more I believe that either they are waiting for the Planet X approach to “heat things up” or they have some other cosmic master plan that they intend to break prior to the Nibiru “catastrophic climate change” events.
Oh wow… I almost forgot.
Get yourself a White Board and KEEP TRACK
And most of all …

What’s Really Important

Vision into Eternity

What is really important in life?  Let’s make a really short list.  Let’s capture and review some of these ideas in a short discussion.

Encouraging one another.  Keeping things in perspective.  Remembering that you don’t have to be afraid.  Knowing we are more than conquerors.  We already have the victory, now and forever.  Never lose sight of that.  What’s really important isn’t so much knowing who your enemy is … but … 


These were the key points that jumped out at me from this letter I received from Julia.  God Bless You Julia.  I needed to hear it.  Maybe we all need to hear it.

You see, Julia and I have never met.  This is the first email I received from Julia.  What’s really fascinating is what Julia was sharing with me was exactly what I needed to hear too.  I’m no different than anyone else.  We all need to encourage one another.   When it comes to keeping things in perspective, I am one of the worst offenders.  I still have my 2012 “escape pod” on my car.  It’s so easy to lose sight of the fact that we have already won this battle. 

How cool is it that our God’s Word is the only text ever written that has an immaculate track record of accurately predicting the future?  How awesome is it that we not only get to win this battle here in this “existence” but we get to move on to “rule and reign” with the most LOVING KING EVER?  JESUS CHRIST!

Julia’s Letter

Hi John

I just want to thank you for your website and cannot believe that you even get opposite emails. I just ran into your site a few weeks ago and have probably read everything on it. I am so blessed by all the info, even though some of it is over my head at times. After having read survival sites and various other sites for a long time, your site is the only one that ultimately is really encouraging in the Lord and pulls it all together.

Even after all the evil happening now and still coming, you have helped me put it into perspective, that we do not have to be afraid, that we are more than conquerors and that we will have the victory in the end. It is so easy to lose sight of that, when you read all these alarming events for so long. It is good to know your enemy, but in the end what counts is what we do about it.

After reading your stuff I started again praying more and more in tongues, doing more and more spiritual warfare and just overall having more hope again. I am so thankful also for the sense of humor you have and for the language you use. Your thinking process just blows me away, but it also clicks and is scriptural.

So again thank you, you are a blessing. whoever is really searching, will see the truth. You are pointing the way for whoever is willing to look.

in Texas

Summary in Jesus Name

When Jesus is handing out the 1 Corinthians 3:14-15 “rewards”, please be sure you are not disappointed.   We are so fortunate we live in the very end-of-times.  Because we see what looms on the horizon it gives us a second chance to make a difference.  And the best part is you can have fun doing it.

There comes a heavy burden knowing what we know.  But if you let that burden stop you from being the shining light of Jesus in your walk on this earth, you have missed your opportunity to make the difference you were intended to make. 

Don’t let that happen. 

Just this last weekend I went to see the movie “Skyline”.  I wore my new T-Shirt on purpose.  The T-Shirt is black with bold white letters that says “Aliens are Demons”.    The fellow at the theater who took my tickets said “Hey I like that T-Shirt!”.  I quickly let him know “It’s all in the Bible”.  Will that seed grow?   I don’t know.  Was it fun doing it … it sure was!

I also contacted Metropolitan Ministries in my area.  I said I would.  I can hardly wait to get involved.  Every person you get the opportunity to talk to about these things is …

we can save from the

We have the greatest Christian opportunity ever presented to mankind.

We have the Opportunity to Save People from the Delusion!
We have the Opportunity to Prevent People from “Falling Away”!
We have the Opportunity to Create more of “THE ELECT”





Prov 23:7

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he.



Conspiracy Theory: Police State

Resistance is Futile
Jesus is “The Escape Route”

I shake my head in disbelief even as I sit here.

Yesterday I mentioned this episode of Conspiracy Theory to one of my coworkers.  The very second the word “conspiracy” entered the “vibrational existence” of the surrounding particle field, this unfortunate victim’s ability to “hear” was immediately shut down.  I was left with no other option but to agree that the conspiracy crazies are everywhere, but still recommend he take the time to give this particular show a “look see”.

You can bet he did not.  In fact he assured me that regular television shows were not “his thing” and that he was only into the news and sports.

Like Katie Couric and the Buccaneers I suppose.


The “mind control” of the citizens in the United States of American is so utterly thorough I do not see any possible way to rescue the situation.  The battle for the “mind of America” has been lost.  There may be a few people out there that can be awakened but it’s going to take a LOT of hard work to find them.  Many of these folks, when presented the facts, will simply shut down the fractured remnants of their mental receptors as their pathetic psychological defense mechanisms force them into an immediate state of denial.
Don’t give up.

Far Worse than It Seems

The situation at hand is further along and far worse than it seems.  After you watch this critical episode of Conspiracy Theory and realize it is just a matter of time before this operation kicks into full gear, realize this is just the tip of the ice berg.

Other than the activation of martial law and imprisonment and execution of American citizens (en masse), some of the things that are happening now, or are looming on the horizon of our future include:

  • Chinese military muscle flexing like never in the history of the world.  See my article entitled “The United States Ends in 2010?” here for more information:
  • Prophecies of America’s (the Great Babylon) Destruction including nuclear attacks
  • Chinese shooting missiles off our coast and hardly anyone paying any attention (you are the exception)
  • Looming Global Financial Collapse
  • Gulf Oil Catastrophe – the Ever Lasting Gobstopper of Danger
  • Sudden Catastrophic Climate Change Events
  • Increasing Earthquakes with recent dramatic activity increases in New Madrid Fault Zone
  • Volcanic Activity Increases
  • Earth Wobbling Events
  • Cosmic Spirals on the Rise
  • Planet X Approaching (one of my favorites – Amen!!)
  • The Federation of Light preparing to Save Us All

I SAY …..


Conspiracy Theory: Police State

For those of you who may have missed this critical “must see” episode, here are the links to view it via You Tube.  As a personal owner of every single Alex Jones (and related) Documentary(s) ever made, I can tell you this is a MUST WATCH.

Because people have short attention spans, the impact of this 44 minute video is highly effective.

This video effectively covers,


  • Fusion Centers – The fact that these centers are extremely powerful, well funded, and have NO oversight at all. There is nobody to “hang” if anything goes wrong. This is precisely how “organized crime” operates.
  • FEMA Camps – Both large and small. Well funded and those that are in protected properties and fields. Confirms the number at about 800. Shows the Train Stations feeding the camps. Shows children’s areas with children swinging on swings.
  • FEMA Coffins – Show the FEMA Coffins up close and personal. Remember I have an article that shows these are “Patented” devices documented as “Cremation Containers for Cadavers” and actually shows a human body inside of them
  • Extensive Interviews with Congressman Ducking and Intentionally Lying

Conspiracy Theory: Police State – Part One

Conspiracy Theory: Police State – Part Two


Conspiracy Theory: Police State – Part Three


Conspiracy Theory: Police State – Part Four



Please Remember


People please remember this most important thing.

These FEMA Camps etc.,are horrible and when people see this entire video they will almost certainly go into an immediate state of denial (just like many of the citizens of Nazi Germany did). Furthermore, this is just the TINY TINY TIP of the iceberg.

There is no escaping what is coming upon the earth.

People need to understand this.


People need to surrender their lives to Jesus Christ
so they can look forward to getting
And Into the “Heavens” with





Cosmic Threat Analysis

Remain Focused
Know Your Enemy

For what it’s worth, it appears to be time I take a stab at helping people understand the cosmic threat as best as possible.  But allow me to begin with a statement of humility.  I do not pretend to have all my facts straight.  It would be fair to suggest I probably over simplify things greatly.  However I believe there is a diminishing point of return amplified by over-analysis of the situation.  In my opinion, God did not spend a lot of time trying to explain the different categories of demons because in God’s view, it simply wasn’t important.  Either you are FOR GOD, or you are AGAINST GOD.  It’s just that simple.

That’ being said, I can assure you I have every intention of over-simplifying things.  In fact, it’s safe to say that I continue to study this topic but with great care.  This is a very dangerous topic for a Christian to study.  Why?  Because in order for you to study it properly you have to research material from a number of sources that are extremely powerful, intelligent and dangerous.  If you simply study “apocrypha” you inherently run the risk of digesting gnostic texts of demonic origin.  For example, the Gospel of Thomas was widely used by the early Roman Catholic Church to convince parishioners they could “buy people’s salvation” by making sizable contributions to the church.  My point being that you simply cannot study a single “body of knowledge” and derive the whole picture easily.  This is particularly true of demonically written gnostic apocrypha.

However, this same danger exists when studying information presented by these “entities” directly / indirectly (through “channeling” and other sources).  That being said, no matter how you attack this type of research you are guaranteed to be swimming in thick demonic lies.  Some of them are so troubling and so convincing many “Christians” do not come out unscathed.  In fact, many “Christians” will need help being pulled out of the pit of deception after readings such material.  The data presented by these “demons” is utterly fabulous and so well presented and convincing that it will cause “even the elect” to occasionally falter. 

I have gone there.  It has scared me.  I have had to “step away” from such research on more than one occasion because it is blasphemous.  And let me tell you that utterly convincing blasphemy presented by the most powerful demonic forces in the entire galaxy is not something you want to subject yourself too without great care and an extremely strong understanding of God, His Word, and the enemy and his tactics.  Suffice it to say I spend a great deal of time throwing metaphorical ropes down into the dark pits of demonic lies in order to rescue some well intentioned soul that accidentally started reading this stuff.

Over-Simplified Glossary of Terms

Simple Definitions are Child Like

To some people who consider themselves “scholars” this section would make them cringe.  I personally do not have a high level or respect for people who consider their work “scholarly” because it wreaks of lacking the necessary humility to properly approach such esoteric subject matter in the first place.  There is a reason why Jesus made it INFINITELY CLEAR we need to have the mind of a child to understand and enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Mark 10:14-16

“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. 15 Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”


The bottom line here is this.  Do you want to understand this subject matter or do you want to walk away confused like most of the so-called “scholars” writing about this material?

If you want to understand who your enemy is, then you need to simplify the semantics. 
Good = Good.  Bad = Bad.

Enemies of God are Demons

To continue forth let’s discuss some basic terms.  For the purpose of this article, demons are any entity that has turned against God.  They are part of the forces of darkness.  Most self-appointed scholars like to over-analyze this topic until the reader falls into a REM sleep whose catalyst is rivaled only by the strongest sedatives.  My “child like” mind, is plenty happy categorizing ANYTHING that cannot call Jesus Christ it’s Lord and Savior a DEMON.  

Some say demons are the dead spirits of the Nephilim.  Even as I type this I find myself feelings drowsy.  WHO CARES.  The simple fact of the matter is that it really doesn’t make a hill of difference in a proper “threat analysis”.  Again, I maintain, for the purpose of this article … any entity that cannot call “Jesus Christ its Lord and Savior” is a DEMON.  Period.

This means that, to me, a Fallen Angel is a Demon.  This also means that the entities in the 2nd Heaven (or next Dimension, arguably the fourth dimension) are Demons.  In fact, as far as I am concerned, ANY AND ALL entities that report to LUCIFER as their appointed Commander in Chief are in fact … Demons. 

Isn’t simplicity a beautiful thing?  I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

Aliens are Demons
Annunaki are Demons
Nephilim are Deformed Human Demon Offspring (e.g. Demons)

To further clarify this terminology.

Nordics are Demons.  Grey Zeta Aliens are Demons. Tall Whites are Demons.  The Council of Nine are Demons.   The fallen “Elohim” minor gods are Demons.

The word Demon basically means ENEMY.  Demon = Enemy.  Demon = Bad.  Demon = Wants to Kill Us.  Demon = wants to murder our babies.

Get it?

They are ALL BAD and they ALL work directly (or unwittingly) for LUCIFER.

Again … If your Commander in Chief is LUCIFER, then YOU are a DEMON. 

(Note: The only small variation I am willing to make in this lose definition is a human that is heavily controlled by demons, and in that case there are some that cannot be saved no matter what you do, e.g. “not invited to the party”, never written in the Book of Life / “perfectly possessed”, a form of “walking dead”, etc.)


Simplified Analysis

Many, many “scholars” will not agree with my “take” on how things happened “In the Beginning”.  And frankly I could give a flip.  I refuse to debate stuff that has no bearing on serving Jesus Christ the King.  If my understanding of this matter is over-simplified or somewhat skewed, but it ultimately helps people understand who their enemy is … then I’ve done my job.  If my potentially skewed “take” of this matter helps people understand what their position is (in the Universe) as an appointed Son of God that will eventually “rule and reign” with Jesus Christ (when this is over), then I have done my job. 

I have studied other “renditions” of this timeline.  There are a vast number of them.  Some “ring a bell” and make sense and others “ring an alarm” and don’t make sense.  I believe God makes sense.  I believe Jesus makes sense.  When something doesn’t “makes sense” to me, and the author (or “scholar”) fails to help it “make sense” to me, then I disregard the conclusions.  If you don’t like my analysis methodology then “click away” in Jesus name.  If you can show me one single scholar or one single author that has figured this all out and not made any mistakes … then “click away” in Jesus name.

Personally I believe that every source of information on most subjects has some truth in it.  Some more than others, some less.  When you apply the principle of “quid bono” (who benefits) or analyze the “motivation” behind the actors in a proposed plot, you should be able to apply a reasonable “smell test” to the implied conclusions.  If they don’t pass the “smell test” then toss them into the trash like a pile of bad lunch meat.  Further more you should be able to take any reasonable “hypothesis” that passes the “smell test” and reverse engineer it into scripture.  If the scripture does not back the “hypothesis” then it must be discarded.

In the Beginning and Then Some

Our God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, (YHWH) is the SUPREME CREATOR and the ONLY Architect of the Universes (multi-verses).  In fact his creation abilities and eternal characteristics are completely beyond our understanding.  This also applies to his only begotten Son Jesus Christ … my personal Lord and Savior and awesome loving KING! 

The Bible has “lines upon lines” of information and data woven into it.  This information is spread across the text from beginning to end.  It is not a chronological dissertation of events by any means.  If you want to see how complex the dispersion of data is throughout the body of text I recommend you search on “The Satanic Rebellion” by Luginbill.  To save you some time here is a link to his work

It won’t take you long to realize this author is awesome and we all have a LOT to learn.  Luginbill backs 100% of all his allegations to scripture and you will quickly discover there is information spread all throughout the Bible about the Satanic Rebellion and events that led up to it.

My oversimplified explanation is as follows.

In the Beginning, GOD (YHWH) and his council of minor or lesser gods, were meeting to discuss the architecture of the Universes (see Psalms 82).  By this time GOD had already created his Commander of the Angels, Lucifer.  To simplify this discussion, the term “angel” may include a smorgasbord of life forms and some of those life forms might possibly be a type of “lesser god” through a loose definition (just let this one slide for now … it’s not important). 

The Architectural Board of Directors

So you have to imagine a “Board of Directors” sitting around a table with GOD.  Lucifer was very high up the chain of command.  In fact you could even refer to him as the “Second in Command”.  You might even think of him as “Mr. Spock” in the original Star Trek (note that I find it fascinating Mr. Spock just happened to have demon ears in that series … let’s save that discussion for some whimsical analysis over some Sumerian Ale).

GOD was discussing his “master plan” amongst his Divine Council.  This Divine Council included the Four and Twenty Elders and possibly many more.  GOD laid out all the details of how the Universes were to be created and who was to be in charge of what.  This process may have happened in one meeting.  Or maybe this process happened in several meetings.  But we are dealing with an “eternal realm” so I would suggest it is possible this process might have occurred over thousands or even millions of our “peanut brain sized” years.  Who knows?  Is it important?… no.

Everyone at the table was in agreement.  It was a fabulous plan.  The plan was put into action.  More meetings ensued.

The Best for Last

GOD continues to create the Universes and meet with the Divine Council.  However this time GOD decides to lay out his plan for “man”.  GOD explains that “man” will be created and placed on the most beautiful planet in all the Universes.  This planet will be “planet Earth”.  GOD further explains that “man” will be ultimately become the Sons of God, and take their positions as RULERS under the reign of his SON JESUS (Yeshua / Yahushua).

The “master plan” was to have “man” take charge of all the Universes as ascended Sons of God, ruling and reigning with Jesus Christ in charge of EVERYTHING.


This did not sit well with Lucifer.  Lucifer did not want to become subservient to these “man” entities”  In fact, Lucifer did not want to be subservient to ANY entity.


Eternal Bitter Hatred for Mankind

For you to embrace this scenario as more than just possible, even likely, you must apply some basic sociological principles to what happened and what is going on today.  For example, ask yourself this question.  Could any other scenario cause Lucifer to give up his position and rebel against GOD for MILLIONS of years?  Probably not.  I have heard so many renditions of the Luciferian Rebellion and none of them made sense.  The simple fact of the matter is that if Lucifer’s very existence was not threatened by this “man” creature, then there simply was not enough motivation for him and his minions to continue this million year onslaught. 

Why is it we humans can apply such common sense to the analysis of homicides in law enforcement but we cannot apply these basic principles to the Luciferian Rebellion?

Again, I maintain, that if Lucifer (and his minions) very existence is not threatened, then they do not have the necessary motivation needed to keep this “WAR” (against mankind) going for millions of years. 

Not only does their current “dimensional existence” need to be threatened, but when they are “taken out” their subsequent existence needs to be “Hell Like” or utterly unacceptable to them.  “They” must be willing to fight until the bitter end to prevent GOD from winning this War.  Surrender cannot be an option for them.

“They” must hate mankind so bitterly and with such unshakable intensity that most of us cannot comprehend it.  Then, and only then, does this all start to “make sense”.

Fast Forward to Today

There is much I don’t yet understand and probably never will.  I am not arrogant enough to think that GOD owes me anything at all.  It is an utter privilege that I exist at all.  That being said, I believe it is safe to say that 100% of these “alien” entities in our Universe (e.g. galaxy) are our enemies.    There is simply no other acceptable explanation to this situation.

Remember in the TV series Star Trek there was a barrier at the end of the galaxy they could not easily move across?  Did you know that Gene Roddenberry met with Philis Schlemmer (a divinist / channeler) to speak directly (or indirectly) with the Council of Nine?  Many of the ideas that Roddenberry brought to the Star Trek series came from the very demons (or “lesser gods”) that are on Lucifer’s Board of Directors.  You can suggest this gives them no credibility at all.  I do not agree that is true.  Yes they are liars, but they would likely only lie when it benefits their agenda.  Otherwise they risk any shot at credibility.  The reason I mention this is maybe the galaxy does present a “barrier” that prevents movement of these “entities” back and forth.  Maybe the galactic barrier is set up by GOD.  Maybe we are all trapped in this galaxy together.


I believe (right or wrong) that when God cast judgment upon Lucifer’s army of rebels they were kicked all over the galaxy.  I believe (for what it’s worth) that some of them may exist (or perhaps are trapped in) other parallel time-space continuums.  This would explain why “they” sacrifice humans and piggy back on our spiritual blood energy to communicate with “their buddies” in other time dimensions.  I believe these time dimensions are contained in a “space” that GOD strictly controls.


I know … GOD WINS

The Federation of Light is Here

It is my personal and strong belief that the fallen angels are demons.  You can call them Annunaki … that’s fine.  You can call them “lesser gods” … that’s fine.  They are all THE ENEMY. 


Please do not let yourself get confused.  I realize now that even the faithful Tribulation-Now readers are only understanding some of the information I am presenting.  I continue to get emails and feedback from people that do not seem to be fully comprehending the threat.  The fact is there simply is NO SUCH THING as good aliens.  They are ALL DEMONS.  They ALL hate our guts.  They ALL intend to kill us.  There is NO ROOM for sympathy or taking any “middle of the road” position on this matter.

These entities have been around for thousands (even millions) of years.  Some believe (and I suspect this is true) that these entities have families and children.  Many experts believe (and likely so) these entities may believe they are actually here to help us (in some cases).  Remember if there are “pyramidic” structures of control here on earth amongst the Illuminati secret societies, why in the WORLD would you think that is not the case amongst the legions of these “aliens” entities?  Would that not be remarkably naive?   YES. 

Summary in Jesus Name

I could write on this subject for days and not cover all the data.  It is fabulously complex and vast.  And in order to fill all the gaps you have no choice but to speculate and hypothesize.  The bottom line here is that we “earthlings” face the most unbelievable delusion you could ever imagine.  I suspect many that believe they are “the remnant” or “the elect” are going to fall out of this race.  The more I learn about what is coming our way the more nervous about this stuff I become.  I continuously pray all day long that Jesus will give me the strength to overcome and make all the right decisions at the right time.  Underestimating this threat would be nothing less than utterly foolhardy. 

I suspect I will continue to write about this “cosmic threat” more and more.  It is my personal belief that this is THE SINGLE GREATEST THREAT we face.  Of all the threats out there, it is my belief that these Cosmic Elohim are the worst.  It is my belief that THEY are behind it all. 

Who do you think the Blood Ritual Reptilian Leaders are communicating with during their ceremonies?

Somewhere in this cosmos, sits a COSMIC CENTRAL COMMAND CENTER.

Somewhere in this cosmos, sits LUCIFER HIMSELF calling the shots.

Luke 21:26

men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken


Hang tight in the name of Jesus.  Do not be deceived.  There is no middle road here.  Jesus is the KING of all the Universes.  He is our Savior.  There is NOTHING coming here from other dimensions in a “flying saucer” that is going to save us from anything.  100% of all these “entities” are coming here to KILL US.



Snow on the Porch
Burgers on the Grill

The other day my wife asked me if we were going to put up a Christmas tree this year.  Last years’ Thanksgiving and Christmas was a bust.  In fact I pretty much ruined the entire Holiday season for her here at the house.  Don’t get me wrong, we did drive up to Pennsylvania to enjoy other people’s decorations.  But last year I was too immersed in taking a stand against the paganism that has infiltrated our holidays.  After all, that’s the right thing to do … right?

However, over this last year it occurred to me that it is not possible to take a proper stand.  Lucifer’s army has so thoroughly permeated our lives that the only way you can avoid it is to leave the planet.  Short of hijacking one of those Stan Deyo Top Secret anti-gravity space buggies, I’m not sure how you intend to pull that off. 

The counterfeiting and symbolic stamping of “Property of Satan” is everywhere.  From the sodas and wine bottles to the clothing our children wear, right down to the logos painted on our neighborhood church signs, there is Satanic symbolism and “alien-ware”.  There are grey alien heads and demonic anagrams every direction you turn your head.  These freaks have literally “marked their territory” like dogs.  There is no question, the earth is the devil’s domain.  He can have it. 

I await the KING.  And the King is coming to Kick some Ass.

Putting Down the Binoculars

November 9th has passed and no off-shore nuke … PRAISE JESUS!!  GLORY BE TO GOD!!  I have a number of theories about why nothing happened.  It falls into the category of “Calling Audibles” as I believe the enemy does.  But most of us have to admit, we were expecting something big to happen.  From the ATM interruptions that occurred on Sunday morning, to the mysterious missile shoot in Los Angeles … we were watching.

Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if the military industrial “cabal” took a shot at one of those Federation of Light “earth avengers” with that rogue missile.  It wouldn’t surprise me a bit.  If fact I wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if the whole November 9th “false flag event” was thwarted by those ever-so-friendly Pleiadian galactic intercessors.  Lucifer is just that clever. 

If you study the Bolshevik revolution, the Chinese revolution, even Nazi Germany, you will quickly note that it is a common “modus operandi” to pit your own “top dogs” against one another to maintain control within your own ranks.  From Lucifer’s vantage point, I would not at all be surprised to see the Council of Nine waging war against the semi-earth-bound Reptilian Black-Ops “cabal” in order to set the stage for a forthcoming battle.  Of course, 99% of the earthlings would be none-the-wiser, and the Federation of Light people would look like some really “cool cats”.  And the alien-demon factions probably have no idea they are technically on the same side. 


But what good would it have done us anyway?  Let’s say we guessed November 9th correctly.  What then?  Do we all hand out T-shirts that say “I Warned You!” or “You Coulda’ Had a V-8!”?   What exactly is our goal in staring out the window with our binoculars?

It’s time to put down the binoculars for a little while and give thanks to our awesome God for mercifully saving the lives of those who “might have died”.


Taking it Back in Jesus Name

I take back my holiday in Jesus Name!!  In fact I take back my LIFE in Jesus name.  I refuse to allow this evil to infiltrate MY LIFE and my family any longer.  I don’t care if “they” hijacked everything Holy and good.  I am TAKING IT BACK!!

This year I have cleared out my front living room.  This year I am setting up a VERY LARGE Thanksgiving Day table.  This year I am decorating with NO GUILT. 

The main difference is that I am going to make absolutely sure that the NAME OF JESUS is splashed everywhere you look.  No more shall I get “hung up” over the “dates of  Christmas” being inaccurate.  No more shall I get “hung up” over the music being played.  I am not going to fight back by becoming a “stick in the mud” this year.  Instead I am going to fight back by MAKING EVERYTHING JESUS.


In fact, I might even print out a case of 8 1/2 x 11 pages with …

And Paste them Everywhere!!

If Alex Jones can put Obama Joker Posters all over the United States, than we can put “Property of Jesus” posters all over the place. I am going to “take back” Jesus’ property and stick these signs everywhere.

One thing is for sure, I am going to make sure that the NAME OF JESUS is all over my home.

I am NO LONGER going to pout in the corner and sulk like a beaten dog!  This world was created by YESHUA / YAHUSHUA MESSIAH … JESUS CHRIST and by DAMNED I am taking it back.

I am going to put down the binoculars, play silly games with the family, roast chestnuts on the fire, and drink rum spiked egg nog.  But every time I tip my head back to take delicious swallow of that “pagan nectar” I will say …


Summary in Jesus Name

Let’s not forget the “reason for the season”.  Let’s try to remember to put down the binoculars once in a while and enjoy this awesome opportunity to “make a difference” for Jesus Christ.  This year I am going to join Metropolitan Ministries.  Here in Tampa they need “Prayer Warriors” and pastors to lead their prayer tents.  I LOVE THAT.  I am going to make a difference in someone’s life.  I am going to feed the poor and help the underprivileged just like my KING told me to do.

Let’s not forget the real reason we are here on this earth.

Let’s not forget to enjoy this time and give GOD THE GLORY


…. be blessed IN JESUS NAME

Correlated Alerts Nov 6 – 9

Shorter Than We Think (Part II)
November 6 – 9 Correlated Alerts


Greetings and good morning in Jesus Name.

Here below is a short list of the “major” indicators that November may be a nasty month for Overcomers. Since my article “Shorter than We Think” the list has DOUBLED.  In the last 24 hours 3 more critical items have been added

(thank you Deb and Kemer and EVERYONE!!) 

This is not good.

Either “they” will “adjust” their plans due to the exposure those like “us” are causing (which I doubt) or they will move forward.  The other possibility is that “something” is in fact going to happen but the “Mid November” pointers are off (or adjusted out) for some reason.  So if it doesn’t happen today or in the next several days, it does NOT mean it will not happen … it simply means they have adjusted the “schedule”.

But first, here is a reminder of the Jonathan Kleck $10 bill prophecy.

The Jonathan Kleck $10 Bill Prophecy

Behold the hand of the oppressor has been lifted against you. Out of the sea shall come fire and smoke and a devouring wind [nuclear explosion]. Waters high as the walls of Jerusalem, shall cover the city by the sea and great shall be the destruction of that city.

And behold the great wall which holds back the abundance of the rivers, shall burst forth bringing the hand of the oppressor against you, for I have seen it. For mighty is the enemy which has risen within your own borders.

(As of 07:11 Hours, November 6, 2010, Eastern DaylightTime, United States)

1.  Lindsey Williams WarningsGlobal War and Financial Collapse

2.  The Above Top Secret PropheciesThere will be a day/week which will shock the world in this year 2010

3.  Steve Quayle’s AlertsFederal Marshal gun surrender, Military Ramp Up, Bank Holiday warning (Nov 9?)

4.  WebBOT ProjectMid November Peak Activity with confirmations

5.  MIAMI The Next Point on the PentagramSymbolism pointing to calamity in Miami (You Tube)

6.  The Jonathan Kleck $10 Bill ProphecyOff Shore Nuclear Detonation and Tidal Wave / Damn Breaking

7.  The Simpsons CartoonMushroom Cloud Explosion, Surveillance Cameras, Clock showing 11/6
(or 11/9 with upside down 6)

8.  Obama Trip to India Largest Movement of US Leadership and Equipment in History

9.  Glenn Beck Radio ShowForthcoming Catastrophic Event and Recommendation to Stockpile Food

10.  Nuclear Preparation DrillKings Bay, Jacksonville Florida – National Level Exercise

11.  Clinton Strategist – Mark PennObama needs Oklahoma City Event to Reconnect to Voters

Atomic Monster
Disaster! This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Coastal Place. It does not require an action. Its Power is 16 against a Huge Place, 20 against any other Place, but 24 against Japan or California. If the attack succeeds, the Target is Devastated. If it succeeds by more than 6, the target is destroyed. Or play at any time to give +10 to any attack to destroy the Robot Sea Monsters or the Nuclear Power Companies

A Prayer for the Saints

Dear Heavenly Father,

In the Name of Jesus, OUR KING, we pray for the divine protection and your mercy for the saints. Father God, we know there are difficult times ahead and we expect there will be “wars and rumors of wars” as there have been thus far. Lord, we know what Jesus said in Matthew 24, Luke 21 and Mark 13 will come to pass. We excitedly await your return. But Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that you “intercede” on these demonic plans and spare the pain of those who belong to you and others you know should belong to you. If it is YOUR WILL we ask you stop the enemy from their evil deeds. Either way, Father, we ask for your loving mercy for all those who love you.

IN JESUS NAME we pray…. – AMEN