I have been struggling with the idea of defending yourself as a Christian. This is something I do not know much about. Most Christians are raised with the notion that under all circumstances we should “turn the other cheek”.

After finding much information supporting both the “passive Christian” stance and the “I believe I can defend myself” stance, I am certain now that the later is in order. I will keep praying and studying this subject however I have included for you the response I received from This is a web service that specializes in Biblically answering questions for people. So …. I asked them. Their response was EXEMPLARY. I tip my hat to the responder. I had my question answered very astutely within less than one hour. AMAZING.
Here is their response:

Question 130739: What is the Bible`s position on the taking up of arms in defense of your family?

Answered by: DK

Answer: Without close study, the Bible can seem to give conflicting instructions on self-defense. There are numerous passages that speak of Christians being pacifistic (Proverbs 25:21,22; Matthew 5:39; Romans 12:17). And yet there are many passages that talk about war and violence that God approves of, such as David slaying Goliath (1 Samuel 17). Not to mention the fact that God commanded the Israelites to completely destroy everyone and everything in the Promised Land! So what is the conclusion? Is God for violence or not? Under what circumstances is self-defense appropriate?

As with many questions in our lives, self-defense has to do with wisdom, understanding, and tact. For instance, in the Luke 22 passage stated above, Jesus does tell his disciples to get a sword. Jesus knew that now was the time when Jesus would be threatened (and later killed) and his followers would be threatened as well. Jesus was giving approval of the fact that one has the right to self-defense. Now just a few verses later we see Jesus being arrested and Peter takes a sword and cuts off someone’s ear. Jesus rebukes him for that act. Why? Peter was trying to stop something that Jesus had been telling His disciples was in fact going to happen. In other words, Peter was acting unwisely in the situation. He was trying to stop something that was not supposed to be stopped. We must be wise as to when to fight and when not to.

As far as self-defense when one’s life or property is threatened, there is not a whole lot in the Bible concerning this. Exodus 22 does show quite a bit about God’s attitude towards self-defense. “If a thief is caught breaking in and is struck so that he dies, the defender is not guilty of bloodshed; but if it happens after sunrise, he is guilty of bloodshed. A thief must certainly make restitution, but if he has nothing, he must be sold to pay for his theft” (Exodus 22:2-3). Obviously here we see that when a thief breaks into someone’s house at night and that person defends his home and slays the thief, God does not hold that death over the defender’s head. However, God does not wish for anyone to take law into his or her own hands. This is why it is said that if a thief is struck down during the daylight the defender is guilty of bloodshed. Now this is speaking of thievery, not an attack. So if the thief were to attack the defender even during the day, self-defense would be justified.

The proper use of self-defense has to do with wisdom, understanding, and tact. In many karate classes, one of the principles is: “Restrain your physical abilities by spiritual attainment.” This is a fancy way of saying that since one has the ability to bring great harm doesn’t mean he or she needs to use it. Just because we can break someone’s arm, doesn’t mean we need to use that ability. Just because we have a gun doesn’t mean we need to fire on someone who breaks into the home.



It’s unfortunate I am not simply a research computer. But I make stupid assumptions sometimes. One of those is that the readers of this site have already heard of certain things, like:


This is such a vast subject. I could easily make this article 3 or 4 pages long and barely touch the surface of the evidence regarding these concentration camps. There are Youtube videos of these camps. There is testimony from X CIA agents about these camps (a lot of it). There is clear and coherent information in articles from people who reportedly have visited these camps and seen first hand some are outfitted as DEATH CAMPS. I have personally done a 16 hour study on one Youtube video of the Beach Grove Indiana Death Camp. I’ve confirmed the AGA gas tank (and gas lines on the sealed warehouse) are “medical gases”. How? Because for hours I researched this AGA gas corporation. I was able to find documentation submitted to the FDA from the Linde Corporation (their global father company) on behalf of AGA. Why the FDA? Because that is where a company like AGA (that only manufactures MEDICAL GASES) has to submit their permits. This is the one that Glenn Beck’s CIA chosen “yellow journalist” supposedly debunked on the air. I saw that “debunking” and it was the most ridiculous pack of lies I have ever witnessed first hand. Not so surprisingly, the “debunker” was the same piece of whale blubber used to “debunk” the World Trade Center collapse confirming the lie that it was possible for the Jet Fuel to melt the steel support structure and cause the collapse (the free fall speed collapse in 6 freakin seconds – my Lord people wake up). THE SAME EXACT GUY! But guess what? We are too busy heating up our stinking BEANIE-WEENIES for our kids and flipping through the stupid-tube to have a clue about any of this.


Oh well if I didn’t give you enough information thus far, and you still have your doubts, take a look at the JOB POSTING for INTERNMENT / RESETTLEMENT SPECIALIST to work for the Army National Guard.

People, there are well over a 800 operational concentration camps on American soil with staff waiting for use RIGHT NOW.



If you read this article and see that job requisition and do your homework and this does not alarm you then you obviously need a water purifier because you have BRAIN DAMAGE.

The John Warner Defense Appropriations Act of 2007 is LAW. Under this law the President can institute MARSHAL LAW for pretty much any reason at all. He DOES NOT need permission from Congress. He can USURP the State Government powers and take control of the Governor’s office and all the National Guard assigned there. Perhaps in another article I will spoon feed and show you ENLARGED sections of all the legislation and Army regulations that are already in place to START MOVING PEOPLE INTO THE CAMPS.


The word “resettlement” proves beyond a shadow of a doubt these jobs are for the FEMA prison camps. Think about it. Would you refer to moving a criminal from the streets to a prison “resettlement”? Oh hell no!

resettlement n : the transportation of people (as a family or colony) to a new settlement


Please get yourself and your family right with the Lord. Do not expect your church to have any idea this is all going on. I tried to explain this to the pastor of my Assembly of God church and he looked at me like I had lost my mind, in a sympathetic Christian sort of way. GOOOOD GRIEF!

Also be it known that FEMA has over 26,000 pastors on the FEMA CLERGY RESPONSE TEAM (just like Hitler did). They get PAID for this service regularly to ensure they are on RETAINER.


Don’t do it.

Soon those camps will be used for a lot more than Civil Disobedience under Marshal Law.



Matthew 24


As I have been studying some areas associated with the 7 astral planes and various spiritual ethers, I have bumped across some articles that touched upon the notion of spirits in heaven waiting to be born. You often see pictures of God in Heaven shown with tiny baby angels surrounding him. While I have not found much on this topic and certainly nothing biblical, it stands to reason this notion could very well be true. After all anyone that has a good grasp on Yahweh, his Son, the Holy Spirit, demons and Satan are well on their way to “getting” the idea of the spirit world.

Further study, even on this site (see Gods vs. “gods” vs. Jehovah), demonstrates clearly that even the Bible itself discusses the notion of spirits in other dimensions. The Book of Job talks not only about (g)ods, but speaks of them in a commonplace manor. As shown in great detail in the second article of Gods vs. “gods vs. Jehovah: Part II – There is even a Divine Council of gods that meets with Yahweh God on a regular basis. Even Satan himself is occasionally invited. YES this is all BIBLICAL. Do Your Home Work!

Once you begin to grasp this spirit world and its vastness you start to wonder about stuff. The other day I was thinking about the concept of spirits, created by Yahweh, (He LOVES TO CREATE WONDERFUL THINGS DOESN’T HE?), and imagined a bunch of baby spirits surrounding the Almighty. Since God created “MAN” in his own image, one must believe that means ALL aspects of that image. Since we know THAT is true then it must be safe to believe that the opposite is true. That is, the way we think and feel as “MAN” (woman & man – get over it), is the way that GOD the Almighty feels. He is us and we are him. So you should believe things like:

  1. God can be selfish and resentful
  2. God can be loving unconditionally and conditionally
  3. God can get angry and even HATE (think Esau)
  4. God thinks things are funny and laughs about them
  5. God has emotions and feelings

If you do not believe our GOD Jehovah is like this then I beg you take a closer look at the stories in the Bible. The only one I cannot confirm through stories in the Bible is #4; God thinks things are funny and laughs about them. I am not aware of a single time Jesus or Jehovah laughed about anything. Which doesn’t make sense to me, hence I simply accept they MUST LAUGH because WE LAUGH. Its just that simple. I don’t have time to over-complicate the concept with a deep dive study of apocrypha hoping to find some obscure reference that implies the Almighty has a sense of humor. Some things you should be able to INFER. The subtle art of inference is paramount to all understanding.

So even though I do NOT believe that clairvoyance is necessarily a gift from God, I acknowledge it MIGHT be. Its possible some of these “gifts” of touching the spirit world are not all Biblical “divinity” by definition. I recall a story in, (I think), second Samuel where Saul the “soon to be appointed” King of Israel intended to go and visit a “SEE’ER“. That would be an ORACLE! So was Saul intending to do a demonic thing by visiting a see’er at that time? Are all Oracles and SEE’ers demonic? Would King Samuel have told Saul that “HE” was the see’er that Saul was looking for if going to visit a see’er was demonic in the first place. I know, this gets confusing.

At this point my conclusion regarding see’ers and Oracles is that perhaps, just perhaps, not all of them were demonic minions of Satan. But that’s a tough one for me to fully embrace because when I study most See’er and Oracles recorded in HISTORY it is pretty easy to zero in on characteristics that confirm their demonic allegiance. So I am jaded to believe that anything “See’er, clairvoyant, and Oracle-LIKE” is automatically demonic.


See this article (Jehovah and the Zodiac Gods) on Tribulation Now regarding Zodiac, Greek gods depicted in the Stars by Yahweh, and Lucifer’s theft and forgery of the Zodiac for demonic purposes.


So with that being said I introduce you to the notion of Spirit Babies. Below is an introduction to the book with the same title. It is written by a self proclaimed clairvoyant. I did not see him as being demonic in nature until he mentioned the chanting activity which is absolutely demonic.

Demonic or not, divinity or not, this story is cute and can bring a tear and a smile to your eye. But to get that “good feeling” you have to do everything you can to NOT THINK OF OBAMA AND PLANNED PARENTHOOD. The implications are gruesome. SO STOP IT!


Spirit Babies
An Excerpt from Spirit Babies by Walter Makichen

One of the most fascinating and gratifying aspects of my clairvoyant practice has been my work with spirit babies. I discovered my ability to see and converse with spirit babies in a most unexpected way. In the first years of my clairvoyant practice I was in the habit of taking an annual retreat on the north coast of California . I would rent a cabin in a remote location and spend my time hiking, chanting, and meditating. It was common for me to go days at a time without seeing or speaking to another person.

One evening after a particularly long hike I returned to my cabin with the sole intention of falling asleep. I was just settling into bed when I began to feel a warm presence floating over my chest. Focusing clairvoyantly I immediately noticed a bright green oval hovering just inches in front of my face. The energy inside the oval swirled about in an animated fashion, the dominant green at times partially obscured by patterns of gold and purple. The whole oval pulsed rhythmically like a beating human heart. I knew intuitively that the presence was some kind of spirit but its energy was unlike any I had encountered before.

Most spirits have a distinctive energy signature. The spirits of the dead for example often have a “cold” quality to their energy. This is why many people experience a chill when these spirits are present. Angels, spirit guides, teachers, and other non-incarnating entities have a detached quality which often makes them appear unaffected by the travails and emotions of humankind.
The presence of this spirit filled the room with a joyous animated energy that reminded me of children at play. I was beginning to get lost in happy memories of my own childhood when a young girls’ voice startled me from my reverie.

“You’re not my father.” I refocused on the spirit. The oval had expanded to twice its original size and was now floating about two feet above me. Inside the oval the green energy had formed itself into the figure of a young girl about 7-years-old. A cord of gold energy connecting the oval to my fifth chakra located in the center of my throat allowed me to hear the telepathic communication. The appearance of the girl and her statement concerned me. Children who are lost often seek help psychically. The very present, human quality of the spirits energy made me wonder if this was the case here. I introduced myself to the spirit, confirmed I was indeed not her father, and asked if she was lost.

“No I’m in the right place,” the spirit replied. “I’m supposed to meet my father here.”
“What’s your name?” I asked.

“I don’t have a name yet. My father’s name is Frank. He’s going to bring my new mother here to meet me. When I’m born I’ll have a name.”
“Why are you waiting here?” I asked.

“This is a joining place. It’s easier to pass from our world to yours here.”
“Are there other spirits like you waiting for their parents in this place?”
“Yes, but some have no parents. They need to find a mother and father. So they wait here. This is a joining place.

I tried to ask another question but the spirit stopped me.
“I need to go now,” she said shyly.

With that the image of the young girl dissolved into the green oval and the spirit began to move away. As she disappeared I could discern the oval outlines of many spirits shining in the distance. The distant spirit babies began to move towards me. Their floating movements seemed choreographed as if they were slowly dancing through space. Each distinctive green oval surrounded a unique multi-colored pattern that swirled and pulsed as they moved. Periodically when one of the spirits would approach very close to me I could read elements of its personality. I would greet them and try to ask a question but they were intent upon the dance and my efforts were ignored. Finally, as if on cue, the dance came to an end and the ovals were still. The shining lights of the spirit babies looked like a constellation of multifaceted starts in the night sky.

The exhaustion of my long hike was gone. My first encounter with a spirit baby left me full of wonder and curiosity. A whole new dimension had opened up to my clairvoyance. I was determined to learn more about these spirits and the world they inhabited. More immediately however, I wanted to know if the spirit’s story was true. Was there a man named Frank? Was he coming to the cabin with his new wife? Intuitively I believed what the spirit told me, yet some part of my mind wanted to find a way to prove her story.

My retreat time ended. I was paying my bill at the innkeeper’s office. We were exchanging pleasantries when she asked me what I did for a living. After I told her I was a clairvoyant she joking asked me if I had seen any spirits “haunting” the cabin.
“Well,” I replied. “I didn’t see any ghosts but there are quite a number of spirits that wish to become babies floating around the place.”

The woman laughed, “It’s funny you should say that. For years people have been telling me the cabin is their lucky spot. Couples are always going up there when they want to have a baby. Maybe that’s the reason.”

The turn of our conversation seemed more than just coincidence. I just had to know.
“Is there a couple renting the cabin after me?” I asked.
“Why yes,” she said. “They’re on their honeymoon.”

The phone interrupted our conversation. As she turned to answer it, I noticed her reservation book open on the desk. Frank and Mindy were arriving that evening.


FEMA’s Luciferian Symbolism

Because the New World Order is being created by Lucifer and his minions, it is no big surprise that Satanic symbolism is included right up to the last minute. But first the “newbie” must understand how seriously the Luciferians take their symbolism.

To the world of the occult and Lucifer, symbolism is EVERYTHING!! This is how their followers hide in the shadows. This is how they can shake your hand in a dark room and know you are “one of them” (this is from a special Masonic handshake as an example). In the secret world of sinister dealings, the symbols used tell a story that only the ordained understand. While this author is familiar with much, I still have much to learn. It can be very challenging to understand it all as this art has been practiced for thousands of years since Ancient Egypt.

This article is looking only at the new FEMA insignias. Did you know that FEMA has instituted a National police force? You bet! Just like Hitler did. Hitler had the “Fatherland” and we have the “Homeland”. The similarities in the terminology are NOT BY ACCIDENT!! This is part of the rise of the 4th Reich!


What I am calling to your attention is this. There is one particular “symbol” on the FEMA insignia that is quite damning. This symbol is the pyramid of Gila (a favorite occult symbol). It is included throughout the world of the occult, seemingly everywhere. It symbolizes the essence of the occult because the very word “occult” means “hidden”. The pyramidal structure symbolizes multiple levels or tiers of growth, knowledge, or “enlightenment“. The members belonging to the lower levels are the least knowledgeable and have little or no clue what is going on at the higher levels. This is why many Freemasons think their club is on the up & up. But the higher levels of the organization are extremely evil as they are one of the most murderous, blood thirsty, Luciferian Orders the world has ever seen. The vast majority of the higher initiates in any given Luciferian Order are often members of other Luciferian Orders or secret societies. An example of this would be a person who is a member of the Knights of Columbus (hint any group with the word Knight or the word Order in their name is satanic) will often also be a member of the Knights of Malta and the Illuminati.

Typically perched atop the pyramid of Gila you see the “all seeing eye”. To see this in evidence pull out your U.S. one dollar bill and look at the back. Here you see this Illuminati symbolism of the pyramid. Atop you see the “all seeing eye”. This is also known to the evil ones as the “eye of Horus”. If you do your homework you quickly discover that Horus is Lucifer. Also its important to know that the one dollar bill was designed with the help of a guru and accepted and pushed into print by the then President Theodore Roosevelt, a prominent 33rd degree Mason. One more thing. At the bottom of the pyramid of Gila are the words “Novus Ordo Seclorum” which mean “New World Order” in Latin. So the plans for this global Satanic power structure have been in place for a very long time. But after all – this should be no big surprise to any real Bible reading Christian. If it weren’t for the murderous, baby-killing, concentration camp building, New World Order, who would persecute the Christians (see Matthew 24) and lay the global enterprise for the rise of the Antichrist?


Also you should be aware that it is common to slightly morph or change a particular occult symbol such that it is similar and quickly identifiable (to the “enlightened”) but not obvious to the common person. This is important to these “followers of Satan” because secretiveness protects them from certain destruction should they be discovered. For example, the original “FORMAL” Illuminati Order of Bavaria was discovered back in the mid 1700’s and was all but eliminated by the local government and law enforcement on behalf of the church. The reason I say “formal” in reference to the Illuminati is because their “founder” (Adam Weishaupt) was actually an employee of Amschel Rothschild (a very powerful Luciferian blood drinking occultist) and was following instructions when he officially documented the group. This was done because Rothschild knew if he officially created the group, when it was officially disbanded, it would offer them greater anonymity. Evidently enough people had caught on to the existence of the Illuminati that it was appropriate to DEFINE THEM and subsequently and officially END THEM. (this tactic was amazingly successful as today it is common to hear someone debunk the modern existence of the Illuminati because of this official history) However this is NEVER THE CASE. Virtually every Luciferian group that existed since Ur is in place today and stronger than ever. BE VERY CAREFUL not to believe what you find in many books. You really have to do your homework. For example, the (satanic) Order of the Jesuits was established in 1840, but is the single most powerful Illuminati enforcement arm in the world today. As a matter of fact they are calling the shots with a gun to the head of the complicit papacy. Speaking of which, if you don’t already know, the papacy and Catholic church is one of the oldest occult orders in the history of the world. Constantine rolled all the pagan Luciferian religions into the new “Universal Church” when he created Christianity under the Catholic (universal in Latin) church. Are you starting to see how far reaching and diabolical Lucifer’s destruction of the Christian faith goes? Many Christians alive today are going to lose their faith and fall away, just as the Bible says, because of this colossal deception and forgery. The “fence sitting mediocre Christian” will simply not be able to believe the real TRUTH.


So here you see a graphic of the FEMA insignia. At the top of the FEMA insignia are the words “PACE AC BELLO MERITA“. These words are in Italian. (CORRECTION: LATIN … SEE BOTTOM FOR EXPLANATION)



A more learned colleague did a better translation from Latin and it means:


or as he said better translated to …


Thank you learned colleague MS.

"Gods" vs. "gods" vs. "Jehovah" – Part II: The Divine Council


“Gods” vs. “gods” vs. “Jehovah” (REVISITED)

In my article called “Gods” vs. “gods” vs. “Jehovah” I captured the fact that there is a hierarchy of gods that were created by GOD and work with him. Some are found to be bad and kicked out.

I have attached an article (soon to be put into a book) by the author / researcher Michael S. Heiser, PhD.

Evidently my simple understanding of the scripture in Gen 6 with a Strong’s reference was rather amazing, as in a few hours I had figured out the “missing link” as this author confirms (read the 12 page book – see link).

The Holy Spirit is leading me to this information and I can only pray that my understanding of these things is divinely led as well.

Michael Heiser’s booklet (attached) certainly indicates this.

I will write another article probably quoting Mr. Heiser’s writings to further this understanding for everyone.

THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT PRIMER TO UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE. Understanding it the way YHWH intended, not the way that “MAN / SCHOLARS” have taught us for hundreds of years.


Praise Jehovah



On July 27th, the FEMA National Level Exercise began here in the United States. Most people do not know anything about NLE 09. As a matter of fact, except for my sister who is “in-the-know”, I did not bump across a single person that had any idea about this exercise.

This is the largest FEMA Military Exercise EVER!


To give you an example of just how deep our ignorance is, I spoke with a learned man from my day job. When I described this exercise to him he was very perplexed and said, “FEMA? FEMA is for emergency stuff like hurricanes.”

At that point I had to explain that FEMA is much, much more than that. FEMA is a military arm of Homeland Security. (Sounds very Gestapo like) FEMA, with the assistance of NorthCOM (the new military command located IN THE U.S. for military actions IN THE U.S.), is the leader of the FOREIGN military forces from the United Nations and U.S. military and law enforcement personnel who are charged with the responsibility of restoring ORDER in case of an emergency. But we must be careful how we define “restoring order” and “emergency”. This is the grey area that has led many into a false sense of security thinking “Ahh this is okay”. This is NOT OKAY.


Remember that FEMA “locked up” the people in the 9th WARD during Katrina. They “contained” them. They did door-to-door illegal weapons confiscations and built barb-wire protected check points around the locality keeping people IN – NOT LEAVING ANYONE OUT! There is footage on Youtube of Shepard Smith and Geraldo Rivera at Katrina. Shepard says over and over that “the people are just NOT getting any help”. At one point he looks over the side of a dark bridge and refers to soldiers at fenced in checkpoints containing the people NOT LETTING ANYONE LEAVE. He broke down in tears. Both he and Geraldo did at one point. Both of them point out the little babies crying in people’s arms.

Get ready folks, this is just the early warning sign.
This is the beginning of tears.

FEMA incarcerates people. Contains them. That is their JOB. Period. And they accomplish this with all the technological military might of the U.S. government with the help of United Nations foreign troops that will not think twice about shooting you during Marshal Law. This is why there are over 1,000 FEMA concentration camps already built AND STAFFED in the U.S. (search it)


National Level Exercise 2009 is specifically to prepare the military arm of FEMA for a large scale terrorist attack that includes the institution of Marshal Law in the U.S. They admit to that for the most part. However the researcher is aware that the 2007 John Warner Defense Authorizations Act defines the events requiring such Marshal Law to be nothing less than CIVIL UNREST that either incapacitates local law enforcement or

hinders the use of personal freedoms (paraphrased). Such a loose definition suggests the use of Marshal Law in a local area at any given time is highly likely. NLE 09 (National Level Exercise 09) is to practice coordinating local and foreign U.N. troops in a “national level” drill for the purpose of “containing” the American people – period. FEMA and Homeland security have made it abundantly clear their greatest concern is the civil population of the U.S. They are practicing to contain US. You and I. Our children. Give them the slightest reason they will arrest and incarcerate you. And please do not forget they have concentration camps up and running, waiting for your arrival.


Let’s examine what is actually going on thus far.

  1. United Nations troops from foreign soils are here practicing with the U.S. military (FEMA)
  2. Australian troops are on the west coast. German troops are in the North East and Michigan areas, Canadian troops are in the North
  3. The focus area for the exercise is FEMA Region VI (this is Texas and areas surrounding)
  4. Troop buildups have been spotted as far North as Indiantown Gap Military base in Central Pennsylvania
  5. Lines of brand new FEMA SUVs have been seen driving on freeways together; often more than 15 at a time
  6. Flatbed trucks with Humvee’s and wooden crates loaded with weaponry are all over the interstates
  7. Vast numbers of tanks have been spotted being unloaded at various points across the country
  8. F14 and F16 fighter jets have been patrolling the skies as far North as Salt Lake City
  9. C130 Troop Transports, and a wide range of helicopters both foreign and domestic (hey that’s a line from our nullified Constitution) have been seen in the air and staged at closed military bases (where most FEMA camps are built and operational)
  10. Checkpoints have been put into place along major interstate highways and are actively pulling cars over and searching them.
  11. Reports have come in of people being forcibly pulled from cars and handcuffed
  12. Constitutional defenders and patriot groups are on “red alert” across the country


As everyone here knows, I am not a member of any of the patriot groups. My focus is to help people understand this is the beginning of the Tribulation period and that Christians will be persecuted in all of this. What is truly troubling (understatement) is the make-up of these patriot groups. 98% of these people are outstanding citizens. Learned, hard working. Many are those that participated in the Tax Tea Parties. Dad’s and Mom’s that care about America. They lead people in groups to unite and use peaceful protests to inform others that we are losing our Constitutional rights. Their only hope is that someone in our Congress will wake up and join forces to restore the U.S. Bill of Rights to what it used to be. They do not want to be pulled over at a routine checkpoint, surrounded with German Shepherds and soldiers with M16s, and have their car torn apart on the side of the highway for no reason. I could not agree more!


If the 2% of the patriot groups that are truly militaristic get freaked out and start shooting people, this exercise will GO LIVE!! Go live means that this seemingly invisible force of U.N. troops and U.S. military shift gears from DRILL to full implementation of Marshal Law. No more practice.

One radio station in the Texas area reported that their Emergency Notification service did an unannounced “test” yesterday. Evidently the announcement said it was a “CIVIL UNREST” Emergency test. FEMA is anticipating the likeliness of an emergency associated with “CIVIL UNREST’. And I can assure you that civil unrest is considered the number one threat to those with the weapons.

Even more concerning is a report from an Emergency Management person of “cadets in training” Evidently a large room in their complex was filled with more than 200 of these “cadets” in military uniforms being trained. The report said that since the local government did not have the funding to pay these “cadets” full time, they were recruiting, training, arming and outfitting these “cadets” to be on-call for a forthcoming National Emergency. It was implied that this training was for an event that was expected to happen. This was not simply a “just-in-case” situation. I cannot confirm this other than I heard this person’s testimony.


Do I believe the NLE 09 exercise will GO LIVE? No idea. Do I believe Marshal Law will be instituted somewhere in the U.S. in the near future? Absolutely. Do I believe innocent people will be shot by foreign and domestic troops? You bet. Do I think most Americans will have any idea this is going on? No. We may hear that there is a “civil unrest” emergency in such and such a place but I am sure they will not hear that people are being thrown into the concentration camps.

The American people, a small percentage of those who PAY ATTENTION, will find out about all this from the Soldiers on Leave! JUST LIKE the Germany population found out about their prison camps. Via WORD OF MOUTH. If it weren’t for the good German soldiers that told their families of the horrors in a whisper it is unlikely anyone in Germany would have known. Certainly not if Hitler had his way.




Pray this with me.

“Dear Lord Almighty, who was, and is, and is to come. Forgive us, the people of this country for all the sins we have committed or knew of and did nothing about. Forgive us for sitting back and letting our Congress push through laws to kill millions of babies. (Forgive ME). Forgive us for being ignorant and passively responsible for other people’s suffering. Dear LORD, in Jesus name, we pray you will provide us “Passover Protection” from the forthcoming forces of evil. We pray you will protect our families and warn us of danger in advance. We petition you in the Name of Yeshua, to trip up the enemy and protect your bride. We love you Lord and walk in FAITH. In Jesus name protect us all with your ARMOR every day we walk in this Tribulation. AMEN”

LETTERS FROM GOD – Aldo’s McPherson’s Letters

Greetings everyone. The Lord is leading me to information for many new articles. They are coming soon. Some of them may test your humanity. If your heart does not cry out when you ponder the possibilities, you may need to clean up your spirit and cleanse your soul. However the research for these arcticles can take some time.

I believe this is wonderful information from YHWH!

This is Aldo McPherson and his mother Retha.

Aldo was in a really bad car accident. It left him with a blind eye and a changed brain function. Some may refer to his brain function change as brain damage, but I don’t see it that way. Any child that is talking to YHWH on a regular basis and getting insight from the GOD Almighty (the one that was, and is and is to come), IS not brain damaged, he is BLESSED BY THE ANGELS!

I hope to take more time to read his letters from Heaven and seek divine insight through the Lord’s words. In just a few minutes of reading his letters, I am already in full faith these insights are divine.

Here is the LINK to his letters. You will be blessed.

Here is a link to Sid Roth’s Supernatural show with Retha McPherson telling her story.

This one will capture your attention.



Letter 1:

He says, His Bible will tell when He is coming.

He is truly on His way.

Ma’am, He says people don’t believe His signs. (This one worries me, Lord help us all see)

He shows us signs.

He says, for those who ask Him, He will show.

God shows He is coming quickly.

And He says He keeps control of heaven and earth.

Did you know, He must still heal me before He comes?

He listens to prayer, people must keep on praying.

God shows me what my church must look like.

God holds everything in His hand.

He says you asked Him how I knew about your work in America.

Letter 2:

He shows me signs and He shows me where there is going to be war.

God says Israel.

God says read your Bible in Daniel.

He says He is in control of everything the Bible says is going to happen.

God says you are experiencing how He is pouring out His Spirit.

He shows me how you wait upon Him and God says He has given you an answer.

He knows you will keep your faith in Him.

Jesus says Wisdom is with me.

He showed me how He sent seven wise men.

Ma’am, please keep on believing.

I will be healed.

God says, hold on to your faith as everything is taking place,

Because in Him is peace.

Believe me, Jesus is on His way.

He says He shows people signs.
Keep an eye on the weather. (Keep an eye on the weather? Lord 2012 pops into my head)

Matt 24 “…And if those days had not been cut short, no human being would be saved”