Month: July 2011

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The Epoch of Elenin

The Emissaries of Sirius Approach Revealing the Mystery of 911 We begin this journey through the mysteries of the cosmos, embracing a humility associated with our origins, before the foundations…

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Glorious Testimony

A Dear John Letter And a Placeholder in Time Glory to Jesus I just got a “Dear John” letter.  Woohoo!  I kid of course … well not really.  Anyway it’s…

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A Colossal City In Space

The Glory of God Awaits Us Heavenly Answers Backed by Scripture Praise Jesus I’m not one for reprinting articles from other web sites, but this one merits it.   This article…

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Doom Tards for Jesus!

Shouting Doom and Gloom! Glory to the King of Kings Ever hear of “Trucking for Jesus”? Who were those “masked men” (and women?).  Who said the space shuttle would get…

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Peaking Out the Window

Powerful Imminense Watching and Waiting with Baited Breath Glory to Jesus I find it fascinating to listen to various people across the world comment about those of us who are watching for…

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Crucified with Christ

Complete Surrender Jetison the Jellybeans As we all watch hoping and praying for the glorious day we shall see our King Jesus Christ, a state of utter surrender must take over.  …

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The 7 Trumpets of Atlantis

More Amazing Shuttle Confirmations Soon and Very Soon, We are Going to See the King Over the last week or so, Glory to Jesus, we have continued to receive an…

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The Lost Shuttle of Atlantis

Comet Storm Begins the Trumpet Judgments? Remote Viewing Matches Child’s Vision from Jesus Did you know there is an Illuminati saying which mysteriously reads: “A Columbian Enterprise to Endeavor for…

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