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"Gods" vs. "gods" vs. "Jehovah" – Part II: The Divine Council

INTRODUCTION TO THE DIVINE COUNCIL “Gods” vs. “gods” vs. “Jehovah” (REVISITED) http://tribulation-now.blogspot.com/2009/07/gods-vs-gods-vs-jehovah.html In my article called “Gods” vs. “gods” vs. “Jehovah” I captured the fact that there is a hierarchy…

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UNITED NATIONS FOREIGN SOLDIERS ARE HERE On July 27th, the FEMA National Level Exercise began here in the United States. Most people do not know anything about NLE 09. As…

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LETTERS FROM GOD – Aldo’s McPherson’s Letters

Greetings everyone. The Lord is leading me to information for many new articles. They are coming soon. Some of them may test your humanity. If your heart does not cry…

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There is much verifiable evidence of the Japanese offering surrender to the United States prior to the dropping of the Atomic Bombs by the Truman Administration. While it admittedly breaks…

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Swine Flu Created in LAB!

Swine Flu Created in Lab Using Gene Splicing Okay everyone, just one last quick posting on the Swine flu.Remember the one that you “couldn’t get from Pigs” unlike all other…

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The article above used to be referred to as “alternative media” so as to discredit it in some fashion. Be warned the non-main-stream “alternative” media is the only media you…

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Dr. D. James Kennedy writes in his book entitled: “THE REAL MEANING OF THE ZODIAC”“There exists in the writings of virtually all civilized nations a description of the major stars…

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Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion

AN INTRODUCTION TO: “THE PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION” INTRODUCTION The topic of the “PROTOCOLS” is vast. The content within the paper that holds this title has been…

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Hate Crimes Bill Passed to SHUT YOU UP!

As discussed in great detail in this video and on World Net Daily, the new Hate Crimes Bill (soon to be joined by the Cyber-bullying Bill) has just PASSED CONGRESS….

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RIPLEY’S NEW WORLD ORDER "Believe it or Not"

Occult “Christogram of the Society of Jesus inside Black Sun” Well everyone you can always depend on me to wake up at 3AM in the morning and start a deep…

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12 Tribes of Israel – Where are they Now?

THE TWELVE TRIBES OF “ISRAEL” Where are they now? This is the beginning of posts that I hope reveal something important to all of us. If not, it should be…

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Wheat Famines & Terror from the Heavens

A Great Church and Wonderful Learning SitePeople I highly recommend you spend some time at theLIVING CHURCH OF GOD web site. I found this most troubling article about the current…

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This is OUTSTANDING. A new volunteer police force (ala Obama) under the hierarchy of Homeland Security, Fusion Centers and the State Police forces helping us all out. Seems like EVERY…

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"Gods" vs. "gods" vs. "Jehovah"

AN INTRODUCTION TO UNDERSTANDING of “G(g)od(s)”IN GENESIS (and beyond) Introduction: Sometimes I feel frustrated that I have waited so long to start studying the Word with such intensity. I am…

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Eugenics? Poisoned by Doctor’s Meds

My Blood Pressure July 13th / My Blood Pressure July 16th What is Eugenics you may be asking? Well basically it is population control in any form. Believe it or…

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Nuking Chicago: Next Terrorist Attack?

Former U.N. Ambassador, John Bolton, Jokes about Nuking Chicago! ” Former UN Ambassador John Bolton believes the security of the United States is at dire risk under the Obama administration….

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2012 & Solar Flares

MOVIE: THE KNOWING In my research in various disciplines including those of the enemy (Satan), it becomes most evident many believe there will be some really bad things happening in…

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Love & The Holy Spirit (Intro)

Since the start of this web site, Tribulation-Now, there have been 25 articles posted. Each one of the articles has with it a detectable sense of urgency. In some cases,…

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Annunaki Poisoned Bloodline Before & After the Flood

My friends this is the information for which this blessed researcher has been searching for quite some time. Zecharia Sitchin is THE foremost expert on the translation of the Sumerian…

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New NSA Spy Group to Kill 911 Media Claims

Evidently because the 911 Truth movement has been so successful in revealing the danger the United States and world peoples are in right now, the National Security Agency now has…

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